Firearms Face-Off: Glock 43 vs Sig 365

Bumping this up - which works best for you?

Being a big fan of glocks, I wanted to go with the 43. The problem is it only holds like 3 rounds. I bought the p365. My only complaints on the P365 are ergonomics. I bought a micro-compat and now I’m going to complain about how small it is.:rofl:Since it’s so tiny, my grip can push on the slide open mechanism stopping the stay open on empty feature. Also, I had to change up using my thumb to drop the mag. the thing shoots great, it’s fun, and shoots out a good size fireball. It checks every box for me and i wouldn’t trade it for any other micro compact.

With a very inexpensive addition to the mag I carry 8 rounds plus 2 other magazines in a shoulder holster for my G43. I absolutely love it and count on it with my life.

G43 is nice but the P365 is near perfect, IMO especially with the 12rd mag…short range pistol but its to be expected considering it’s so compact.

I’m a firm believer in having more than one firearm, different ones for different situations, i think a P365 should be a part of every gun owners collection.

It does feel like a gun you should have a pair of though, (if you’ve ever wanted a pair) so i will be buying a second P365 soon