The new reality

Did he really say white males are being demonized?


Yes, he certainly did. That was quite a somber message, but one we have been living for a while now.


Good advice. Thanks for posting. I have some food for thought. :thinking:


He sure did. That was definitely a somber message. From working in the correctional field for several years, I have seen the decline in public opinion for law enforcement. It is very sad, but it is the environment in which we live.


How do you account for that decline?

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The media is mainly responsible, IMHO.


That was a good video. I found that one yesterday. Not much has changed though, don’t use your gun unless your life or your family’s life depend on it. My LTC instructor basically taught us “don’t be a hero”. That was 5 years ago.

Most of us are aware if we use our firearm, we could easily get screwed by the legal system. Even if you’re found innocent, you might be guilty in the court of public opinion, which might be worse for your family.

Real stuff here.


I would also say it’s a cultural shift. What’s taught in Public schools, what’s taught in universities, what’s pushed by celebrities, what’s presented in movies and music.

I’m hoping people are actually starting to wake up to some of this madness.


Absolutely. The 1932 Hollywood code stated “do not show murder technique”. As for some things you can find in public schools - they are arrestable offences in 2021, just no DA has guts to enforce on it.



*Avoiding contact and trouble is our best defensive weapon. We are not cops. Our defensive weapon is the last case, very, very bad day tool. It’s not a tool to keep the world safe for justice and democracy. It’s a tool to save our lives when nothing I else has worked. Avoid using that nice, shiny gun except for practice and tin-cans.

*Demonizing. Yes, we white men are being demonized, much as white people demonized black people walking innocently through our all white suburbs. (And I grew up white in one such suburb, and can attest that a black man walking down main street in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin in the 1970’s was going to get picked up by the police and dropped off on 60th street and pointed east back toward “the ghetto” in Milwaukee.) Let’s stop demonizing, period. We are all made in God image, even the likes of AOC. (I know, that might be hard to swallow, but it’s true.)

*Ammo: I shoot tons of dry fire at home with a laser cartridge, 50 rounds a week of FMJ at the range, and the occasional magazine of self-defense rounds. My ratio of LASER:FMJ:DEFENSE is probably something like 500:20:1

Stay safe, folks, and stay away from trouble.


Come to think of it, I think I’m going name my gun “OH S**T!”


That was a good video and made a lot of since. I’m glad you put it on here.Thank you.


Interesting but when it comes to law enforcement, as a black male, I seen more of the bad in law enforcement than good. I am almost 60+ years in age and can only think of one time in which I called 911, that’s when I was in my early teens and my sister was in labor and it took over 45 minutes for any help to come. Just saying.

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Why do you suppose cops are at crime scenes? HINT: a crime was committed.

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Some crime scenes are because of bad cops. All LEO’S are not bad, but there are many. A LEO which see a crime committed by one in law enforcement and does/say anything against it is just as bad a cop as the rotten ones.

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What crime scenes are caused by bad cops. Name one. Just one.

Shooting/killing of unarmed, illegal search of person/property, but I know you already are aware of things bad cops/LEO’s do. No one lives under a rock anymore. :joy:

You missed my point. Why do you suppose cops are at crime scenes? HINT: a crime was committed.

Are you saying cops leave the comfort of the doughnut shop just so they can shoot or search innocent people?

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Most cops are good, but a few do commit crimes. Those would be the few police that create a crime scene.


Please give an example of a crime scene created by a police officer.