Weekend Drill: Real Life Mental Prep

Since March of 2017, I don’t look at convenience stores the same way. I was threatened in a convenience store - kind of.

A late-night convenience store run was the scenario when I was lucky enough to be involved for a Proving Ground here at the USCCA. I’m a morning person, so filming from 10 pm to 4 am was challenging for me. Throw in cameras, everyone watching me, a few Red Bulls, and my nerves were shot by the end of the night of filming.

I survived both encounters and didn’t hurt anyone. I would be able to go home to my family after speaking with the police if that was a real situation. I call that a successful self-defense incident.

What did I learn?

  • Drop the stuff in my hands so I can have both hands available for myself defense.
  • Never turn your back on a loaded gun (I still hear this in Kevin’s voice as he advised me of it before the second scenario and guess what I did… About halfway to the door I heard Kevin’s advice in my head and turned in time to defend myself.)
  • Keep your phone in your non-dominant pocket/hand so you can have your firearm in your dominant hand.

Nothing earth-shattering, but definitely things I needed to work on. Here are some more tips from Kevin when you’re in a convenience store:

This weekend’s drill is something I’d like you to do for your mental preparation. Go through the questions Kevin poses each time you go into a store this weekend.

What did you notice at the gas pumps? How about in the store?

Having been involved in a few incidents personally and having observed many others in person and on video let me add this.

Unless you’re at a dead run when doing so be very careful about turning your back on any attacker or potential attacker whether they are armed or not.

Even in a simple argument sometimes turning your back on someone thus shutting them down and telling them you don’t see them as a threat can set them off.

Even if you don’t see a weapon that doesn’t mean they don’t have one and when you turn away from them, your chances of seeing them reaching for or deploying one go down dramatically.

If at all possible avoid places like 24 hour convenience stores, pharmacies, and “late night entertainment” establishements of all kinds because they are all magnets for potential criminal activity from robberies to drug deals etc.

When you have no choice be on alert and try to always park in a well lit area close to the door or even better a well lit area in the open where you can see people approaching.

Good video by Kevin.