Thinking of getting a new gun


I have had a lot of guns in my life and I am down to a few that I use. As I have been shooting more and hanging out with people that shoot more I have seen other weapons that have stirred my interest. Some of my friends are avid 1911 owners and shooters so I have been looking at .45 1911s. While hitting the gun shop I ran across a 1911 in .38 super. I have looked at the ballistics on the round and it seems impressive. What are some impressions others might have on the round? I still might end up with a .45 because I can get it from more manufacturers but I am interested in checking out a .38 super to see if it is all the new press says it is.


@Robert5, just out of curiosity, what would you be using this new gun for? Duty? Concealed? Competition?

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I am retired so it is more of a want than a need. A few times a year I go out to the desert to shoot and camp with friends out in the desert. We do have a steel target competition tree. So far I haven’t won many free breakfasts. But I have tried a combat course and and enjoyed that even if I thought I was slow and not very impressive.

I am not sure I could get away with a 1911 sized gun for concealed carry. I know they make some compacts that might work but not in the summer in the area where I live.

I am just in the exploratory stages.


Yeah, I don’t know if they make a 1911 concealed carry pistol. I have a Glock 23 that is a .40 caliber and it can be concealed. I am in the process (painful at that) of buying a Glock 43 which is a 9mm SubCompact and Ultra Concealable. The community actually has a topic where it was compared with a SIG 365. Here is the link.

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You might be surprised. An officer sized 1911 is about the same size as a Smith and Wesson Shield. They are very thin, and have shorter barrels and grips. The weight is a little more, since it’s metal vs polymer. There are also 1911 style pistol like the Sig 938, and Kimber Micro Raptor that are almost pocket guns.


I’m thinking about getting another Glock, but I want a .45 this time. Don’t know what model yet.


I have no problem considering a .45 I just was interested in hearing how people felt about the .38 super in the same gun.


Can’t help you on the .38 super, but I love my full sized Glock G21 .45acp

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QUESTION: Please. If you can operate a Glock 21 .45 caliber
Why not operate the Glock 20 10 mm? I understand there is a cost, but they are great pistols.

In MAY I will be getting a brand new Springfield XDM 5.25 " 10mm Pistol from BUD’S. I have that
Glock 20 Gen 4 and it is a dream.

There is a cost to all of the firearms and some you can not explain. The .45 caliber
has been around over a 100 years and it is one of the best.

Thank you and the best to you,

William Smith

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If it’s a ccw gun, look at the 30 or 30s.

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@William_H - a couple of reasons for me (why .45 and not 10mm)

Originally: The G21 fits me, most natural accuracy of all the handguns that were available at the shop I rented from before I bought my first handgun (they had about 60 and I shot all of them before I picked).

Now: it’s common ammo, and I have other .45s so it means not adding another caliber. Plus I can get a carbine conversion kit for the G21 :slight_smile:


I have one for you @Zee.

You said you didn’t want to add another caliber. When I started buying handguns (over 20 years after my first) that was one of my determining factors at what I looked at. To have one of each of the common calibers. I figured if the ■■■■ ever did hit the fan I would be able to pick up ammo that I “found” and have something to shoot it out of.


I haven’t shot the .38 super at all - sounds like fun! I did a quick search on the cost of the ammo - if you’re only shooting it a few times a year it won’t be too bad. But from what I’m seeing it’s about 3 times the cost of 9 mm and about 1/3 more expensive than .45 for FMJ.

If you’re on a ammo budget it’s something to consider. If you’re not, when can we all come shoot it? :smiley:


ha! @DBrogue that is the other consideration. :slight_smile: it’s actually part of why we have a lot of 9mm … because everyone has a lot of 9mm.

Let’s Talk Zombies :smiley:

In the SHTF situation, it’s going to be a lot about reloading component stocks-on-hand for us. Presuming no bugout of course.

In a bugout, we’re not carrying the entire contents of the gun safe, so you still have to make choices. In scavenger mode, I think .45 is probably more likely to be available than 10mm, but that said… do I pack the weight of my beloved .45 AND the 9mm? carry both and see what scavenges up? or do I leave the .45 in the safe against a future return home and just carry the 9mm, given the greater likelihood of finding 9mm? The hubby will be carrying a .40 for sure, and maybe something else, so that has to factor in too… some of the .40 and 10mm are interchangeable, but I’m not sure we know enough about that…

See there, contemplation of the Zombie Apocalypse always provides more opportunities to learn :smiley:


Leave your .45 at home. I’ll scavenge that ammo. In a Z apocalypse, I’m most likely to have my .357 revolver, a 12 gauge since almost every Walmart, Rural King, sporting goods store sells 12 gauge shells, and a .22 for my wife. .22 will splatter zombie brains as good as anything else, and it’s really easy to shoot.


Come on @DBrogue, @Zee and @45IPAC,

Please Stop! I’m gonna have Zombie Nightmares now! :exploding_head::zombie:

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Lol! Sorry :laughing: :scream:

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I promise, I won’t do it again, until tomorrow. :smiling_imp:


OOOooooAAAAGGGH! (That’s my Zombie Moan)

If we keep this up, @Dawn is going to TAG us to the ZOMBIE ZONE! LMAO!!


@DBrogue, LOL, that’s the exact thought process me and my husband started out with. We both have .45, 9mm, .357/.38, .380 and our AR-15’s. We figured between the 2 of us, we could carry at least one of each caliber in a bug out situation and be covered.