The Aftermath: Patience Is Rewarded

Welcome to Aftermath, a portion of our First Line email newsletter where Attorney Anthony L. DeWitt walks you through a real-life self-defense incident and shares his key takeaways.

A Houston, Texas, man entered a convenience store and fired a shot at the clerk without warning. Fortunately, he missed. The customers in line fled, while the robber went around the corner to enter the clerk’s kiosk and collect his bounty. In the kiosk, the thief found the clerk, who drew his own firearm and shot the robber several times. The robber had previously been convicted of armed robbery and was on parole. He collapsed and was pronounced dead at a local hospital. The clerk was not arrested, and authorities believe it was self-defense.

A scenario-based training course could be a great opportunity to prepare for a self-defense situation like the one described. Have you engaged in any situational training? Why or why not?


There’s the difference between Texas and New York.


This is in my mind one of the most concerning issues that concealed carriers face. That the where of the State your self defense happened in is more important than the why of it.

As far as scenario training. Yes, I do engage in self defense scenario training. One that I do, frequently is my response to a hostage taking scenario that involved someone I care for (short list, just my wife and daughter).

I firmly believe that the body can not go anywhere that the mind can’t/didn’t go.


I haven’t taken part in formal in person scenario based training due to time/location issues but mostly because of expense. I have done some online/DVD scenario based training and do occasionally set up scenarios at the range as well as run through dry fire scenarios at home. I also regularly run through mental scenarios visualizing how I would react to different threats.


I worked at a convenience store years before my CCW days. What I lacked in situational awareness, I made up for in guts. I chased shoplifters then, something I wouldn’t do now.

This could’ve happened to me back then but hopefully not anymore. I try to glance at every person in my vicinity so I’m not caught unaware.


I went to the Dollar store I frequent often. I was wearing a shorter than normal shirt and my EDC was clearly showing. A cpl customers were in the self checkout lines and the cashier said I can check you out. After paying I noticed she was looking at my EDC and I said have a blessed day and kept on walking. No body got upset and everyone remained calm.

I love living in an area where people are used to others having and wearing a gun.


My wife’s first language is Spanish, so I go to Spanish mass with her on Sundays, So, I utilize that time to go through scenarios of a Church attack.


I was raised Roman Catholic, and have been to several Spansh masses, as well as French in Quebec and Latin at St Peters in Rome. I love going to mass in the different languages and just enjoying the 2000 year old ceremony without being distracted by the words spoken. Enjoy your blessings brother.


Xavier-D YOU NAILED IT :bangbang:no one can ,do or go , BEON, their, MIND,SET, :bangbang: so if you can not , BLEAVE in what you are doing :bangbang: DO NOT DO, SEEK, COVER :bangbang: BECAUSE YOUR MIND IS , the FIRST , SKILL SET :bangbang: THAT, MAKES ALL THE REST OF YOUR TRAINING ,WORK ,WHERE THE HEAD, mind :bangbang:GOES THE BODY,WILL,FOLLOW, :bangbang: if you do not BLEAVE it you can not ever do it , FIGHT BACK AND WIN , that’s to, say LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY, GREAT STUFF , SIR, Bobby Jean :latin_cross::100::chile::owl::feather::feather:AMEN :dizzy:

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BeanCounter I have lived in Texas for at least four decades, and I have noticed! That bad guys can get in !! Like to ROB A BANK!! Getting in is not the problem for the Bad guys and monsters ! GETTING OUT,:bangbang: SENCE CCW, the criminals have more to worry about when they get out of the building ! KAZ all the citizens, are fed up with ,the criminal’s , and a criminal is more likely to be killed in the parking lot then in the place they are trying to ROB, Texas is Different , :chile::owl::feather::feather:

And the clerk was not even ARESTED :question::question: IN TEXAS , FOR STOPPING A CRIMINAL , THAT JUST SHOT AT YOU :bangbang: YOU GET A MEDAL :medal_sports: AND THE DAY OFF , HOW COULD ANY ONE BE ARESTED FOR DEFENDING THEM SELFS :bangbang:AGAINST A CRIMINAL WITH A RAP, SHEET, longer than the parking lot , wow GOD BLESS TEXAS

@Shamrock I’m in Northern Virginia and Shenandoah Valley. I run a scenario training course CHAOS, if you’re near reach out. for course description.

I’ll travel within a 150 miled or so.


Thanks a bunch for the offer! I’m a little bit out of your range though here in Northern AZ:)

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While not training per se ,
IDPA is scenario based practice, a lot of fun and can be competitive but dosen’t have to be.


I am going to go do IDPA Thursday night. Will be my first of the Summer.

I have not done any situational training due to my physical disability- even range time is proving to be a problem for me.
I do focus on it situational awareness and have tried to get my wife to do the same; she is a “safe room” type person, and doesn’t even carry pepper spray when she goes out alone. Fortunately, we live in one one the safest towns in NC, and rarely have a need to go anywhere outside it… but still.
I also practice responses to various scenarios in my head.


Hello and welcome @Bob94

Yes. I have taken a numerous firearms courses, including a few days of scenario-based training, at Sig Sauer Academy in Epping, NH. (It’s north of Boston about 1.5 hours or so). Sig’s training is outstanding and relatively inexpensive, about $350 per full-day of class, excluding ammo. (Plus you get a discount on their firearms if you take a class-BONUS. LOL)

I learned A LOT from the Sig professionals regarding scenarios and responding to them. Highly recommend formal training in this area from a good and experienced instructor, whether from Sig or another training institute.

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Thank you Karacal…

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I did IDPA last night. I rocked their world. I came in last in the scenario :skull: timewise, but all of my “hostages” survived. I’m old and slow I’m not running and gunning anything. :rofl::joy:. Anymore.