The Amazing 10 mm and the brave people that carry

the things you learn on the USCCA web site… thanks for the info.

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I have worked with more the 24 different firearms ( 18 pistols and 6 rifles), I have spent
30 months in indoor and outdoor rifle and pistol ranges. I have spent 3 years in studying
everything I can get my hands on from USCCA, PDN, Concealed and Carry, and Classroom
time and field training with live fire and personal protection training from retired military and
police officers. USCCA, offers books and videos, plus E-Learning classes, including First Aid and
Concealed and Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals videos and DVDs along with classes
to back it up.

I have been educated in Security, 10 years in Building Engineering; (Associate Degree
for personal homes, commercial buildings). Plus Training in Counter Ambush
Concepts (Neuroscience, Preparing Your Response, and Physics & Physiology, with Rob Pincus).
Must put all this in training everyday to build muscle memory and do it the correct ways. Takes time!

All I desire is to protect and help someone that is in need to safety in case of some one opens up ILLEGALLY with any firearm to hurt or destroy ANYONE. Become educated and spend time to learn that
there are some good people in this world.

Please take time to learn. Human is not a machine, it is a life worth saving. The Glorified 10 mm
is just exactly what it is a .40 caliber with muscles.


For your viewing pleasure lol :wink:
I shoot a factory load that’s 180gr and clocks in at about 1300fps+/-. Screenshot_20190515-190515_Gallery

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Thank you for this information. It is a great help to me.

William Smith

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Wow nice video I may have just found my next gun! Lol

It’s a great round but far more than is needed in self defense and with the heavy recoil more than most people can handle with great accuracy and confidence.

I love the 10mm but I grew up shooting .357mag as a kid, then moved up to .41RM and during my years in service of course carried a 1911 in .45acp.

As I said I love the 10mm but one should spend some time shooting a borrowed 10mm or rent one at a range and shoot it quite a bit before purchasing one.

One major problem with the 10mm for defensive carry is the real potential problem with over penetration.

The 10mm is superior to the .45acp in every way ballistically but the recoil can be very tough for most people to handle.

Far greater velocity and energy.

One negative about the 10mm is that with it’s length grip size becomes an issue for a lot of people particularly in models with a double stack magazine.

If one gets serious about getting a 10mm I highly suggest looking at one of these.

I shoot the XDM 5.25" comp in both 40 S&W and 45acp so this was a no brainer for me to carry for hunting.

For those who find the double stack .45acp and 10mm grip size becoming an issue, the Springfield TRP and RO Elite 10mm’s are both very much worth looking at depending on your budget.

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Great information and thank you. I was able to buy Springfield * 10 mm * 5,25" * for $635 +30 FFL.
It does well. thank you.

I hope you enjoy it, I seriously do.

The reason the FBI and other federal agencies created the 10mm was to improve on the ballistics of the .45acp.

Unfortunately they quickly learned that the heavier recoil came with a lot of negatives with respect to accuracy and rates of fire.

They pretty quickly backed off of the 10mm in favor of the .40 S&W for that reason and have since reverted to the 9mm as their standard carry round as bullet technology has largely eliminated the major problems seen with the 9mm of 20-30 years ago.

9mm RN ball ammo has next to no knockdown powere compared to the others mentioned but with modern JHP’s it’s pretty respectable even though it cannot compete with the others when similarly loaded with high quality modern JHP’s.

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Thank you for your help. My first 10 mm is a Glock 20 Gen 4 and with the same mag cap. 15+1.
I have helped a little to save cost on ammo by investment on a match grade barrel from KKM
and change the ammo to .40 SW. Practice with a smile and less aches and pain. I enjoy the
XMD and it really is a winner, plus it will stay a 10 MM.

Thank You,

William Smith

Indeed. I’m also a big fan of the .357 Sig as a devensive round due to it’s penetration and energy and have seriously considered picking up some .357 Sig barrels for my .40 S&W XD and XDM carry weapons.

Long ago I had a switch barrel Springfield Omega that I loved.

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image He used a Bren Ten 10 mm.

The Sig he used was a P220 .45cal.


I say this in full respect to you. I am very happy to see women pick out a firearm that is at
her choosing not the sales clerk. In all respect, it is good that she will learn all about that firearm
and become the best at any training she may takes. Beware to the nut case that picks on a
women that carries a 5" semi-automatic packed with 9mm, 10mm, or even a.45 ACP. Please think
outside the box and become your best.

William Smith

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Im the proud owner of a Glock 20, and love it. It does take a little getting use to. But now its hard to find any 10mm ammo. I had to drive from Wisconsin to Los Angeles recently and I stopped at 12 gun stores on the way and only found 4 boxes of 10mm.

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I ran my Glock 20 through a 6 hours 400 round training course and my hand was sore after that.


10mm’s are fun to shoot. I thought about getting one, but I need a new pistol caliber like I need a hole in the head. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sir, I am very please to read about your test drive on your Glock 20. It has been a long trip to find ammo for 10mm to
target practice and train with. Love the Sig Sauer ball ammo that gives you a test of endurance to the wonderful 1200 fps / 600 lbs., I have been reading about two bear attacks that the hunter is still living, because of the power
of the 10mm. There are probably better stories than those to read and tell.

All I have is 350 rounds of defensive hollow points left to keep for alien invasions, but there are a wider range of ammo’s available and sizes than mine.

Watch out for carbon billed up in the mag well and around the trigger bar and springs. Thank you very much !

William Smith

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This brings us almost back to why some people like the Desert Eagle. The 357 mag and the 44 mag bracket the 10mm. The FBI trainers said the 10mm was too hard on the average trainee so they went to the 40 and then back to the 9. So if you are thinking of a hunting caliber like Hickcock mentioned then the 357 and 44 are back in the game. Ok I am a shill for the AR blow back lock system.

I’ve owned a few double stacked 10mm handguns and never found true love. It always felt like wearing a lead brick on my belt. Finally I took the plunge and bought a Dan Wesson stainless Razorback in 10mm and LORD I :heart::heart::heart: That gun!