Firearms Face-Off: Glock 43 vs Sig 365


OK all of you Glock Lovers and Sig Lovers, it comes down to this:

Which is better the Glock 43 or the Sig 365?

  • Glock 43
  • Sig 365

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What’s your choice - and let us know why below!
You may be surprised by my choice… but I’ll wait until you all respond. :wink:

Have you had a chance to shoot both guns before you voted?

Thinking of getting a new gun

You’re gonna test how civil this group can be with these types of topics.

Got rid of Glock 43 for a Sig365. Never looked back


:innocent: Some good-natured debate is always a good thing, @Sheepdog556. The great part about this conversation is that no-one is really wrong unless they say something “absolute” because of how many different views and people carry. :wink:


The fact that the Sig is almost 1/2" shorter and smaller overall is significant to me. I like that it has a rail, although I’m not sure I would use it. The overwhelming advantage the Sig has is capactity. That’s huge to me. I don’t put much stock in the grouping difference. I think if you put both guns in a vise and fired them, they would both be accurate. It tells me that you may have to fire it a lot and focus on trigger pull and maybe make some adjustments there. I haven’t ever fired a Glock or a Sig, so my answer is based solely on the review.


Having shot and owned both. Right out of the box the Sig has night sights and a better trigger pull. Capacity isn’t even a fair fight between the guns. The Sig had a bad rap when it was first released but look at how many different models glock has come out with since the 365 was released. That alone tells me they know it’s at a minimum a comparable firearm.


@Dawn, I am just curious here… Everyone who voted, did they all try both firearms before voting? Just to make this a fair poll. Just thinking out loud. :thinking:

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Having never fired either of these specific models… I vote Sig. Glock has never been a friend of mine. I had a glock 42 that could not get not get through 1 magazine without jamming half the rounds. Never had any problems with Sig.


Let’s ask them! I’ll adjust my initial question.

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I think I saw one comment that he/she based his/her vote on the article. :wink:

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I’m OK with that! We’re not into the scientific details - yet :wink: Give me a year and we’ll be out at the range with ballistics gel - that is if I can convince Kevin and Ed that we need more shooting videos specifically for the Community. It’s a work in progress. :smiley:


I’d challenge anyone carrying a glock 43 to go shoot the sig and if it’s possible actually carry it and honestly say you wouldn’t switch. I’m not a sig fanboy. My fighting pistol is a Glock 19. I love glocks my wife hates them but loves Sigs.

I’m passionate about what this firearm offers not the brand on the slide


To the revised question - “Nope”


Going with the glock… because I’ve shot it and like it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Haven’t shot the sig. But I know the glock platform, know their operation, know their reliability, and I’m ok with sticking to the tech you know well.


I agree @Zee. I’m on the other side of the equation though. For me, a lot, but not all, of it comes down to ergonomics while shooting. My duty weapon was a 10mm Glock, then the compact 45. I qualified each time with no issues. My off duty gun was a Sig and when qualifying with it or just shooting, there was a more physical/mental balance with the Sigs. This comes up in all fields, Canon v. Nikon in cameras, IBM v. Mac in computers. Go with what you like and feel most comfortable with and you’ll more than likely do better when in the stressful situation using that tool.


I bet you all think I’m going to say the Sig hands down… I’m not. I’m also not going to say the Glock.

@Shepherd made the point I was going to :smiley: It’s all personal preference and what you shoot well with. I like my Nikon and Mac… because they work well for me and I know how to use them.

Find you shoot well with - and train, train, train! And then train some more! Make the gun an extension of your arm. Make it something that you know better than the back of your hand.

Then carry it.

I’m still a Sig Fangirl :blush: - but that doesn’t mean I want someone to carry a Sig because I like them. I want them to carry what works for them!


I own both the 365 and the Glock 43. The one thing I do not like about the Glock is the (lack of) capacity. So I shoot the Glock for fun and practice and carry the 365. Then the Glock 48 came out… that’s for another discussion. :wink:


I have been trained to use and practice with the firearm that fits the make up of your body; respectfully the hands. I have a Ruger .44 magnum, 7.5" barrel, but the GRIP is to small to properly use correctly. I
have pinched nerves and torn muscles in my support left shoulder twice. “24 rounds”. I bought a GRIP
that was larger than the wooden handles of the Ruger and I think it was rogue grips. (?) It shoots very well for a .44 magnum. Take practice and You will enjoy. I love the GLOCK !!

Thank You,


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I just bought the Glock 43 with advanced knowledge of how to change the capacity very easily. Now mind you, this is a concealed firearm so you don’t want to increase the capacity too much. There is a company that sells adapters that increase the capacity by +2 or +4 and gives a little more grip length at the same time. I added the +2 because I have large hands and needed the little extra grip so now I have a capacity of 8.

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I have shot the SIG P365, as well as the G42 and G43. In my experience, the G42 was highly prone to “limp wrist failures”. I could run it well enough, but some friends could not. The G43 was reliable, as were all of the P365s that I tried. I ran a rental P365 hard before purchasing one, as I had heard all of the early disaster stories with the initial P365 lots. The P365 also proved to be quite accurate for such a small pistol. At the end of the day, the P365 proved it’s reliability to my satisfaction, and it’s advantage in capacity-to-size ratio just put it over the top. I would also recommend the G43 to others, but I own and regularly carry a P365 with zero regrets nor yearning for a G43 (despite my current bout of “Glockitis”). As a side note, I have over 2300 rounds fired through my personal P365, and it is still going strong.


Thanks for the info! :smile:

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