A little advice Glock or 1911?

I’m about to make a new purchase. What do you folks think?
G43x or 1911 Kimber Ultra chambered in 9mm?

There ARE other choices in the world other than Glocks and 1911s. Not to hear some people talk though. In my CCW class, if it wasn’t a Glock, it was a 1911.

Rant over. Not saying you were saying that, just what I was thinking before I saw the thread.

In this case, despite my dislike for Glocks, if it is a carry gun, I would say Glock. Kimbers are a bit too finicky at first for my taste in a combat gun. I hear they’re good after you run a couple hundred rounds through them.

I always like to start out with…

“What is the gun for”. Self defense, range time, just for fun?

Self defense? Neither. I being the I that I am… like my S&W Shield 9 or my Sig P238 for carry.

Simple range time? My 1911.

I have shot Glocks and they do NOT fit my hand. I can’t stand them at all. I dropped a full mag through one and walked away.

So to answer your simple question without knowing anything? Kimber. I have loved the Kimbers I have shot.

But… why do you want it? what’s it for?

Have you spent time shooting either one?

Not very familiar with Kimber’s offerings. A 1911 and Glock are totally different beasts. Single action trigger vs striker fired gun, most 1911’s have a thumb and grip safety, Glock, “safe action trigger” (i think that is what they call it.)

I would shoot both. See what you like better.

Glocks don’t fit my hand, 1911’s point perfectly for me. I normally carry a 1911, but simplicity of parts, easy to use, clean and replace parts, Glock wins hands down.

1911’s tend to be a bit more picky, they generally need more cleaning, lube and care than a Glock.

Glocks are usually cheaper than 1911’s. 1911’s make you look wise and sophisticated. :smile:

Hard to compare the two, unless you do it at the range, keeping your own needs and desires in a gun in mind. Good luck!

Hell, just get both. :grinning:

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More than 200,000 rounds through all my 1911’s
Kimber Ultra is what I’ve carried for the past 12 years.
Hands, fingers and grip have gotten slightly weaker due to age.
Figured the 9mm would be easier on the hands. Don’t get me wrong, I can still place the shot where I need it with the 45 Ultra. I have shot the G43 once and it felt nice, but for defensive purposes, feeling nice is not the objective, plastic or steel is? If that makes sense.
Still not convinced that 9mm will do the job. Always trusted 45acp. It’s served me well since my days in the military.
This new acquisition will replace my carry piece, I will never get rid of my 1911’s. And actually if I could afford it I wouldn’t be asking, I would just buy the Wilson Combat CQB 45 customized, that’s my feel good piece, weak hands or not!
But since I’ll be passing these onto the grandkids, no one deserves the Wilson more than me.

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A 1911 in in 9mm?? SACRILEGE!! :scream:

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Thanks for the input. I guess a 1911 guy should never stop being a 1911 guy. Absolutely right, a 1911 in 9mm, what where they thinking!? Gosh, what was I thinking. Kimber it is!


I have one in 9mm and 38 Superb… Looking to get another 1911 in the prophet’s caliber, as I sold my last 1911 in .45…

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For price, reliability, ubiquity of parts, I would say go Glock.

I will say I have a large number of .45 by a variety of makers. I’m getting on in years, lots of medical issues with my joints.

The best shooting .45 I have is a FN FNX Tactical

I barely feel any recoil and I put over 500 rounds through it this weekend. Working on my right eye dominance issues.

You reminded me of this. Both of these guys are 1911 guys, but both switched to 9mm.


I’m of the opinion that you shouldn’t choose just one. The better question might be, ‘which one first?’ Of course, that brings up the perceived need the pistol will be meeting. I have Glocks and 1911s, but no 9mm 1911s, besides the Sig 938 (which is only kind of sort of a 1911 by virture of a SAO trigger).
The comments on Kimbers being finicky are right on. My 3rd one was a huge headache 35/50 FTFs in the first 6 boxes. Good news–I sent it back to Kimber and they throated/ polished it --worked their magic, and now it’s 100% reliable and one of my best shooters. Just be prepared to break it in. NOTE–they fixed it and sent it back in 10 days. GREAT customer service.


Those two guys can shoot! Nice video.

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Understood. I’m partial to the 1911, especially the 1911 Browning Black Label Medallion Series. However, this series is chambered in .380. Browning has always been God status to me, and is the only 1911 I own.

Which one do you shoot best?
There’s your answer!

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Totally agree, all my Kimber’s had FTFs during the first 100 rounds, after cleaning and polishing myself not a single hiccup. Furthermore after break in period all are extremely accurate.
I use Wilson parts so maintenance, and repairs and replacement parts is relatively low. Can’t beat Wilson flat wire recoil springs, lasting 5,000 rounds. If only parts in my car would last that long.

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The 1911s by far, but with practice…don’t we all age like wine??

The Kimber, since you already carry a 1911. Now, can you rent a 9 and 45? In that short barrel, the “snappiness” of 9mm may be more than the “push” of .45. IMHO

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You might want to see if you like shooting one of these:

Sig sauer definitely a contender!

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