Should handgun training be a prerequisite for a concealed carry permit?

Should handgun training be a prerequisite for a concealed carry permit?


No. Nope. Nine. Nada. No bueno.

It said no was to short of a reply.


I concur, but you should want to get the training. My CCW class instructor said you should get as much documented training as possible to assist your “heaven forbid” legal defense team.


Yes. If someone has the permit he/she should have at least a little knowledge why this permit was given.


The state must issue without training or vaccine requirements!
If a gun owner carries without training, he or she is a fool.


Absolutely not.

The Right of The People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The carry permit itself is an infringement that turns a supposed Right into a privilege, and required training makes it even worse.

Besides, on a practical level, we KNOW from decades of real world experience across tens of millions of people that not requiring training is not a problem, and requiring training does nothing to change the statistics of accidental/negligent firearm handling incidents.

Everybody who says training should be required is in fact supporting gun control and does not support the Second Amendment. If you want mandatory training, you should need to repeal the Second Amendment first. It would still be wrong to require training, but if you repeal the 2A first at least then it would technically be legal to require it


In NC applicants must complete an 8 hr. class, pass a written test, and pass range (shooting) qualification. Whether implicit or not, this requires some level of training. Many states have similar requirements. Personally, I don’t want to see the capability level of the average concealed carry permit holder falling to the lowest common-level-of-training dominator.


That’s how it is, and has been, for tens of millions of people, for decades.

In what way is that a problem?




Just to offer one different view.

The answer will depend on who you ask. Trained, have permits for 38 states, enjoyed it, learned a lot; motivated me to try to teachers others, no regrets, no fears, nothing to lose.

If I were to think of four people close to me, who are not yet “owners”, I’d prefer they have to go thru the training first. More out of wanting them to learn. To de-value such training just does not sit well with me. To say the training is not worth it — would worry me, because then powers that be might become motivated to make it too difficult.

Of course, in some states, it’s already law. Perhaps, a happy medium: Don’t make it federal law, instead leave it up to the states. IDK.

But owning for “in home only” carry, not outside the home — I can see the need for training, but “less” stringent.

I’d advocate to make training more affordable. What about “the government” paying for training, out of our taxes, for those who can’t afford it? IMHO.


Anyone who carries a gun should know what they are doing. Accidents happen when you do not know what you are doing. On the other hand, if the government got involved, they would find a way to mess it all up and make it totally illegitimate to getting your CCP. So as a requirement I would say, NO! But that does not mean someone should not get training. How much better off people would be if they had all the training?
How many of us have seen the untrained at the range pointing their guns around un-safely and there are a lot of videos of bad mishaps of people doing things with their guns? Just look at the ceiling and the walls of the gun range!


Mandatory training, no. If I were in firearm sales, which I have been asked to, I would make training part of the sale pitch through literature, USCCA, and local training classes available.
If the buyer decides to follow up, great!
If not, so be it.


What is supposed to mean?


IMO >> 2A and safety is a horse of a different color. My State requires
a course from a certified instructor but from the many safety violations
I’ve seen at my gun club either the instructors or the applicants are brain
damaged. I have kicked at least 3 groups of people out of the range for but not limited to open fire with someone down range. We have every possible safety protocol in place to include

  • no handling firearms in a cease fire / target change.
  • standing in back of a painted Denmark line without firearms.
  • flashing lights & buzzer.
    Even with all this stuff it still requires constant awareness. I feel safer out in pubic than I do at the range and it just ain’t just my range. If it’s crowded I don’t even get out of my rig. Only to go back the next day and look for more bullet holes thru the roof.
    Funny thing is before all the gun violence and anti 2A crapola I could spend hrs. at the range all alone, so peaceful and quit I would fall to sleep, wake up and not know where the hell I was.
    PS: at least I can still fall to sleep in my tree stand or on the crapper.
    Everyone must be a range officer.

You misunderstand.

Being against gun control, being against government infringement on the 2A, being against turning the “Right” to keep and bear arms into a privilege, does NOT in any way de-value training.


raises hand

Do you have any information, stats, figures, etc, indicating that more accidents/negligence happens in states that do not require training, than in states that do?

Even if that were the situation (it’s not), would that argument be any different than pointing out the number of crimes using a firearm in the US vs the number of crimes using a firearm in other countries where guns are outlawed? Enact this or that restriction, point to fewer bad apple events, bam the restriction was clearly the right decision…?


I had informal training by a former military contractor and it was intense. I think it would be a benefit for people to volunteer to do it but not mandatory.


That RSO did exactly what I would have done. Put them both on a launching pad and revoke their membership. And the guy that got the gun pointed at himself allowed it to happen. SMH :man_facepalming: I can’t believe it. Thank God that RSO reacted quickly.


Yeap. We have discussed that incident on the other thread.

Don’t you think, if that guy (no matter how stupid he was) had a handgun training he would never do this what we saw on the video?
People with proper, even basic training, make RSOs work much easier…