What to do, what to do 🤔

I’m thinking of a change. I’ve carried my Sig p938 Legion for a couple years now. I am now heavily considering a change for more capacity in my carry gun. I’m kind of torn between the S&W Shield Plus and the Ruger Max 9.

I’m also looking for a shift to striker fired with no manual safety.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or other recommendations?


Sig P365. 12-15 round capacity, shoots awesome, easy to conceal - even in summer.


I second Joe’s recommendation. I would add that I also switched to the P365. I would actually prefer the P365X if I had to do it all over again. I couldn’t pass up their Blue Ribbon pricing for retirees so, I picked up the P365. Far superior trigger than the Glock and my wife’s M&P EZ.

I’ve been shooting higher Mantis scores with it both on the range and in dry firing sessions.

I would recommend putting it on your short list @ScottH.

Stay safe out there.


Great recommendation. I’ll definitely consider that too. How could I leave that off the list in the first place. Doh!


As a Ruger fan I would say - go with Max9
As a S&W fan I would say - go with Shield Plus
As a SIG fan I would say - go with P365 or X (as @JoeC suggested)

The thing is - check what fits your hands best. It is hard to suggest not being in your shoes.

Regarding manual safety… I will strongly recommend it for appendix carry. Other than that - no needs.

Because I do not carry either one from that list, but had pleasure to test them I will suggest SIG P365X. Perfect ergonomics, good size, enough rounds, great quality, awesome trigger.


Thanks @Jerzy for the feedback. I do carry appendix and the safety has been a strong consideration and the reason I currently have it. I also train with dry fire religiously to draw and disable the safety.

Now that you mention it…it might feel weird not having one. :thinking:


Although I personally fail to see why a manual safety is something to worry about with AIWB (I mean, if you carry at 4 O’clock, and you don’t touch it, it won’t fire - Why is AIWB any different?). I do encourage you to select something with that manual safety for continuity purposes. You are very familiar with a manual safety and you have already established some excellent “muscle memory” in your draw, so stay with it.

But honestly, AIWB - shoulder holster - OWB at 4 O’Clock - Cross Draw shouldn’t mean anything if you’re not pressing the trigger.

I guess I’m a rebel. I carry AIWB with no manual safety. My “Wedding Tackle” is still where it was the day I was born.

Stay safe.


Dude…wedding tackle. I’m stealing that. :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:


With my compliments … :grinning:


Gray Guns has a grip module for the P365 that includes a thumb safety:


Wow that’s a beaut. Now I need to add another what to do to the topic. Lol


I can tell you, the sculpting makes this frame very grippy indeed. The overall texture is more aggressive, and they’ve added texture to places that were smooth on the original. (And in case it’s not obvious, I’m in agreement with those above, the P365 is a good choice.)


The P365 usually comes without a safety but Sig also makes it with a manual safety option. Yes I’m a P365 fan as well. Heading out the door right now for a late range session with it. Hard to beat for ease of carry with good capacity. But there are a lot of small 9s to choose from these days.


Another vote for the 365 or 365XL.


Don’t stress, buy both!


You don’t need feel weird. All is just about self preservation.
If somebody feels good without manual safety drawing the handgun pointed at yourself - that’s OK.
I’m the person who tries predict unpredictable. Knowing weak points of every step, I’m avoiding things that can make my day a bad one…

Yes that’s true. If you are not pressing the trigger. But what if you press it… having the muzzle pointed at your legs - it’s not gonna end up good. With IWB 4’oclock or OWB - you mostly draw with muzzle out from your body.

When does the negligent discharge happen the most? DURING DRAWING FROM HOLSTER AND REHOLSTERING.
This question has been asked and answered on every class I’ve been for last 3 years.

I’m not trying to convince anyone. This is just a small thing that everyone should take under consideration.


Yep. If you never unholster or reholster, there’s no need for a real safety. In your hand, trigger control is your job. In the holster, it’s the holster’s job. It’s the transition where misunderstandings may occur. Oh, I guess if you don’t wear clothing there are fewer “foreign agents” to get involved.

Seriously, if @ScottH is thinking of sticking with a manual safety:

  • confirm that you will find the little bitty fenced nub on the Shield satisfactory;
  • the Shield EZ has a normal-looking safety, but non-M&P ergonomics;

The real M&P is a different category, but its normal-looking safety pretty much requires a holster covering to avoid unintended deactivation I don’t know if the similar lever on the EZ has the same issue.


I think you will see more aftermarket for the Shield. Outside of that, I’d rock either one of them, if a small, 9mm was my flavor.


Go rent a P365 and a P365XL and try them out first and see if you like them. I know I liked mine! So much that I gave it to my mom to carry. She liked it too!


Agreed. I would definitely want to get the feel of both models.