Is it just me

Is it just me or do others see a plan by the left to make law abiding citizens criminals while excusing or even encouraging the riff raff to create mayhem in our streets. Our Nation in crumbling.

Baltimore state’s attorney blasts police union’s ‘political rhetoric’ after video shows mob attacking officer


It’s not just you.


Definitely not just you.

This is a little long but stay with me here…

I think people often feel a sense of noble action in defending the underdog. Stepping to the defense of victims is kind of an American trait.

The problem comes in when you start identifying bad actors as victims. Were they abused as kids? They’re a victim. From an oppressed demographic? They’re victim. While that’s not wrong, you have to draw a line at some point and say “it’s sad they were a victim, but that does NOT entitle them to victimize others.”

People often judge themselves in relationship to others. Their own good acts are not valued unless they are BETTER than the good acts of others. To feel their own nobility they must do things that are more noble than the acts of others.

Combine the need to feel good about themselves compared to others with the sense of righteous nobility that comes from helping the underdog and what happens? People loose sight of the fact that those victims have morphed into villains.

Its immature, narcissistic, foolish, and illogical. But I think its what’s happening. People become enamoured of seeing themselves in a heroic light because they are standing up for the “victim” and stop seeing everything else. The fact that those “victims” are abusers fades into insignificance in relationship to how righteous and noble they feel.

That is a malignant form of narcissism and I fear it is rampant in our country.


Speaking about attack on officer…
Because of fee speech limitation I cannot comment this… but I would love to… I’ve seen similar behavior in south parts of Chicago… (never in northern or western suburbs… :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)


I’ve been seeing stories like this not only in Baltimore. But also in other cities as well. NYC comes to mind. As well as other cities that have been governed by democrats for decades. And yet these democrats keep getting elected into office. I wonder when the people of these cities are going to wake up and see that the democrats aren’t doing anything to stop these things or crimes from happening. And start voting them out of office.


When people “think” with their feelings instead of looking at facts, this is what happens. They are attached to a solution and instead of seeing that their solution is failing they think they just didn’t apply enough of it and double down.

Once attached in feeling and committed in action it takes catastrophic failure, or personal loss on a massive scale, to make them change their thinking. The personal cost has to be huge, because as part of that change they have to own their own responsibility in causing the problem. They have to say “I was wrong, and I helped create this.” Its hard to get people to go there. Especially when they’ve been taught to look outside themselves for solutions.


100 % AGREED :point_up:


“Especially when they’ve been taught to look outside themselves for solutions.”

That and they have been given a list of approved people to blame for any occasion. Just ask the “woke” among them. They will be more than happy to tell you who is at fault for any problem in our society. Look in the mirror? Never.


A police officer is getting kicked by bystanders and the State’s Attorney is siding with the criminals. Are we surprised from Baltimore? And then there’s Antifa’s is Seattle and elsewhere.
So much for the rule of law!


Baltimore is a rough place… so is D.C. if you’re not money. I think that the media coverage is limited because of the political influence compared to Chicago, NY, or LA. They are no stranger to both crime and questionable police incidence. I don’t agree with crying wolf, but ignoring possible wrongdoing by police won’t solve the problem either.

I support the efforts of the local police. However, I know in some areas issues may exist.

Seven Baltimore Cops Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges

I hesistate to link British media (even British citizens were condemning their media as comic books back in the 90’s) but it has some good pictures (I think taken from AP in 2015):
Huge fires set across Baltimore as Freddie Gray rioters torch city, loot stores and injure fifteen police officers as violence rages into the night and local politicians are left turning on each other


Unfortunately, this is a side affect of the instant “celebrity” and likes of social media - IMO. Social media can be a great way to connect people, but I think too many people are using it in a keeping up with the Jones attitude. :frowning: Personal opinion, not the official USCCA stance.


It could not be any better put!!

I’ve come to the conclusion, people love to be a victim in order to obtain that attention.

Thanks, @zee!.


I’ll add on to my original post and say that we must realize its essentially “leftest” who are creating this madness. Their ideas have lifted past the moon.

I almost can’t believe I’m saying this because it seem to contradict its self but here it is.
Democrats are actually decent people but want the support from far-left groups

For the record, far right-wing are no better.


Extremists in most things can be dangerous. In the early 1200s, St. Francis of Assisi, in Italy, preached peace and lead many to Christ. In the late 1400s, Torquemada lead even more people to Christ in the Spanish Inquisition. And then there was the Crusades. A lot of bad things have happened in the name of righteous causes.


Randall you are correct that the far-right, i.e. white supremacist, neo-nazi types are bad. The difference is that the right does not want their support nor do we want to associate with them. The left welcomes the support and votes of the far left. For them, it’s all about the power. And we can see from Virginia just how they will use that power.


Also when they’ve learned to look outside themselves for validation of their actions, their choices, and even their own self-image. Some people only value themselves to the degree they are valued by others. This is the driving force behind social media sites like facebook, where the majority population doubt their own existence if their every thought and feeling isn’t plastered on a world wide billboard for the approval of others.


One of my Bible courses thrown in for credits was focused on that idea you stated about bad things happening in the name of “righteous causes.” Very challenging course actually but would not go back and change it for the information provided.

Christians actually still have a bad reputation because of the crusades as you know.


I wish we could have terms-limited for our representatives in office but, I don’t support the Constitutional Convention. That would wipe the second amendment and the promise to re-write the Second the same way is not convincing (I hate politicians promise because the dollar will turn them against their own view, as we all know

Good thought @David38!
I’m not convinced the people always recording a video or snapping a picture in all the things they do are having fun.

I love pictures and recordings but some of life’s moments can’t be caught on camera and some should just never be posted. We live in a state of entitlement and validation from others (I’m guilty of this too) People can’t figure out why teens are committing suicide like never before but when they look at their phone they see their bullies && idols living their best life (Most are not truly living the life they advertise anyways).


You realize that the last Constitutional Convention was in 1787 to revise the Articles of Confederation. We see how that went! Anyone with any sense should be terrified of doing it again!
And before you call for term limits, think about the problem. Lots of Democrats want to see Mitch McConnell gone. I don’t because he is good for Kentucky. If Kentuckians want him out, we will vote him out. And frankly, I do not care how anyone from anywhere else feels about Kentuckians choice for our representatives.
And as for many, people want term limits because they don’t like who others are electing. The biggest issue, in my opinion, is an ignorant and uninformed electorate. You do not fix that problem by changing the Constitution.


Amen!! :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

For a short season, I was blinded by the movement until one of my representatives sent out emails discussing the faults in the Constitutional Convention.

I’ve always just had the personal opinion term limits could help restrain the government’s hand.
I hate “big” government as you do and always have thought of away to get their nose out our butts even if by centimeters at the time lol :rofl: :rofl:

You are so right that we would not have to re-write to put that in there. After Johnson explained it their evil plot seemed to be exposed to me (Not saying the did but in my eyes).