State of Illinois and the State Police

Watch “State Police Get Expanded Power & Disarm Residents”

I think everyone of us need to disagree with this
over stepping powers and responsibilities. Please
Contact Your Representatives and Congressman or
Women, please. Thank you !


“Lawyer”, closes door


Devil’s advocate, bear with me…

…why was the door even open to begin with?

Speak through the door. :wink:


My doors are always opened and ISP is welcome…

I’ve got a good coffee and paczkis


Interesting… I have never heard of those (donuts) before, and I have (and have had) several or more Polish friends. I am familiar with quite a bit of Polish food, though, and like most of it. I was a regular in the “Polish Town” where I grew-up. Some of the best-looking women I have met were Polish.


Yep. You know this is starting to remind me of a past time starting with the number 17 and ending with 75.

Current government is seriously overstepping, and they might force something nobody really wants.

Definitely contact legislators, that would be the first step.


Put pressure on the ISRA


More like “modern times”…


Appreciate your imput. We all know some History and I sincerely hope it does not repeat
itself. thank you !


Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s happening, incrementally, on a daily basis. We are living it! It just seems too surreal to admit!
We are all just sitting saying, “can you believe this is happening?”

They “raided” a former presidents home! The ATF is showing up at your neighbors door and the IRS just received permission to use deadly force.
REPEATING?, it’s a mirror image, except ours, is in technicolor!
And…we have a system of “checks and balances” LOL, we’ll, tell that to the innocent people who protested their government and are still sitting in solitary confinement without even being charged!

I don’t need to smell the gas when I’m being choked to death by it!


YUM, I’d like some of that!

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  1. find Polish Store
  2. wait for next year
  3. visit that store on February 16th, 2023 Thursday (“Fat Thursday”)

Bon Appétit :doughnut:


I respect your comments, but the only reason of posting articles such as the ATF and FBI raiding homes was
for awareness and concerns that innocent people getting hurt. I read and check all information that
can affect our 2nd Amendment Rights and the constant
Problems that are trying to destroy our Constitution.

I can not, nor do I have any abilities to stop people
seeking to destroy and one of those problems that
concerns US all, is HR 1808. I do not desire for people
loose their properties, their legal rights, or be classified as a felon and charged by a wrongful and misleading government. I will not name anyone, but you have already heard about them.

Bad attempt to destroy our 2A Rights, but the other
26 Amendments of the Constitution are under attach as well.

I do not think you want to live back in the 1930’s and
the 1940’s of history that killed millions of men, women and children.

Awareness’ are needed, voting for good responsible
Leaders, Contacting our Representatives in the states we live in, helping and restoring people, not hurting
them. These things that I list are seeking for positive
actions only, not war and fear.


Or go to a Polish bakery, my ex has them every day. Try Delightful Pastries, 5927 W Larwrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60630. Also there is PierogiFest this weekend at the Copernicus Center, 5214 W Lawrence Ave, just west of the Kennedy @ Lawrence Ave


We are sorry @William_H to steal this thread… but it seems we do have more interest in good food.
“Disarming Residents” and “Taking Our Rights from Us” topics have been all over the latest threads, so let’s have some pleasure from continuing IL Food Challenge. :wink:

I know that each of us have own preferences, but for me the best “paczki” are made in “Baranowski Bakery & Deli” in Franklin Park. :+1:

You mean Taste of Polonia Festival? :metal:

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Mr Jerzy,

I am pro gun and train through USCCA and beyond
Biden’s crap and I can only make Awareness of Biden
and his mess.

Helping others and to support our Construction / 2A
Rights and I will not give out information
that can just give warm fuzzy feelings to people and to mislead. I make mistake and if I caused you to misunderstand, then I sincerely apologize to you.

It is time to Legally Fight Back for our Rights and not
kiss Biden’s back side. It is not a good time to drift
through life and life is not make believe.


@William_H , you didn’t make single mistake, you didn’t confused me as well.

I apologize for stealing the thread for a moment, and it won’t happen here again. I promise.


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You are correct. PierogiFest was in Whiting, IN last (?) month. This weekend is Taste of Polonia

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Will have to stop by next time I go to Gene & Jude’s :hotdog: :hotdog:

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I couldn’t agree more :cowboy_hat_face:

The first step has to be putting pressure on representatives and supporting the ISRA in their efforts