1911 10mm finally home!

Hey! Brought it home on the 23rd, never held a more comfortable pistol to date, this Rock Island Tac II 1911, don’t really have any other place to share gun stuff and TY USCCA for a safe haven to share about our guns.
Been going through physical therapy and suffered 2 hard falls in 5 days, got confident on my walking and finally on Thurs I fired her - did 25 rounds!
My Taurus 9mm kicks more than this 10mm does LoL, maybe it’s the slim grip or long beaver tail grip or it being a 1911 platform but man did I like it!
I’m going to be searching out videos specific to learning a good grip for the 1911, ammo is available just one box at a time but I’ve got 2 sources so it’s been good.
Just wanted to pop in and share the good news, up until 2011 before disability came knocking I just had 2 pistols, one for the family and 1 in the work car for me & I was always confident with a knife and street fighting learned while growing up in so. central L.A., but can’t even run away now LoL
Thanks for your time folks, Peace & take care


Congrats on the new pistol and your recovery! I was considering a RIA 10mm, even more so when they had a Commander sized available. I’ve been hesitant due to QC complaints, so I hope yours continues to work well (my Kimber brand has a ton of QC complaints on the web, too). With the pandemic, I’ve been taking the time to learn more about 1911 maintenance and design on my old Kimber. Made a few changes over the last year that makes it shoot how I expect, and am currently learning about proper extractor specs and bevels for upgrading that part and will be fixing the timing on my Swartz safety within the next few weeks (specific to Kimber II’s).

Some interesting history on Philippine 1911’s (RIA’s 1911’s coming from Armscor in the Philippines). The Philippines have had a long history with the 1911. First, they were part of the US before WWII. My grandfather came to the US for education and the military, and was sent to France as a US soldier in WWI. When the US liberated the Philippines from the Japanese and the Philippines became independent, many of the US military equipment was left behind, and maintained, repaired, and replicated over the decades… often in their homes.

One of my last cousins to immigrate to the US was into firearms. He said that, in the past, Armscor searched out many of these home smiths to work for them (I don’t know their current practices though). I also met a Philippine military pilot that trains all of his family’s security forces with Armscor 1911’s and I don’t remember what brand AR-15’s. Their security forces included both bodygaurds in the city, as well as guards for their island business holdings.

Interesting side note (to me at least). During the Japanese occupation, after my grandfather was taken political prisoner, my mother’s uncle brought his family over to look after my mother and her brother. She was 11 years old at the time (brother was 10). A rival political party tried breaking into the house, and the uncle fired through the door to drive them off. He then gave my 11 year old mother the firearm to hide, and she scuttled up a palm tree to hide the firearm above the fronds so that the Japanese soldiers could not find it if they were to search the property.

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Congrats on your new acquisition. The 10mm is a stout round but the 1911 platform is a good fit. Having owned a Colt Delta in the past, I can agree it’s a good shooting round. I’m certain you can search the web and find every weapons manufacturer has a QC issue. I’ll judge for myself on that front. The Rock Islands that I’ve handled seem good and at that price point hard to fault. Shoot it and enjoy.


I have a Kimber 10mm. It was a single shot–tolerances were too tight. Sent it in, had it back in less than 10 days, and now it the most accurate pistol I own. 100% reliable as well.
While it was a pain–think about it–the tolerances were TOO tight–not the other way around. If I was going to build an accurate gun, that’s how I’d want to build it!
Too many Kimber haters. I don’t like my wife’s micro 9, but I sure can’t fault their 1911s. Mine have been great.


After repairs lol

10mm guns are fun! I am sure you will enjoy the gun. Here is a pretty good video on the grip on a 1911. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDzC6djUQxM

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David, yes, after they loosened it up. Would I have preferred it like that out of the gate? Oh yeah. Regardless, the accuracy is incomparable. For me it was worth it.

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What matters is that you’re happy with it now


Thanks :+1: