Scenario based training scenarios

Hello. My name is Caleb. I am a USCCA member. I’m currently certified as an NRA Refuse To Be a Victim instructor and my business partner that I am working with is a certified CHL instructor.

As part of our training courses we will be including smokeless range VST pro scenario based training in our classes. Part of this we will be adding new training material too for our students so they know how to handle themselves in various situations.

The biggest thing we will be stressing during these scenarios is safety and training in a controlled environment using only laser based SIRT pistols and fake inert training knives. Any ideas about how to incorporate an active shooter scenario into our training and also how to set up a safely practiced road rage scenario? These are some ideas we are throwing around because we want our students to be well prepared for the dangers of the real world.

After what happened in Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, Texas we are both terrified. My partner is a little more trained than I am because he works as a security guard at a local school and is former military. I on the other hand work in a supermarket during graveyard shift.

Our classes will have probably between 15-20 students as an estimate and an idea for the training pistols will be the laser ammo recoil enabled laser training pistol for the active shooter and 2 SIRT pistols for the class participants. I did a little training on this when I went to concealed carry expo in Pittsburgh in 2019 but we would like to explore it more as a safety measure because of what we do for work. When I brought this kind of training idea too his attention he was impressed. I told him I think it is a good idea considering what is going on in the world today.


The thing to remember about events like this is that our chances of ever being in one are astronomically rare. I don’t lose sleep over the thought of getting caught in these events, but I do like to think and train for how I might respond to them. Training for the worst case scenario could make any other event we are a little more likely to find ourselves in easier to deal with.

I hadn’t heard of the VST system before. It looks like it could be a very good training tool if it works as advertised. I’d be interested in seeing it in action. I hope some of the instructors here will chime in with some solid suggestions for you.


Thanks man. VST pro is awesome I’ll try and see if I can put up a link from YouTube. Fortunately in my situation working graveyard I actually feel quite safe because we have a very small work crew at that time. The only way into the building is for the store employees to use an access card. The primary and all outside doors are locked.


Here is a demo and little bit more on the video scenario trainer pro. It is a very expensive program but for what you get is awesome and an excellent training tool because you can create new scenarios and import them into the software program.


Brother @Lakerfan34 it would be a great idea to incorporate the VST pro into your training classes. In the NYPD we used the FATS machine. Firearm Training System which had shoot or no shoot based scenarios.


Two resources to look at.
First one requires you to become a USCCA certified instructor. USCCA just last month introduced a set of video reality-based simulations to train reactions to potential situations. Any USCCA CCH&HD instructor can use them. They are so new, I doubt anyone beyond the developers have tried them in class, yet. (Obviously ,these do not use the VST system.
Next, instructor Ed Monk of Last Resort Firearms Training is a national expert on active shooter defense, speaking at conferences and for custom events for schools, churches, and law enforcement activities. Twice a year he teaches a two day live fire Active Shooter Instructor class. The next available date is April 2023.
John Corriea took the class this spring and shared a snippet from the lecture part of the class.
See a 30 minute interview with Ed on the subject here.
And then shared part of one of the range drills.


We might actually do that. That’s a great idea.

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I will check out all of those resources for sure before we offer any public training courses. Thank you Craig. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good luck


Thank you Robert

  1. Bring a Cane, Staff, 5/8in Round Wood Rod, etc to Class - Show that a LOT of things(Use/Pick Up whatever is around you) can be used as a Weapon.

  2. After Training in Drawing from a Holster:
    Place 2 people 20fr away, ea with an “Empty Gun” “Holstered”
    Tell them you want them to Draw and Shoot “You” before You can get to them.
    Stand 20ft away. Act casual, look away etc - Then run full speed at them with a Rubber Knife.
    “Few” will even be able to “Get To” their gun much less get it Out.
    It is an “Eye-opener”.
    On paying attention/Awareness of who may be around you and
    how fast things Can Happen and they cannot respond/draw as quick as they thought.


Please give proper credit to Dennis Tueller and the proper use of the Tueller Drill as both a training activity and a basis for defensive actions in a situation and follow up in court if needed.
To see the drill properly used, view Mas Ayoob explaining and running the Tueller Drill:
Massad Ayoob on the Tueller Drill

and Dennis discussing the 21 foot principle
21-Foot Principle Clarified by Dennis Tueller and Ken Wallentine


That’s a very good idea. Thanks man. I’ve practiced drawing an inert training pistol on a person coming at me with a fake training knife. It’s a lot harder than people think it is. You have to be quick. The biggest thing is being able to pivot on your feet as you draw without tripping. There’s a lot that can go wrong if a person doesn’t know what they are doing. It takes a lot of practice to get it right. If somebody is ever in that situation they can pretty much except to get cut or stabbed before they are even able to get their gun on target.

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One suggestion would be to take the FASTER courses.

Or go to Tactical Defense Institute and take Response to Active Killer/Shooter. I suspect this course is similar to the FASTER course(s).

FASTER uses SIRT as well as air soft to do force on force and trains for school shootings. But they do an awful lot of ground work first. Each of their two FASTER courses are 3 days and 27 hours.

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Yup - Gladly - Credit Dennis Tueller + . As I recall.
Long time, many yrs, since I read/studied the full version.

“We ALL Stand on the shoulders of Giants.”

Old Teaching Tool but still applies in todays world.
But explain for young men/thugs in Todays World - even 40ft or more may not be far enough.
As Dennis did, as I recall, further explain.

So also goes to Color Code of Awareness system.
Cant remember Who developed that system/ “Way of life”.

And teaching a “FAST DRAW”.
Starts with teaching Fundamentals of the Fast Combat Draw.
Thru Retention Positions, to Extension.
“Defensive” Shooting. Balance of Speed v Accuracy.
Not just, Flat Range, Bulls Eye shooting. What “Most” people do.

Me :
10yr + , Still - Weekly Competition IDPA, Multi-gun, Combat Rifle, etc shooter.
I dont “Win” but it keeps me moving and shooting.
And Real Life experience being “Shot At”. A few times.
NRA & State Certified Instr.
But Not USCCA Instr. - Course/Instr Qualifier never offered near enough to me.
Within say 300 mi.
Long time member of USCCA - 10-15yr + Insured.
I “have” met and talked with my designated USCCA Lawyer.
Just in Case :slight_smile:
I am 75 yo, retired Engineer, so dont teach much now.
“I” Cant “Run” much more than 20ft anymore, Slowly. :slight_smile:
I did teach Combat/CQB Shooting. Shoot and Move.
Use of “Cover” etc.


Most welcome.
Some Extensive/Serious “Hand to Hand” Defense Training also helped me with that .

Another Key to a “Fast/Quick Draw” is Practice Reps - Say 500 just to start.
And on continuing basis.
There - “Aint No Free Lunch”.

I started(yrs ago) by sitting on my couch watching TV and Drawing to the corners of a picture frame
or the tv - with a Practice/Training Gun.
Say 300-500 times / session.

Now it is automatic - it just “Happens”. In about 1 second or less.

“I” still shoot Competition IDPA or Multi-gun most every weekend so
keeps me and my “Draw” in shape.

Also Goes to the “Color Codes of Awareness/Early Warning System”.
“IF” you cannot Avoid the encounter ie the Preferred Option then
ID a potential Threat and be prepared before he gets too close.

The Preferred result:
“The best Gun Fight you can be in - Is the one you Avoid.”


The famous LTC Jeff Cooper promoted the color code idea for self defense gun uae, having adapted it from what he learned as a Marine, where they taught him a 5 color system:
White - unaware
Yellow - paying attention to your world
Orange - something does not look right. Heightened attention to the situation
Red - imminent danger situation, time to act
Black. - fight is on
According to current teaching by Mas Ayoob, Cooper merged Red (imminent threat) and Black (fight is on) into the single level Red.
Ayoob and others have gone back to teaching the 5th color (black) to distinguish between time to draw and be ready to engage and Black as firing is happening.


Yup. I Met Col Cooper several yrs ago.
When he was in town assisting with a Large Church Security Seminar.
I could have said “I thought you would be Bigger” :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a pic, somewhere, of He and I Together.
We Look like Brothers.
5’8", 175lbs - Soaking Wet.

Have a book or 2 of his here. Cant find just now.
Mostly On “Killing” - as I recall.

Color Code
I use “Red” - Hand “ON” Gun - But Not “Drawn - YET”
“Black” - Draw and Shoot say 99.5% or Draw and Hold unless The “Absolute Necessary Life/Death Line” is Crossed. Maybe - If Possible - Give them 1 final chance to leave/live - if Possible.

Did this Once : Drew - Held Firm - Pointed Dead-Btwn his eyes - Told him Firm/LOUD to “STOP RIGHT THERE” OR “I WILL SHOOT YOU” - “LOUD COMMAND VOICE”

He/They stopped DEAD COLD and left - so I Held Fire. And I was Glad for it. Thank God. Best outcome.
“He” Had a Rifle. :slightly_smiling_face: “Me” a 5 shot, Snub 38. Borrowed from a woman there with us :slightly_smiling_face:
Actually there were 3 of them - with Rifles. At night in the mtns. Red-Neck intruders.
A Red-Neck myself so I can say that.
I Got dam lucky on “That One”.

“I” was protecting 3 women and 9 Children, behind me, on a Canoe Trip/Campout.
NOW - I am NRA, State and DHS Certified Instr. - Pistol, Defense of the Home, and RSO.

Still shoot IDPA, Multi-gun, Combat Rifle, etc every month for last 10+yr.
Teach - “Some” - Individuals - Home/Psnl Defense. “Often” at No Charge.