CA 9 year old shot

This is the problem with no training required, no test to take, no knowledge to go with the responsibility.

I don’t have a solution, but this is so sad to hear. It could have been a lot worse.


Yes, he should have had training. Even if he had hit his targets, he could have been prosecuted for homicide. (This is what drew me to USCCA, they focus on the whole issue, not just on the pew pew part that people like so much.)

But you’re going to lose me on the argument that we need to qualify for our rights. This person wasn’t acting in self-defense or serving in the militia, he was chasing down bad guys. That’s not what the 2nd Amendment is for.


This is getting worse by the minute. Just ruined a beautiful sunrise all over the country!

Too quick to act and it was over a pair of shoes, people need to get their priorities straight, then understand what’s in front of the target and what’s behind, in this case it’s probably 20 years. Many lives destroyed.

But the article said it was California. That means unless it causes cancer, it all fine and good. Are all those Californians that inept? Their leadership is causing more destruction than an earthquake!
Please, someone help them! Now I’m beginning to pity California! I used to live in the Napa Valley, talk about beauty.
Today California is like, “great smile, f£¥ded up teeth”.

Shouldn’t we be angry as a community and start putting all the good stuff and training requirements on the air. Had this guy been in this community he may not have reacted so quickly! We as responsible Gun owners should be at the forefront of this not the overly zealous anti-gun fanatics!

The more we can teach Gun safety the more lives we’ll save. Their answer is to take away the implementation mine is implantation!
What do they say on the communist channels, “the more you know”???

Maybe we should infiltrate the schools with Correct Rifle/Handgun Training, my version of CRT!

My biggest fear, is that we become desensitized to everything, it’s going to wear us down, demoralizing to the point of giving up. Could even lead to an entire country developing Stockholm Syndrome!
Tell me we are not experiencing that?


There is always some kind of solution.
Mandatory training would be one of them… which will unfortunately bring big discussion about Constitutional Rights… :zipper_mouth_face:

I’ve been discussing this with lots of firearm Instructors and somehow we agreed about such solution. Mandatory firearm training is intellectually more important than right to keep and bear arms.

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What was the shooter even doing with a firearm? CA law says you have to be 21 to possess one. Another case of why laws don’t stop shootings. There will always be tragedies when stupid people do stupid things. Less focus on anti gun laws and more focus on education might help cure some of the stupid.


I known I’ll get roasted for this here but I wouldn’t have a problem with mandatory training if it was affordable (free to those who can’t afford it) and convenient (lots of classes available to fit into everyone’s schedule).

The absolute best place for this training would be in public schools starting with safety classes in kindergarten or 1st grade. But the anti gunners would never go for that. Their true goal is the Utopian fantasy of disarming everyone, though they seem happy to settle for disarming just the law abiding people. If they really cared about preventing deaths with firearms they would be promoting firearm safety classes for all and an end to the revolving door justice system for violent criminals.


Mandatory firearms training for everyone not just people who want to by guns. It could be taught in schools like gym or driver training or home economics. I don’t like that society has come to this. Unless we do something proactive I can’t see how it will stop.


First, I despise “mandatory”, however, like everything else incorporate into the purchase price of the particular firearm! You buy a handgun and the salesperson brings you directly to the range for the basics!


No you won’t be.
We are here to discuss such things.

Yes, I know mandatory should equal affordable . But to be honest it shouldn’t be problem.
I’ve been attending multiple free classes about legal aspects of carrying and using firearms in public, so it doesn’t seem to be a problem to create free basic training / classes for new gun owners.

20 hr of proper training will convert most newbies into middle level responsible firearm owner.
I’m guessing 10 hr for most people is enough to understand consequences of shooting in public and will make such situations like that one in CA disappear.

In IL we have 16 hr of mandatory class for CCL so in this case it will be even easier - reverse 14 hr of talking and 2 hr of live fire into 2 hr of talking and 14 hr of live fire.

I like idea of “firearm safety” in schools. I’m not sure if kindergarten or elementary level is OK, but High School should have such classes for sure.
I’m thinking a little bit differently, I grew up in Europe. We have “firearm” classes in High School - and that was a proper time to understand the seriousness of handling and using the firearm.


It won’t stop until leadership become leaders. It won’t stop until laws on the books are adhered to.
Education starts at home and is reinforced at school as well as social skills.
All of this has been lost. I played cowboys and Indians, I ran with scissors, I used foul language and low and behold I didn’t become a serial killer. I’m arrogant and egotistical and according to my wife and even some here, a pain in the a$$! But some values got imprinted on me when I was young.
We need more lobbyists!

On another note, what does affordability have to do with common sense, the four basic rules cover quite a bit.

Walking into a store buying a gun slapping it on your side does not make you a law enforcement person. Because of the political landscape, people are too quick to employee deadly force. That’s because they took away the ability to have just a good old knockout drag out fist fight!
Not condoning fighting, but less holes in innocents!


Ideally their would be classes in multiple grades. The kindergarten/1st grade training would be the don’t touch a gun and run and tell an adult. Especially vital since many anti gun parents won’t teach these skills to their kids which leads to many of the tragedies with young kids that we see in the news lately. Junior high could be something basic along the lines of most hunter safety classes. High school would be more advanced.


Seems like it should be part of being “American.” Like speaking primarily English should be.


But as always… first we have to fight off Parents’ “fear”.
I still remember discussions about teaching religion in public schools. I’m guessing the same will be with firearm classes.

@Brad is correct. We should accept facts. Firearms are part of our live and firearm education should be as important as English or Math or Science.
We do have “driver education”, so why don’t have “firearm education” as well?


If we speak loud enough maybe in addition to “Driver’s Education” in high schools we, meaning us, should institute “Firearms Ed!” Learning on dad’s gun, I know, that requires a dad. So maybe we focus on firearms safety rather than gender fluidity, firearms kill, gender doesn’t!

There’s so much to say on this topic and not enough time or money or interest. The public just wants to demonize it and Hollywood wants to monetize it. It doesn’t matter, we’re just a couple of folks chatting online with a hot cup of coffee quarterbacking it with a donut! If we’re going to put up a fight, then let’s fight for it!

The point is right now a 9 year old is in the hospital and doesn’t understand why! That’s why I’m so irritated.


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Didn’t the NRA do just that for many years? :thinking:


I do think that a significant number of accidental firearms deaths can be directly linked to the fear and ignorance of the anti gun crowd. I would argue that even many of the intentional gun deaths can be linked to the antis since they prefer to hand kids firearm education over to Hollywood and video game makers.


No, you will not get roasted, but some of us that believe in our rights likely do not agree. Mandatory, regardless of cost is unacceptable. Do we have mandatory training to vote? I believe we should require people to become knowledgeable before they are allowed to vote. Oh, wait, there’s that word, again, “allowed”. Okay, I guess we need to shelve that idea, too.

I do agree with training in schools, to an extent. The issue becomes who will be doing the teaching. If it is a real firearm safety organization teaching actual firearm safety, rules and laws, the answer would be yes. If it is a Bloomberg “gun safety” organization or a schoolteacher that is anti-rights, then the answer is a stern No.

The person with the handgun was not allowed to possess it in public to begin with as he was 20-years old. Training is a non-issue regarding this story. He not only broke the firearm safety rules, he broke at least several laws, and not only firearm-related laws. Additionally, he not only fled the scene, but tried to flee the state.


Disclaimer, this is one person’s opinion! No offense is intended!

Obviously not successfully. You and I and many others here, should be physically in the classroom. That would be a hoot! We’re just not as kool as Madonna, Pink or Kanye!
Just getting past the front door could be more fun than we bargained for!
Hi. I’m hear to teach your three year old about “GUNS” and gun safety! WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! Please, Step away from the door! Place your hands where we can see them!

Wow! But if I wanted to teach your boy that he may not be a boy, vis-versa, roll out the red carpet! No offense to the red carpet, but who died and made the teacher union the parent of my child!

Something is seriously out of wack, now, maybe it’s me!??
Maybe I’m too old
Maybe I drank from the wrong end of the kool-aid bowl!
But again people need to get their priorities right!

I need Ben Shapiro to speak for me, because I just can’t get it out succinctly enough or fast enough. That boy can make a point about why we shouldn’t have pockets in 15 seconds and convince you of that in 29 seconds!