SIG P365 a good BUG?


Just shot a P365 a bit today and thought it might make a good BUG once I was able to control the muzzle flip.

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Have not shot that one, but Sig’s are amazing!!


I own one and it’s me EDC, with a 10 round flush magazine it is extremely easy and comfortable to conceal. With a 12 round magazine its a little more difficult but i alternate between the Sig P365 and a Glock 19. Contrary to all the negative reviews this firearm has received it has been an amazing addition. Practice with it and enjoy it.


I’m gonna go back to the range in the next month or so and run a hundred rounds through it and see if I like it. If I’m pleased with it, I"ll buy one. If I don’t think it’s for me, I’ll probably go find another sub compact to ankle carry as a BUG.

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Hubby just bought me one. I haven’t gotten to shoot live ammo through it but on my Itarget it is amazing! I got the one without the manual safety. My gun guy couldn’t get the one with the safety for a couple months. I did go ahead and got the green laser as well. I haven’t put it on yet. I didn’t think I would like it because it is Glocky to me but I think I am going to love it.

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My i bought my wife a glock 42 and she hated it. So i got her a sig 238 and she loves it

I got the Sig p365 and got rid of my glock 43. My wife usually doesnt enjoy shooting anything over a .380. She enjoys the 365. I had her try my Glock 19 and again shes not a fan. Guess shes a SIG girl.


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That does make sense @Dawn.

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I’d really like to handle one on the range. I feel like I might like Sigs. But last week I fired 3 different Glocks 19, 23 and 43. I preferred the 23 but was okay with the 29. Surprisingly I liked the 43. The 43 would make a good CCW during warmer weather. I have time. No rush here. Learning as much as I can.


I have a P365 and love it! It is my EDC and is very easy to conceal. It does have a bigger recoil than my P320 carry but is not hard to fire. I have never had a single problem with it in 1500 rounds fired. Also, very easy to field strip and clean.

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Welcome, @MAXIMILIAAN! I love the 320 and my next purchase (after my AR build) will be the 365. It’s a great size for a BUG.

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It’s a great firearm. Maybe the all around most feature full sub compact on the market. I swap it out with a G19, G26 or P320 x carry depending on my mood or what I’m wearing that day. Sent mine in for a replacement firing pin and haven’t had any issues at all. I highly recommend it.


Sigs have great ergonomics which is why I think women and others with smaller hands tend to prefer them over Glocks. Walther is another manufacturer that really stands out in this area. The new CCP v2 is awesome! And the PPQ in every configuration is firearms perfection. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Glocks but there are so many others doing it as well if not better in many aspects.


It’s also good as an EDC gun. It hides well under most clothing even when you’re wearing shorts and a short sleeved shirt.

I love mine. I’ve been carrying it for a year now.


I would love to get a p365 but it’s not on California’s approved roster. :sleepy:


Hopefully California gun laws will catch up with the rest of the country some time soon, @tinknocker! I really hope the rest of the country doesn’t try to follow California’s example. :frowning:


I carry my P365 everyday in an Alien Gear holster. I keep two 12-round magazines, one in the gun and one in a pocket. The beauty of the P365 is that it carries like a back up gun, but it has nearly the capacity of a primary or duty gun.


Me too. I wouldn’t hold my breath, but I’m hopeful!