California: Police officer's bodycam shows self-defense

Our men and women in blue never know what they’re going to face when they go to work. This officer went home that night because her training worked. #Backtheblue

Warning - the video is a bit shocking (not graphic, I jumped at the shots).

Thanks to @Steve-G for this video too!


Just watching this video triggered my son. He asked do I have to watch that. I asked him why it bothers him that I watched it. His reply was “I don’t know.” Funny that he used to want to be a cop. Now he wants to be an engineer. It’s not like I watch this stuff all the time. I didn’t realize he was in the room with me since he’s been hiding in his room all day. Dad life.

It is an unnerving video, @KillJoy. And unfortunately our police officers run the risk of this type of situation every time they pull over a car.

Maybe pointing out how much training you do so that if you’re ever in the situation you can defend yourself too and see if that helps?

People wonder why the police are the way they are, I feel that this video answers all those questions for the most part, this woman was chosen as an easy Mark, but she had a surprise for the perp, she is trained. Thank God. She gets to go home today. God bless :us:


@Steve-G. I agree police have a super dangerous job. But shooting unarmed men in their own homes because a cop broke into the wrong apartment thinking it is their own apartment is totally unacceptable. Yes I live in the DFW area. There are other wrongful killings as well. When you say “I do” to a job you agree to put the citizens first, not yourself. Soldiers sign a blank check with death as the ultimate sacrifice. If you can’t handle the water get out.

FYI: these videos are justified by the police officers. I’m talking about some pretty obvious mistakes.

mdstanzel, I agree, I think there is good and bad in everything. The majority of cops out there are good folks, of course there are the bad ones and the ones in between. I don’t think we should judge all of them by what a very small percentage of them do. As far as what a soldier does, that’s a completely different thing, A Vietnam veteran once told me that he is haunted by the things they were ordered to do, but the worst memories he has, the things that haunt him the most, were the things he wasn’t ordered to do. I just never forgot that, and it kinda haunts me in a way.

When I was in high school (I’m not telling you how long ago that was!!) we had a Vietnam Vet come in and talk to our class. They were a tunnel rat in the war and he ended up being a POW. The stories he shared were haunting - and the look in his eyes as he talked about them… He said he didn’t share the worst of it and he’s never talked about the worst of it. I cannot imagine what he went through.

Thanking our veterans and military is never enough. What they have seen throughout the years is the worst one human can do to another. And both sides lose - the ones who are hurt and the ones who do the hurting. We’re not designed to be happy about hurting another.

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Well said Dawn, high school couldn’t have been that long ago for you.:wink:

:laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy: That’s funny, @Steve-G

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