Mass Shooting Event Training

Hello everyone,
Being new to guns and conceal carry, I’m often asked why I carry. I say WalMart in El Paso. I was not there, but it left me feeling I needed to protect my family. Nobody went to Walmart, or King Soopers for that matter, expecting a gunfight. I want to be prepared.

In light of recent events, I have downloaded and reading through USCCA’s guide to surviving a mass shooting. Does anyone know if any video or in-person training available for handling a mass shooting as CCW holder? (In person training would need to be South Texas).

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I am sure if you did a search for that you would find it. What is also of importance, and more likely to keep you safe, as the incidents you mention are even rarer than any other criminal interaction you may encounter, is what is termed Situational Awareness. You can search that term and find numerous articles and videos on that, too.

The most important aspect of self-defense in public is avoiding a bad situation. The best fight to have is one that you never get into. Situational Awareness helps in all aspects of your life, even driving, being aware of what vehicles around you are doing. Being aware, as a pedestrian or patron of a store or restaurant, etc., noticing the behaviors or those around you helps, as does always trust your “gut instinct”. Leaving when you feel something is “not right” does no harm to anyone. Clothing, tattoos, etc., might be indicative of something, but might not be. As they say, do not judge a book by its cover. Behavior, reactions, eyes, hands, are far more telling, and your “gut”.

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I feel like I’m pretty aware of my surrounding. But, I can always improve.

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Here’s a link to the USCCA’s Complete Mass Shooting Survival Guide that @Sunil mentioned.

You’ll have to log into your account (USCCA member or create a free USCCA account – if you’ve commented in the Community, you’ve got a USCCA account).

Scroll down until you see the guide.

There is a class that USCCA Certified Instructors may be teaching called Countering the Mass Shooter:
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You can find classes here.

Hope that helps!