WHAT WOULD YOU DO? -Walmart Edition

So the other night I was driving to Walmart. I turned into the parking lot. Me being the red line this woman being the blue line, and I notice this woman turn into the tire section parking lot and turn around.

I ended up parking at the red mark in the parking lot. She parked at the blue spot.

As I walked out of my vehicle, I already knew where she was parked, I knew she was the one that turned around, she starts getting out of her vehicle and start walking up to me.

She said her 14 year old daughter is missing, the cops are looking for her and she’s from Michigan and needs to get back and asked for a $10. Me knowing the story is bullshit cause I’ve dealt with this before. I ended up just giving a $20 because I was tipped $20 and decided to pass it on and head my way into the store. Usually somebody goes missing it’s on Facebook, never seen anything on Facebook.

So as a responsibly armed American, what would you do and how would you respond?


“Much like your daughter, my wallet is missing.”


When people start to approach me like that I inform them that I have nothing for them and to stay away from me.

Have to get home and out of gas…
I have a flat tire and need to get a new one…
My car broke down…
and others.

happens at WalMart, Kroger, and several restaurants, especially near the expressway.


I don’t get it - what does this have to do with being responsibly armed? Why would weapons even figure into this?


Happy Cake Day.

The short answer is: If you made it home to your family safely that day, you made the correct decision. I fail to see where a firearm would enter into this equation because you allowed yourself to get close enough to hand this person $20.00.

It sounds to me like to got rid of a modern day panhandler and lived to see another day. That’s always a win. My advice for next time, keep your distance, use verbal commands and tell her that you aren’t interested and keep moving. If you don’t feel safe doing that, stay in your car (or get back into your car) and drive away. She could very well have been a diversion for the real muscle in the operation. Meaning, she engages you with a sob story while her male accomplices know you over the head or worse.

This time you were fortunate and you’re only out $20.00.

Stay safe out there.


Happy anniversary @Forensic_Wow and god bless you.


I have done the same as you @Forensic_Wow but only difference was I said I only have $2.00 but I will give it to you take it or leave it. I have also sometimes ignored the person and kept walking and made sure the person wasn’t following me. How’s about saying “Mam I was just going to ask you for money because I realized I left home without it” Best thing is to ignore and walk away. You don’t know if it could be a setup for a robbery or maybe even a carjacking.


I usually tell them "I would love to help you but my wife doesn’t let me carry cash because she knows I will spend it if I have it " I am smiling and openly scanning for accomplices the whole time. I have caught people turning off in a different direction when I catch them flanking me. It could be coincidence, or not, but I feel like letting the panhandler know I am aware of my surroundings is a good idea.

I sometimes give them a dollar or two if they have made up an entertaining story I haven’t heard before. I don’t focus on my wallet and I am ready to drop it and replace with self defense tool if necessary.





In this particular case - exactly the same.
$20 - easy come, easy go…


There was a time when I would give panhandlers some cash, but that time has long gone. The last time I was approached I told the guy I will not give you cash. If you are hungry, I will not see a man go hungry, I’ll take you over to the hamburger place and buy you a meal. I’m firm about it, I don’t make up stories that I don’t have any cash. I’ve been thanked for the food. I’ve been cussed at. I have been threatened. How the story ends is their choice. I give the government money for their give away vote buying. I give St. Jude’s money for their good work. I give money to friends and family in times of need. I support some local church charities. There are jobs everywhere. I worked for mine and if you expect help from me you better be working for yours or physically/mentality unable. There are charities people in need can go to.


Use this for entertainment. Tell them you are a mechanic and would be happy to take a look at their vehicle. Where is it? I have had them cuss me out before.


You carry a gun right? Every situation you get into weapons are always figured into this, whether you use them or not. There’s a gun in every situation you’re in because you have one.


It’s been 6 months. Time to go at it again. You pull into the parking lot, fear starts creeping into your body. You start to get nervous, you think about being hurt, or stuck with something. You get a slight quiver as you turn off your car, unbuckle your seatbelt and start making your way through the parking lot to the front door.

As soon as you open the door someone asks you, “Welcome to Dr. Feelgoods Pain-Free Dentistry. Did you have an appointment?”

So as a responsibly armed American, what would you do and how would you respond?

Explain how a weapon might be figured into this scenario.


Is there a no gun sign on the door? As a responsibly armed American if there is one, and you have it on you, you must return to the car and put it in a secured lock box.


A gun in my pocket merely means it’s present. It does not mean it’s relevant.


Just say’ Baaaaaaaa!!! :sheep: :sheep: :sheep:


First off, you can’t bullshit a bullshitter! Second, as cold as this might be, ask who did she vote for? Wrong answers, go home, but NEVER TURN YOUR BACK on a radical leftist liberal liar, watch your flanks and your six. Be polite, be professional, have a plan…
Right answer, sorry for your loss, have a nice day! (Unspoken) Did I look like I was part of the hostage rescue team? I think not!
Anyone approaching me these days closer than ten yards, I tip my hat, give a smile and keep moving, any closer than that, I’m in condition red. Anyone with a car and a cell phone has the resources, they don’t need my $10.00, what’s the $10. for anyhow? Is that the cost of a ticket to Michigan?
I guess my demeanor in public is, DO NOT APPROACH ME. Trust and empathy are lost, I don’t care I don’t trust anyone if you’re 12 or 72, I don’t help anymore. I don’t understand why a firefighter or a LEO would run into a building or a deadly situation to save the life of someone who voted to kill a country, defund our institutions and leave Americans behind and disrespect our nation, period.

Furthermore, 911 operators, first question (not, what’s your emergency) rather, 911, did you vote to defund the police? Please hold!

I know I can’t be alone in this, thousands of LEO’s, nurses, first responders already stated that, buy quitting their careers. We are descending into chaos.
I’ve lost my trust, faith, peace and a country. I don’t know how, but I still have my wife and family! Go figure!


The dentist may be a strong 2A supporter and may not mind you having the firearm in his office. Problem is if you are under the influence of Novocain your senses aren’t all there. You can pass out on that chair and someone can snatch up your firearm without you realizing it. I would definitely want to have a locked box in my vehicle to safely secure my firearm during my appointment with Dr. Feelgood.

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I see what you did there.
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