Beautiful State of Florida and Permit less Carry

“Gun range owner has concerns about new permitless carry law”

“Florida sheriffs discuss Constitutional Carry law set to take effect Saturday”

“New Florida Gun Laws. What a Responsible Gun Owner Needs to Know”


That guy should not be selling firearms and own a range if he thinks that way. People without carry licenses own firearms, too. Does that make all of them irresponsible? Does having a permit suddenly change that person’s character and firearm handling ability? Of course not. That guy is an *******. I hold a similar opinion of that sheriff, for similar reasons.


He is upset because he is going to lose business at his range because live fire training is no longer required to carry concealed. I agree, he shouldn’t even be in the gun business if he thinks like that. What other constitutional right do we need a permit for? I think requiring permits is unconstitutional.


I appreciate your thoughts on these videos. My
opinions on the matter of conceal and carry and
having a Florida Firearms Permit is in low gear at this
time. I know what a CC License is good for and it is
only good to carry legally a firearm and traveling through like minded states with our same laws.

Your CCW can help if a State Trooper starts asking questions if you carry, I do not blame the Officers. The
USCCA Card and Permit shows you have trained to
have your firearm and your license is needed.

Constitutional Carry or Permit less Carry, I rather have my training and cards. Your Liability Insurance is
very important.

Thank you


Not if you are “allowed” to carry without a permit.

From conversations I have had with officers, they typically hold private citizens, even CC holders, in low esteem. One group of officers I was talking with several years ago were very negative about CC holders. they changed their view when I told them I had NRA Instructor certification.

The silliness of that is that going through the training only means that one went through the training. I, personally, did not learn anything in that training that I had not already known, I only had a piece of paper showing that I was taught how to teach NRA certified classes.

How many people do you know with “college” education that are quite stupid and when you learn they have a degree(s), you are astounded at their ignorance and stupidity? Unfortunately, especially now-a-days, far too many. So how much is your CC license/permit worth in relation to your knowledge of firearms and firearm safety? Most people here agree that a license/permit is the most minimal “training” one can have and that it is only a starting point.


There are many people in Florida that run off at the mouth that they do not need any training or seek to learn. A permit is to carry legally a firearm in your State if required to do so. There is not any major questions
on that subject or magic. A person in Florida does not have to show their permit or license if they carry. Now
people do not have to train, but it may be wise to
Continue to train or take classes in self defense and safety. But instead they get into people faces and cuss others out that they know everything about firearms and seek to pick fights with others.

I humble myself not low self esteem and walk away
from hot heads or someone seeking fights and boasting that someone knows all things in firearms.

You have training to be an instructor, please continue
to train and help others to learn.

Florida is becoming full of crime and carrying a firearm
24/7 will not solve the crime rates. It just became the
26th state to become permit less carry and people here are not happy. You no longer need any permits or licenses to carry a firearm for your needs and you may
Continue to train or not, but it is not wise. I will not
argue or demand you to be your best.

I will not fight you. The Gun Laws are not disappearing
in Florida, the crime rate climbs, and people are dying
over crazy subjects and the best thing to do is walk
away and never in gauge arguments and fights.
Training is necessary not egos and pride.

Not low self esteem, but being humble and work hard
to be better. I continue to help others, not beat them
to death or shoot anyone. Fear, narcotics, alcoholism,
and abuse is a major problem here in Florida and
firearms are not the answer for solving problems.

I have been studying
and training for 7 years now and USCCA has been a
Great help to many of us, please do not stop.


I believe in having / keeping / renewing my CCW in Georgia because I have several family members throughout my birth state of Florida. I retired from the U.S. Army and believe training should be paramount. Muzzle discipline is constantly emphasized in the military anytime a training event, ceremony, ranges, etc are held. Safety first is always the reminder and everyone is a safety officer- if it’s being done incorrectly or dangerously- call it out. With that. Yes. The Constitutional Carry is a plus in the pro 2A feelings of thought. The concerns are people not being safe or practical when handling firearms. Lack of training is bound to create accidents that are potentially or will be fatal. Most states make having a permit a little bit easier if someone is a LEO, Military, or First Responder. The bottom line is the safety practices applied in these fields and the understanding of what happens with firearms not being handled with caution. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t say or have an “inclusion clause” about being “convenient”, the “Right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” removes the word convenient in meaning that it is designed to be completely convenient for any citizen of the nation. You have to demonstrate the ability to operate a vehicle for a license, I believe a person should demonstrate the ability to safely handle a firearm. Forgetting to use a safety if there is one, forgetting how to properly holster a firearm without one built in, remembering not to touch a trigger on a draw, not being aware that some holsters will snag, there are a ton of reasons that training and situational awareness should be taught, practiced, and exercised. We had an acronym about unsafe practices. “DID” Danage-Injury-Death. People not trained will eventually see numbers start to escalate from so called accidents. I think some will use the term accident(al) to attempt to evade prosecution. This is another reason training should be mandatory. Then there’s no excuse. This is just me. I always read the laws when I plan to travel, avoid states or places that I can’t carry, and boycott businesses that attempt to infringe. States usually declare if the state has imminent law. In Georgia a sign cannot enforce a carry ban in that business. However if someone is noticed and asked to leave and they refuse they’re liable if being charged with a 2nd degree misdemeanor. So to avoid legal hassles- I just don’t go. They can go broke.


The problem is that in anti self defense States the people in charge can place so many expenses and inconveniences in the way that it becomes an infringement.

I want everyone carrying firearms to be reasonably well trained and safe. But I think it is better to do that with incentives for voluntary training and requirements for firearm safety training in schools. Requirements to get a permission slip to exercise a right are a slippery slope towards loosing our rights and we have already slid too far down.


Thank you for your reply and service. People are
very worried here in Florida, but being trained to safely
handle many firearms, it builds confidence and
you are able to make decisions faster and proper. I keep my licenses/permits up to date, which is very easy to do.

Negligence is a term in accidental shootings. It has
been proven many times in mishandling firearms. We
must keep 4 General Safety Rules welded in our minds
hearts all the time. We must slow down think things
through when problems arrive to us.

I have heard stories about someone firing across the
firing line; does the word accidental have a place in

Thank you very much!!!


I sincerely agree with you. All Training must be done
volunteer not and never by force. There are people
that haven’t got the desire to train and you can not
force them to, no matter how much sugar you add to
The training, but let them go.

Thank you


Here is the thing: Millions of people have been carrying for decades in states that do not require training.

Nobody, not even the most extreme anti-Liberty gun control advocates you can find, not even those whose profession is training who make money from it, can show a difference in accidents or negligence rates between states that require training, and states that don’t.

There are many states that have been Shall Issue with no training requirement for longer than I have been alive, and there are no issues.

There will be no statistical, significant, or measurable difference in accident or negligence as a result of the state lifting unconstitutional gun control laws that require permits and training.

I may be ‘bias’ in that I grew up in a state where

*Minimum age to conceal carry a handgun was 18
*Shall issue permits that cost like $35 with zero training requirement
*Bars legal to carry
*College campuses legal to carry
*Been that way decades
*No problems.

The same story follows in every state that stops infringing upon its citizens Rights.

I know change and trusting other people with their Liberties can seem dangerous, but it is good thing, I promise. :slight_smile:

They don’t need to be. I promise that Florida residents aren’t so darn inferior to the entire rest of the country that Florida and Florida alone will have a problem where the majority of other states (majority meaning most states allow carry without training) do not (edit to clarify my sentence, NO state has problems with this). FL will be just fine, you all can handle it. :slight_smile:


I suspect you are correct but there is that whole Florida Man thing;)

Though I would argue that is all the more reason for law abiding Floridians to carry proper PPE.