Strange conversations when it comes to Active Shooter Training---pardon my ranting

These were actual statements made by a training offers at an active shooter training class I attended

What the training officer said:
If there is an active shooter in your church, and being a CCW holder, fearing for your life you return fire killing the active shooter, an unknown to you accomplice emerges and unexpectedly kills you.

What I should have said—
In that case there would only be one active shooter, not two, and the active shooter that was dead would have relinquished his firearm which another parishioner could retrieve to fight off the second active shooter. Beats throwing hymnals.

What the training officer said:
When the police arrive, they’ll shoot anyone who they perceive to be a threat (armed, meaning me.)

What I should have said—If the police had arrived in time, the active shooter would have to shoot it out or surrender. When the police arrive, if I’ve survived, my revolver would be back in my holster, concealed

What the training officer said:
If there is an active shooter, run out of the building. The parishioners will follow you

What I should have said—All the exits will be jammed with panic stricken people and the physically challenged, medical professionals rendering aid and lawyers handing out their business cards to the injured, which would be the easiest targets for the active shooter to kill as they would all be concentrated at the exits and quickly not going anywhere.

What the training officer said:
You’ll be responsible for every round you fire

What I should have said—It’s the same at an ATM, convenience store and in my own home. I’m trained to choose my shots carefully and if I didn’t have a clear shot I wouldn’t engage.

What the training officer said:
If confronted by an active shooter and there’s no escape fight back with improvised weapons, like throwing hymnals

What I should have said—
Why would I do that if I have a CCW permit and can possibly fight back with a revolver?

Rant over. Move along. Nothing to see here :unamused:


Could also be:

If the accomplice emerges and shoots me after I engage the primary, at least I have cut the number of unimpeded mass murderers in half.

When the police arrive it will probably have been over for minutes and my gun will have been in the holster for awhile.

What if I’m not standing right next to the door when the shooter initiates?

Yes, nothing different there.

You can throw a book at the guy shooting you and your family if you want, I’d rather shoot back.


We definitely went to different classes, I’ve attended a number of these and the message that was consistent throughout…in addition to the “escape if possible”, was, “if you’re not shooting, you should be reloading. If you’re not reloading, you should be moving, if you’re not moving, you’re probably dead.”

Average response time for law enforcement is 4 - 6 minutes

One fact really caught my attention. Never use your car to escape…Columbine used IED’s in the parking lot!

Second fact was during Sandy Hook, 17% of the people injured could have been saved by stopping the bleed, and some basic first aid!

Third interesting fact, was less than 2% of active shooters work in pairs.

Everything “you said” probably saved more lives!


You are correct.

Columbine was meant to be a bombing more than a shooting. It was meant to be bigger than the federal building at Oklahoma City. The bomb a didn’t go off. Had they gone off, body count could have been in the hundreds.

Agreed on the 2% figure. Even then, those 2% who work in pairs are in the same area. It would be interesting to know if the supposed scenario has ever happened or if both guys have their guns out at the same time.

EMT’s didn’t get into Sandy Hook until 45 minutes after the shooting stoped. Stop the Bleed training is very important.


Here’s something that may be useful advertised at the USCCA expo Security Safety Banners (Teams, Schools, Churches) - DSM SAFETY PRODUCTS


I have conflicting thoughts on this.
1: if the venue is under surveillance then the wearer becomes target and the element of surprise disappears.
2: if it’s a completely random event, the fog of war is extinguished, and everyone knows who the good guy is, no “blue on blue” injuries.


That is why I have on demand on all my pistols,and as any one should have done that has one they should be zeroed in and where the dot appears is where the round goes,also the EDC rounds exp
lode when they hit body liquid


From what you described, the overall theme seems “Sit on your behind while you get slaughtered and people get slaughtered around you or else bad things might happen to you!”

As Varg Freeborn said, orientation toward winning an encounter with a murderer is very important, and one must keep away from people or conversations that destroy this orientation toward survival.

This was not appropriate instruction. Whether it is due to course material, or the instructor, I cannot tell.


Is there a difference between that and where your front sight or red dot is, is where the round goes?




Biden seems to think 9mm rounds are capable of blowing up lungs🫤 I can never seem to find the exploding 9mm rounds in stock though and have had to settle for the ones that expand in a controlled manor to avoid over penetration in order to minimize the chance of harming innocent bystanders🙂


You put it on your belt and is concealed, after an incident or maybe during the incident you draw it out of the pouch and put it on so you’re easily identifiable.


…we’re mostly CYA stuff.

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I don’t have and red dots on my pistols and have the on demand lasers zeroed to the center of the factory sites and so far that is where the round goes,and so do point practice and the round goes where the laser dot is and I practice with targets bad guy behind good guy and head shots

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Check out Dynamic Research Technologies< they have the rounds in all calabers that as soon any liquid ,they explode with no pass through,T is the rounds I carry for my pistols I carry every day,until they hit liquid they perform as any other round

I carry DRT rounds in all my pistols


FWIW I think there are superior performing choices that also don’t carry the potential social and courtroom stigma of the DRT name and implication


LoL,there is that but the nick name for the DRT rounds if (DEAD RIGHT THERE),but they are legal to buy,can get them in rifles calibers also

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Oh yes definitely legal to buy.

It’s also legal to put a Punisher logo or “You’re ****” on an ejection port.

Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea.

But, it’s completely your decision


Actually didn’t think DRT ( drop right there ) was ammunition, but a shot placement in the brain just below the Pons and above the medulla, severing the electrical impulses, eliminating the target before they hit the ground. An impossible shot to say the least. I could be mistaken!

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