Let’s talk 1911s, whatcha got, whatcha want?


Here’s a great new video by Hickok45, on 1911s. If you are thinking of buying one, watch this video.


IMO, You can buy a Rock Island or similar 1911, I say Rock island or similar because they are a bit more inexpensive than a colt or a smith. Do a bit of polishing and smooth out some edges, rails, feed ramp etc, put a few custom personalized parts, (grips, sights, maybe a trigger and sear). Maybe refinish it the way you like. Make it your baby, it can be a lot of fun to do and it won’t cost you $3k, just be really careful and do your research, some parts have close tolerances. Be careful and absolutely have some fun.


I had a remingron 1911 r1. Loved that gun but wasnt practical and wife wouldnt shoot it. I sold it and bought my glock 19. Now that we’re back on our feet i think im gonna try a palmetto state armory 1911 and do just that upgrade or clean it up


I’ve been researching this very subject. I will either get a Ruger or Armscor, or one of the less expensive Kimbers. Not that the others aren’t nice. A good friend of mine has a Kimber. The grips are made from drift wood he brought back from a church mission trip to Uganda. It is a beautiful gun, and an excellent shooter. If I go with the Armscor, I’ll get the double stack TAC version. For a Ruger, the Commander size feels really good in the hand.


.45, there’s nothing wrong with a Kimber, I know a few guys that swear by them, and a few that swear at them, lol. The looks can be changed, just make sure it’s a mil spec gun if you can, then all 1911 parts are pretty much universal and plentiful, your not limited.

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Ive bought two 500 or less 1911's done parts upgrades to them and out shot a guys next to me with his 3000 kimber


I wasn’t complaining about the Kimber, and some of their entry models are reasonably priced. Now, I have no use for a 1911 that costs thousands of dollars. A revolver in 460 magnum, that’s another story. :grin:


Sorry 45… i missed that statement, i wasnt even refering to that… i was talking of a real situation i was in… lol i have to get crafty, my wife is cheap when it comes to me budgeting a firearm in…


I feel your pain on that one.


I want this :https://www.sigsauer.com/store/1911-stand.html

And this:https://www.sigsauer.com/store/1911-we-the-people-full-size.html


Full size, I want the Sig 1911 STX. Sub compact in .45, I’ll take the SW 1911 Pro Sub Compact. I’d love a Warthog, gotta see if my FFL will accept it.

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I want a Colt 1911 but am considering others. I’d like a good .45 for conceal carry too.


I don’t know how you feel about Glocks, but I’ve carried Glock 30 for over a decade, I’ve tried others, but I always end up going back to the Glock. It holds 10+1 rounds of .45ACP, it’s light, all the edges are rounded so nothing pokes you, the dependability and accuracy is off the charts, and, one thing that a lot of people overlook, the finish is really tough. Concealed carry can be really rough on a gun’s finish, a lot of guns will be all but destroyed after a few months of carry duty.


I picked up a para ordinance expert in a trade and really like it. One day ill gut it and put all wilson combat internals. Im strongly considering a SA 911 in 9mm. They seem pretty sweet.

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Guess ill have to try the 30. Never shot anything except a 1911 in .45. But I got a coupon on a rental so why not…

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I was qualified, and carried, a Colt .45 ACP Semi Automatic pistol (Assistant Armorer) before leaving the military. Even though this is VERY much a “testosterone” sidearm, which I liked, the “wheel gun” is my favorite sidearm.

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This is my Para-Ordinance 1911 LTC. I bought it used and over time, did a trigger job along with a polished trigger, Ceracoated the frame and slide, replaced everything I could with Stainless steel (mostly from Wilson Combat) and polished everything, including the slide release, oversized mag release, safety, beavertail safety, backstrap, magwell and compensator. The gun already came with some high grade internals like a stainless, ramped, match grade barrel and really good sear. I like the looks of the original rosewood grips, but really like shooting it with the Hogue grips, so I switch back and forth a lot.


I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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It’s Saturday, I’m deeming it 1911 day today, I’m going to break them out and enjoy shooting all of them today after my RSO shift. I’m also going to meet a young man at my club that has expressed an interest in shooting, he is a 23 year old that wants to pursue a career in law enforcement. It should be fun as he has only fires a couple of different .22s when he was a kid. This should be fun, we will start out slow with some 9mm and work up to the 1911s, maybe even an M-4 if I’m felling good about him. Fun, fun, fun. :sunglasses:


Original Para-Ordnance P14.45. Various upgrades to an almost FBI SRP. Finish didn’t turn out so well, 15-20 years ago, so I may have that redone at some point.