PSA: Please remember to take your firearms when you check out of the hotel!

Nothing crazy, but thought of this community on the 1st day of my vacation. We checked into a hotel and as I was unpacking in the room my wife stopped by a housekeeping cart in the hallway to ask them for something. She came back a few minutes later and told me she saw 2 uniformed police officers coming out of the room next door carrying a pistol in a plastic bag. Concerned something bad happened, she asked the hotel staff and they said, “Oh don’t worry, nothing happened. The guest checked out this morning and when we were cleaning the room we found a gun.”

Just a friendly reminder to remember to bring your guns home with you! I’m sure that person will have an interesting conversation with the local police (when they finally remember)!

Stay safe while traveling!


@NMAZUser Thanks for the post. :+1:


That would be a total mess! Especially if your traveling and don’t realize it and you do not remember at which stop you last had it. I have lost brand new T-shirts when on vacation that I bought on vacation. It really sucks!


I have not reached that point in life yet, forget one of my children’s, no never.


More likely to walk out barefoot than without the little one.


As a lad of 7 or 8 years old, I was “riding” with another family member on the way to church one Sunday Morning while on vacation… or so EVERYONE though! I was actually in the bathroom when everyone left for church. It was 45 minutes later before they realized I wasn’t actually with the family (which had caravanned in about 6 cars as it was a bit of a family reunion). Longest 45 minutes of my life to that point.

As to the OP, the housekeepers in the hotels I worked in would call either the Engineering Team (who doubled as Security) or Security Team. Engineering or Security would render the firearm safe, run a MASSIVE ductwork hanging Zip Tie through it, then bag and tag it before placing it in the hotel safe. After 30 days without contact from the guest, they would “turn it over to the LOEs” or so I was told.