The wife got robbed in Costco parking lot

My wife called me yesterday to tell me she was sick of going to Costco. It was only the second time since the Chinese Plague struck. The scowling customers, masks, every other register open, lines to the middle of the store… She said it’s not worth it and not fun anymore.

She then calls me 15 minutes later at 2 in the afternoon, to tell me she was robbed in the parking lot.

She unlocked the car, started the engine to start cooling the car while she loaded groceries, threw her purse with her wallet in it on the front passenger seat, once done loading she pushed the cart about 4 parking spots over to the cart coral and went back to the car, got in and drove off.

10 minutes later she gets a call from the bank saying, did you just try to buy $3,500 worth of stuff at Sam’s! She looks in her purse and her wallet is missing! The bank tells her that they actually have a security bulletin for the Costco parking lot with No Contact Robberies and then immediate shopping down the street at Sam’s with the stolen credit cards, over the span of the last couple of weeks.

The take away learning points here - ALWAYS LIVE IN THE YELLOW. (Cooper’s colors)

  • She didn’t live with her head on a swivel prior to the act. The criminal HAD to be hiding in plain site, just looking like a fellow customer.

  • Don’t leave your car unattended while unlocked ever in public. I already use the story of bad guys/gals crouching down and opening the passenger door while your filling your gas tank and taking your stuff, now I’ll add this story.

  • Carry your EDC (Firearm) with you EVERYWHERE. She had her revolver in a firearm pocket in her purse, in the car and not on her person. They did NOT take the purse just the little wallet out of the purse. She could have lost her firearm as well which is more important than a wallet, credit cards and about $200 in cash.

What if she came back to the car and surprised herself and them and they turned to attack her WITHOUT her EDC or worse, they found her EDC and used it on her! Carry your EDC everywhere all the time!

  • 2pm in the afternoon, the monsters don’t just come out at night. The Costco parking lot at that time of day is full of normal safe shoppers (sheep) walking around everywhere. Don’t get complacent.

  • This could have been a brick to the head instead of a No Contact Robbery.

  • Get formal training and practice this training. Don’t just practice with your firearm but practice your Condition Yellow. Look around in the store, restaurant, gas station, parking lot, for monsters. Profile people and their actions. Play a game with it or an exercise. See how many people you can Identify as a possible threat or could quickly get to you in your safety zone. Bad guys now commit assaults just for the fun of it.

They won’t just beeline walking up to you with a brick. A brick or rock will be in maybe a McDonalds bag while in the other hand they are holding and drinking their McDonalds drink. They maybe pushing a grocery cart with a few bags in it with a rock, brick or weapon in one of the bags.

What other places do you think should be low risk (Costco parking lot at 2pm in the afternoon, in a middle class suburban area) but in actuality be of higher risk? Getting out of the car to use the drop box at the library, dropping the kids off at school or day care, going in to check your PO box, ,

What different ways could a monster be described as, big mean dude, nice dressed lady, a guy or gal jogging, a guy on bike, or even a mom pushing a kid in the stroller, ?


Thank God nothing happened to her because it seems like her wallet was taken when she went to return her cart. Thank God her firearm wasn’t taken. Nice that her bank notified her. My wife is not that careful either of her surroundings. Maybe there’s cameras that may have caught something. That happens often in Walmart also. Just remind her of situational awareness and keep her head on a swivel.


I am glad she is okay a good lesson to us all not to get complacent


Thank God all they wanted was a card. That could have gone real bad, real fast.


Thank God she is ok and they only wanted to take the card and not try to do anything to her. Lesson learned for me is make sure my Girlfriend doesn’t go there without me anymore lol


Me and our 16 year old daughter tease mom sometime that she really just lives in Condition White all the time. My daughter is very aware and in C.Yellow all the time.

This was a wake up call for her, for sure.
@Joshua_R this is basically what my wife has said, “why do I need to be in C.yellow and carry when I have you for that?” “Because honey, I’m not with you all the time” (Particularly in JoAnn Fabrics,YUCK)


Glad she is ok, that it was a no contact robbery, and that they didnt take her gun. Scary. Lessons learned.


Fiz…First, am glad the mrs is safe!!! oh my gosh…what a horrible story!!!

You will have to sell the rest of your costco stock. so many thanks for your story, i am going to print it out and use for instruction!

Sleepy town? Nothing happens to us, it only happens to the other guys? Right? No, totally wrong…ie church shootings in your state! Robbery in your costco parking lot!!!

My mrs purse carries as well. However she doesn’t let it out of her sight, at least we hope not. We had a horrible incident a few years ago in northern Idaho, where a youngster pulled a firearm from mom’s purse, in a shopping cart, and shot mom, I think mom did not survive.

Since we are human, and flawed, we all get complacent at times!

Did you read the story about Baldwin in the concealed carry magazine?


I have told my amazing lady that many many many times lol. She does not listen lol. She can shoot but won’t carry. So I know your pain Sir


Yes, she got lucky. Really lucky. Count the blessings.

I park far out in a parking lot (I can use the walk anyway). I habitually look under the vehicle as I approach. This is due to quite a few years ago guys in our area would lay under the vehicle, and then slash the ankles, grab keys and stuff as you went down. Getting gas at a station? I lock the doors when I get out. Common thing to get in back seat, or take stuff out of front from the other door.

Stuff happens everywhere; just more frequently in some places.


Man here we go again, what is the world coming to?


I am so glad your wife is OK, @Fizbin!!

In the middle of the afternoon in the middle of a crowded parking lot - that’s scary! I’m very glad she didn’t get hurt or worse. And kudos to the bank for contacting her.

You make great points about being in condition yellow and locking your car/carrying your EDC everywhere. The “it won’t happen to me” mentality is something we can’t have with anyone around us no matter how innocent they look.


Glad she is ok. It is a hard lesson to learn but I am glad you are sharing so we can all learn from it.

I try to stay vigalant and have been trying to get my wife and kids to do the same.

My daughter is in college. We were visiting her at College. My son and I ran to Walmart for a few things. I noticed a guy walking directly towards us from across the parking lot as we put groceries in the car. As he approached I said hello and we greeted each other cordially. As he walked off, I asked my son when he saw the guy. He said not until I said hello. I used that as a teaching moment. You don’t have to be paranoid but you do need to have your head on a swivel.

Again, thanks for sharing and I am glad she is ok.


The Cosco near me has a history of people getting robbed like that. Also the same thing at gas stations. Stay alert folks!


Did she not bring her EDC because of this policy? :point_up_2:t4:


Thank the Lord she is ok. God bless you and your family.


She did take it in the store, this happened at the car while she was outside.


First thanks all for the kind words.

She has learned from this #1, ARE NOT going into Austin ever again if we can help it, ever!
#2, get used to living in condition yellow, she said she will start training with me and start learning all the class info I teach to others.

@SKIdaho, I sold all the costco stock back in April and used some to get that awesome Henry Rifle. “I” had, had enough of their mask and political stance on everything back then.

I have not had time to read my magazine this month yet. I am in the middle stages of spearheading our church EOP security plan.

@Joshua_R, have her read this account of what happened. My wife and are aren’t superman and superwoman. We’re plain church going normal people and it happened to us. I used to open carry leaving Costco as I would have a couple of push carts of stuff for work, maybe $2k-$3k worth of stuff. I figured open carry would be a deterrent. Then after studying, reading data, USCCA empirical data from the FBI, Gunsite, SunTzu, , it’s better to not let your enemies know your strengths. This incident would NOT have happened to me. #1 I never use a cart coral, #2 I LOOK HARD at what is around me and my vehicle when in parking lots, day or night.

I play a game of profiling people with a simple “Threat Assessment” drill.
3’s NO THREAT - Granny, grampa, walkers, mom’s and or dads with kids, most females, some males, males all wearing the same work uniforms/clothes,
2’s LOW THREAT Most males, groups of males mulling around without a vehicle present, males walking alone where no one should be walking, some but not many females.
3’S HIGH THREAT Any person approaching you for no reason, young to early middle aged males, anyone wearing the wrong attire for the current climate, masks (well this is a stupid one anymore!) actions or profiled intent, (bad looking dude inline in front of you late in the evening at a gas station with no items in hand to purchase), People drunk or under the influence.

@MarkinMT Parking away from other vehicles at night is a VERY good habit to be in! What would you do if you were parked in the “Way out” as I call it and for no reason you come out of the store and there is a van parked next to your vehicle! Good to know your story about the ankle slasher, thanks man.

@dawn you know, I’m not even sure if it is the “won’t happen to me” mentality. For some I tell students, there are folks who aren’t even aware of anything even happening needless to say to them, or anyone, Most folks are what I used to call in the old days “FM’ers” all they did was listen to FM radio and never read the news or even knew what was happening in the world. Now it is actually WORSE. They get their fake news from FB, twitter, MSM, with dis-information, and don’t do their own research to see if the story is even true., sad, scary.

@Martin36 Hey, once again, have your wife and daughter read this! We are just normal people, it HAPPENED to us. A daughter in college, our 16 year old will be there soon and she is VERY aware of Coopers Colors of Awareness. Plus I have made it completely clear to her. "If you are being abducted and thrown in a car/van/truck fight for your life right there before getting in. If they are holding a gun to your head a knife to your throat fight and if need be die right there, not in a dark room or out in the woods after being tortured and whatnot. She has now knows and has the mindset, to defend herself to the death. She wanted and now uses the big punching bag hanging in the garage, kicks, punches, eye jabs, she does it all.

@BeanCounter Here in Texas, it has to be posted with a Texas approved sign basically saying no firearms. They do NOT have these posted on their entrances. But, with theire political stance on other things, I have/had no doubt that they purposely make their stores gun free zones that way they are soft targets. They can sell more pain meds and band-aids this way.


Glad to hear that she is OK, wow! Glad to hear the bank was on the ball as well and noticed the charge.


Glad to here she didn’t hurt. God bless. What are things coming to?