My First Custom 1911 Build Has Started

Got off the phone with the 'Smith, and my build is going to start. Might even get it before Christmas! Now, the wait begins… :grimacing:


I too am customizing a 1911. I got a Thompson pit bull .45 and I am putting a new trigger system, new sights, a new finish and new grips! I can understand your excitement.




Not Nighthawk, although they make some great guns. This one is a 1979 Colt government in 9mm. Steve at Integrity Arms is going to do the work.


Awwwwwwww Maaaaannnn!! You got me all excited that someone else was going to do a 1911 build thread on here!




That’s awesome. I am looking forward to seeing it when it is complete.

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@Craig6 I want it to work! I can fit a part here and there, but a full build by me would be a Nightmare! :grinning:

Nice! Keep us posted.

As far as I can remember, options at this time are 25 LPI front strap checkering, flattened and serrated top of slide, frame cut for ramped 9mm barrel, recessed slide stop hole, carry ‘meld’, all new internals, and night sights.

Don’t usually get night sights on 1911’s, but this one will be carried a lot at night, so why not.

I wanted a blued gun, but decided to go with the DLC finish, with a lightly brushed slide.

I feel kinda like a kid in a candy store. Hope it gets done before Christmas, but will wait to have it done right.

Top of the slide serrations.


25 yard test target. Forgot to mention, the smith sent me this, it was shot using a Ransom Rest, generic 9mm ammo, windy day. Looking forward to getting this sucker!


Hi @Fred_G , I just saw the photo of the flattened and serrated top of slide you posted a month ago. It looks great! :+1:

I am asking out of ignorance, is there an improved functionallity to this option? Don’t take my question the wrong way, It definitely does look cool! :+1:

Some people say it can cut down on glare. Honestly, I just like the look. :grinning:

Found out today that there is a 6 week or so wait at the DLC place. So, it will be next year before I get it. :disappointed_relieved:

It is back from the finisher, I should have it in a few days or a week… :heart_eyes:

It looks awesome, can’t wait to shoot it!

Post #4602 Integrity Arms - Integrity Arms~! Photo Gallery.. | Page 231 | 1911 Firearm Addicts has pichers.


This thing is freaking sweet! Plan on a little range time in the AM.


First shot was dead on. I tended to group a bit high and to the left, suspect me, not the gun. It needs a couple more range sessions to get good and broken in. Had a couple of failure to go into battery, just took a tap on the back of the slide. Smith sent a slightly stronger spring with the gun.

So far, loving it!


Congrats, that gun looks absolutely awesome.

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