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I could be mistaken, but didn’t Florida go permitless carry :question:
I think they did, back in July 1, 2023

A new “Constitutional Carry” bill that was signed into law earlier this year by Gov. Ron DeSantis is set to go into effect July 1.

The law allows authorized Florida residents to carry a concealed firearm or other weapons without a concealed weapons license — something they would have needed a concealed carry license for prior to the new law going into effect.


Respectfully, I am aware of all the permit less
carry and it’s misguides and problems.

I live in Florida for 25 years now and have been
with a great Company, USCCA for 8 years now.

The concerns are not Permit Less Carry.

You and I have taken training but Constitutional
Carry has allow for people to not Train and 4 hour
safety courses are not enough.

I am not the enemy.


I have been living in Florida for 32 yrs. I had a CCW in the state where I was for yrs before moving to Florida.
At the time I applied for my first CCW the county had stipulations that were written into their status of CCW. One being, You, the applicant must agree to be a volunteer Deputy. On that stipulation, you also had to take training for use of a firearm, a few other points pertaining to law enforcement also.
The perk of this, allowed you access of the police range at any time you wanted.
Since then I’ve learned multitudes more, especially from USCCA.
Continuous Training is the main factor…


My bad, video caught me off guard. Especially when discussing the
FL. Statute 790.

If I’m correct in my assumption, Florida has seen a decline in crime since July. I do find that astonishing when so many new carriers placed their faith in only themselves.

From what I see on the range, most people including myself, need training constantly. This is just an opinion, but the only way to accomplish that is by instituting mandatory military service!

In addition I haven’t heard about any excess of negligent discharges.
I think some of the new purchasers are too scared to use their newly acquired equipment, it’s the feeling they got when they brought it home. They “feel” safe, now that it’s in the safe!

But you’re right, there are plenty of people on the streets that I don’t feel safe that they are carrying, I can only look inwards knowing I am safe.
I can possibly counteract some stupidity.

The old adage of an armed society is a polite society, still stands. The reason we’re so concerned about the “untrained” is because the state of the union is in shambles!
The great unifier is, forgive me, an assh@le, to say the least.
He created the danger we feel.

Prior to Florida or any other NORMAL state, I’m very sure there were plenty of people that carried without any regard for licensing.
Same goes for cars. However, by declaring Florida and other such states “permitless” I think that put the bad guy on notice!

I’m no Col. Cooper, but I trained my entire family, so they don’t look like they learned to shoot from Xbox!



Permitless carry (sometimes called Constitutional carry…though FL isn’t quite there yet they do have permitless concealed carry) is excellent!

Requiring a mommy May I permission slip from the government is gun control. It is a violation of the Second Amendment.

And it does not increase safety.

Just say no go gun control.


" The USCCA Congratulates Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for Signing Constitutional Carry Bill into Law"

" Tim Schmidt Applauds South Dakota’s Constitutional Carry Bill"

In case someone wanted to see official press releases on the USCCA position regarding saying no to gun control. :slight_smile:

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Yes, Florida has gone to permitless CC, and there is no requirement for training. Not very smart to start CC without training, both in your handling and operating your gun as well as knowing and understanding what your legal rights are. The video was obviously made before July, but still good information.


This video is N/A since FL went to permitless carry. This video was made 3 years ago before they changed the law. As far as training, I agree everyone should train and stay proficient in the use of a firearm, but I don’t think that needs to be a requirement to exercise your constitutional rights. What other constitutional rights do we need to get training for before we can enjoy the benefits of them?


I am glad to hear good news. I have been growing tired of the statements, "I do not need to train or I do
not want USCCA, “I am Constitutional Carry”. That has been more than 7 years and I have had people people try to argue their opinions, but I do not seek a fist fight or any fighting, I walk away. Everyone knows all things and I am very sorry, I do not. I have enjoy USCCA and and my 8 years, this is not bragging.

It takes time to train and mature and it is not a child game. I am not competing with you men, please.
The major reason for the Video above was an attorney explained the Florida Laws, not reading from a box of Cracker Jacks or cereal.

You mention any safety course to people around here, you will get a face full of hatred and screaming. You can not FORCE anyone and it is their responsibility.


Please follow Florida Gun Laws, you can get arrested and charged. Those Laws are very much in force.


So even though FL is a permitless carry state, you can still get arrested for carrying a concealed firearm? Would like to hear the explanation of that.

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Ask your Attorney, Florida Gun Laws are very much in enforced whether you have a permit or not.

Have a Merry Christmas.


The way I can think of, where one could get arrested in a hurry, is to be caught carrying in a state or federally restricted place. Though Florida is pretty good, there are still quite a few places off limits, like all sporting events, bars, 1000’ of a school (if you don’t have a license), anywhere on a college campus, and many more.

All the restrictions stayed exactly the same when permitless carry passed. All it did was remove the requirement for the 4 hour class, fingerprints and fee.

As far as I can see in daily life in Florida, and as a licensed carrier myself, exactly nothing has changed at all from before constitutional carry. Maybe more people around me are carrying, maybe theyre not, but it doesn’t affect me, and crime is actually slightly lower for now. Hopefully the trend sticks.


Thank you Mr. Joseph for your hard work here.

Your message was very helpful and I couldn’t written it or spoken it better. I have it memorized on where
I can carry or where it is illegal to carry.

That 1000’ from school property is a large law that is enforced and here in Florida you have Many Schools
and Zones to go around.

Your Post Offices are Federal.

You are a great help.


Thank you brother William for the very kind words!!


Wasn’t trying to be confrontational at all. I think I misunderstood your previous statement about FL gun laws. If so, I apologize. Every single state has restrictions where you can and can not carry and they vary by state. We are on the same side I assure you. Merry Christmas to you as well and may God’s perfect gift bless you.


You are one of the best. We all have misunderstandings and all I desire is for safety for you and
everyone. I am searching to understand gun laws and do not even attempt to understand
the Democrats and their nightmares. Gun Control their way is not Constitutional.

Even the BOSTON TEA PARTY was brought up from History, We are not fighting the British Government. I am still learning everyday.

If you need answers to some good teachings on some valuable information, please look into
your Protector Academy, USCCA

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you!


Let’s not forget polling stations, court houses and the little known, career centers! As well as hospitals with mental health facilities!
FL statue 394.458 unfortunately I think that includes the parking lots, much like the post office.

So when visiting the grandparents in their “assisted living” facilities, be sure to check, I’m very sure there are mental facilities attached.


Well Done !