Looking for suggestions for a new bug


Hi everyone, I am looking for ideas to replace my S&W 637 with a 9mm da/sa single stack. I like to pocket carry my backup so, nothing big. I am considering the Springfield XDE but, does anyone know of any other options available that meet my specific criteria?

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I am a huge Sig fan so I am going to say the Sig P938. It is not SA/DA though.


Thanks for the suggestion but, I think I’ll keep looking since, I’m not entheusiastic about carrying in condition 1.

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@Thad, personally after all the researching I’ve done on my next purchase, for pocket carry the XDE wouldn’t be a bad choice. Very few negative aspects that I’ve seen.

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That’s pretty much what I’ve been thinking. I’ll most likely be going with one.

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Good luck and happy shooting.

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Are there bags designed for being a bug out bag or will any backpack work (maybe no any but more like any tactical backpack?)?

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There are bags specifically marketed as bug out bags. The down side to them is that in my opinion they tend to be expensive. You can always use pretty much any good quality backpack and, get pretty much the same results.

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I just heard of another idea for a possible bug replacement that fits my criteria. Does anyone here have any first-hand experience with the S&W 3913?

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Maybe a little late but i pocket carry a Sig P365


There is plenty of time to toss suggestions into the ring. I have more pressing items on my list before replacing my backup gun. Having not been familiar with the Sig P365 I had to look it up quick and, since it appears to be a double action only it unfortunately will not be on my consideration list. Thanks for the suggestion though. I have been shooting long enough and, tried enough trigger actions to develop a strong preference which is da/sa and, most likely will only purchase that trigger action in the future.


@Thad here’s a link to details on the Sig 365. It is a striker fire (not da :slight_smile: ), which is why I’ve been considering it for my next carry gun.


I know @TWeinzerl loves her P365!


I can’t wait to get it!! Should be here in a couple days. Having a friend as a gun dealer gets me in so much trouble!


Ive left my phone at home more than my 365 since I got it.


I understand everyone has a preference.

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@Dawn, yes it is a striker fire but, unless it is a special outlier design (Walther P99 AS or HK P7 for example) it means that it is a precoked double action. What a precocked double action does is provide the long trigger pull of a da but, with a much lighter trigger pull weight. The biggest hiccup for that gun as it pertains to me is that I know myself. The P365 is a very nice handgun but, since it is not exactly what I want I know exactly what would happen. I would buy the gun, take it to the range to get acquainted, buy a holster, carry for 1-3 months and, then toss it in my safe untill I eventually sell it. I’ve done it before and, the pattern is always the same. I currently have a few guns that I will be selling to get the replacement backup and, the only reason I’m selling them is that I don’t want to carry them.


In summary, I am looking for a true da/sa that I will be able to pocket carry. I know from experience that if I purchase anything else I will just go back to the S&W airweight that I want to replace with a semiautomatic.

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Depending on caliber and size you might want to consider one of the Tip-up pistol models. The Beretta Bobcat or Taurus PT 25 are tiny little guns, but they are DA/SA guns and will fit in a pocket. The Cheetah is a .380 of similar design, but might be getting too big for true pocket carry. Walther makes some great and historic guns on that action as well-- PPK/s . A true double-stack 9mm is the S&W Model 469… and later variations. But again, maybe too big for pocket carry. If you want to go the surplus route, the Makarov is a serviceable fighting pistol in 9x18. I think there are options out there. Keep shopping. That is half the fun.


That 3913 is the single stack version of the Model 469 I mentioned below. Both are solid guns. I found them to point quickly and accurately. If I remember right (20 years )safety lever was also a decocker.


Hi @KevinM, those are some excellent suggestions. I will definitely be checking them out. I already have a pocketable Makarov chambered gun (Polish P64) that was my original carry but, decided to retire it due to no drop safety and, the manual safety is a bear to manipulate. Right now the three top contenders I have found are, S&W 3913, Springfield XDE and, maybe a used Sig P229 but, I need to learn more about the Sig first.

P.S. you’re videos are spectacular and, one of my 3 current favorites (Ruger P89DC) was purchased after watching a video you did on it.