The Amazing 10 mm and the brave people that carry


The 10 mm and its famous ammo is coming back to life. Love to here what other people
think and how they enjoy this fine piece of History.

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I really like the 10. I carry it from time to time in the form of a Glock 20. I do try to practice from time to time with it, it’s not that bad coming from the big polymer cannon.


What a great caliber, it’s definitely a serious round, and the guns that are built for the 10mm are extremely beefy, great all around and I’m glad to see them more and more when I’m ROing at the club. :sunglasses:


I am a big 10mm fan. I may have to get a Glock 20 again someday!


I’ve been eyeballing Rock Island 1911’s in 10mm. It’s a great caliber, especially when loaded to its original power levels.


I’m a very visual person and like seeing the size comparison in an image. I borrowed this one from Pew Pew Tactical.

I love being able to see how close in size the 10 mm and .45 ACP are. Why would you go with the 10 mm over the .45?


I am very happy to see and read that people love the 10mm. Glock has the 20, 29, 40
and Springfield has built two fine 10 mm; the 4.50 " and the 5.25 " !

The Glock 40 is a 6 " and I believe it is MOS
The Glock 20 is a 4.6 " 15+1 and I carry that with a pancake holster.
The 29 is a 3.78 " 10+1 and take smaller hands and bigger muscles.
I have the new Springfield 10 mm; 5.25" . Great for long distances.

There are a few 1911 's out there, I have along way to go. Looks great !


The .45 ACP is great and been around above all others, like the .30.06,
it is one of the best. Everyone of the calibers of ammo has a brother and sister
and contributes to their call. The 10 mm can range from power of a .40 SW +P
and climb to a big foot stopper of a .357 magnum.

Mr. Copper had a point to make and made it with a BOOM !


The 10 beats .45 on penetration, and capacity in similar sized weapons. The downside is ammo availability. With its recent resurgence, we are starting to see more ammo choices available, and more guns chambered in the 10.

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The BEST Hard cast bullets and hollow points available. Rated to the highest rating, you would
have to hit the correct and deadly spots to a charging wild 500 pound + animal. There is
2 on record for less calibers. Your adrenalin would be pumping hard, you might be able
to hand to claw combat, maybe. Thank You! I sincerely hope it never happens.


And, if it was good enough for Sonny Crockett, it’s good enough for us.

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I love your humor and we need laughter in everything that we do. Life
is stressful enough. The in formation that I wrote, the ballistics were gathered
up to help, not hinder. There are many military personal with USCCA and
I am very pleased, because I learn a lot and I put it to practice. Maybe
Daniel Boone could be an instructor.

Thank You,

William Smith

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The Sig P220 10mm in SAO. Gonna rent one coming up here soon as I have a free weekend :confused:
I think this is going to be my bear gun.


Go check out the specs on some of Underwood’s 10mm stuff. They aren’t afraid to load ammo to its full potential. I believe one of their 10 mil loads is mid to upper 700 ft lbs of energy. Couple that with the fact that HiPoint sells a 10 mm carbine, and their is the potential for a real stomper.

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Thank you for the information !

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I love my Glock 20. Not sure that I would run it through an entire two-day training course, but I will definitely give it a shot! I had run 150 rounds at one time through it. Not sure what 1000 rounds over two days would feel like


Sure, torture us with a video of an amazing Sig offering that only costs a measly $1300. :slight_smile:


The Sig Sauer makes great firearms and like all the manufacturing and developing
companies make a few collector pistol and rifles. The Sig Sauer 220 10 mm is an
heavy hitter that can stand up to the .45 ACP and the 1911.


I would not. i prefer the 45 ACP even though penetration and capacity are/might be a game changer. I’ve got a used SA 1911 and an M&P 2.0 both chambered in 45 and love em’ both. However, if indeed Sonny Crockett did carry a 10, then i must get my out 80’s suits and purchase a Sig or SA 1911 in 10mm plus shoulder holster of course.


The exact holster was made but Galco. I believe I is called the Miami Classic II. Later in the series, Crockett carried a Smith and Wesson 645.

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