Firearms Face-Off: Glock 43 vs Sig 365


Here is a link to the post and pictures of my Glock 43 Conversion.

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We just bought the G43 for my granddaughter - super accurate for her even though shes a very new shooter. Even though shes little, she wants the extended mag for the grip fit. Plus capacity, of course. There are +1 through +4 mag bases available, including half a dozen colors.
No experience with the sig, so I can’t compare, but the G43 is pretty sweet.


I have the Strike Industries +2 Also. It really improved my gun. I like it.

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@Jon_Owen we looked at a bunch of different ones… what makes that one your choice?
And welcome!


I have the same 2 round extension for my 43. Makes the weapon soooo much easier to handle and stabilize. Love it.