3 reasons to stay alert in a self defense situation

Ever see people practice looking around when you are involved in a self defense shooting? There is a good reason for this. Even when home evasions happen, in the most cases, there are more than one person involved. Whether you are at home or at a store or anywhere you should be on red alert of situational awareness. This is the time so many things can go wrong. Do not forget to watch your back the second guy or girl or the third guy in the group could be behind you. Even another CC could be about to defend in a situation too or a police officer.
Concealed Carrier Loses His Life Trying to Stop Mass Shooting - YouTube
What training would you suggest for this? I use stress and timed memorization. This helps with some of it, to get a person to look and actually account things and describe them later. It also shows how bad we can be at remembering details. By the way, the 3 reasons to stay alert in a self defense situation is that there can be others that could be involved with the first person.


Odd situation for mass murder, most don’t bring an accomplice. However as stated choose wisely & pay attention. Bad end for a good Joe…


Yep. I’m not going to try finding a older reply I made but I did mention more than one person moving in unison. Also try not to have a blindside, and a bunch of other things. Very good post. :us::us::us:


Main reason I practice shooting with both eyes open.


Very valid move to make, practice, practice, practice and train.


Two eyes for depth Perception. I’m blind in in one eye and I can’t thread a needle to save my ass. I Do see most people shooting with only one eye open. Even with EDC
Very good point G.W. :us::us:


@Blacky I had to break the habit myself as like most people I’m sure. Moreover, that picture is undoubtedly one of my favorites.