Great State of FLORIDA

Dear People and USCCA,

I am asking what can happen to all the Conceal and Carry people in Florida that have worked hard and trained beyond that crazy 4 hour course that was required to get their
CCL or CCP ? There are many people boasting and bragging that in 2020, a bill can be past to end the permit and that we can conceal and carry under 2nd Amendment. I feel there is a BIG LIE brewing here, that this problem can be a lie and mislead people and it can cause deadly mistakes and people going to jail as a FELONS. People will not be motivated to train and practice even less and study to become their best. If that law passes, you still have obey the laws set before us and I understand that permit/license
is and has never been a cure all the problems in our field. Please do not MISUNDERSTAND that 2nd Amendment, please! thank you !


What is an MYTHE?

Your training will not have been wasted, the four hour class and qualification are both jokes to begin with.

You will still be able to get a permit so you can have reciprocity with other states.


It is late or early in the morning here. I appreciate your help and I am able to
misspell my own name typing in the dark. I have well over 1000 hours in 2.5
years out of 3, in studies and the bad guy does not care.

You are a great help.

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I’m not sure I see a problem. While people should want to be educated, train and practice, it should not be a government requirement to exercise a right.


[quote=“WildRose, post:2, topic:14033, full:true”]
… the four hour class and qualification are both jokes to begin with.[/quote]

Perhaps yours was. Mine was very valuable.

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It is valuable, but there is more to learn. I have 25 hours of class and a total of 200 hours
of study. I am still finding more to learn and it must continue. Learn all
the Fundamentals that you can about our trade and life style. SAFETY ALWAYS AND FIRST.


I 100% agree with you that there is more to learn. I’ve trained thousands of hours and taken a bunch of classes, and there’s still more to learn.

I’ve also sat in a mandatory geometry class in High School and tuned out most of the time I was in that class. I passed it the class cause I studied just enough so I wouldn’t have to take it again. If people want to learn they will, with or without classes. IMO, a mandatory class will not make anyone learn or train.

A few other things to consider:

  • Criminals won’t take classes to carry concealed
  • Your permit will help you with reciprocity in other states if you travel
  • The states that are already Constitutional Carry aren’t seeing an increase of gun violence because people aren’t taking classes before they carry

You’re one of the people who values education, so don’t look at the class as a waste! It’s got good information - and now you can help educate others.


I live in Arizona which is a CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY STATE. A and to carry a firearm you don’t need a permit for either open or concealed carry. But I did go and get a carry permit even though I don’t need one to carry in Arizona. I got mine for the training of gun laws in the state and also so that if I wanted to carry for protection when I travel I’d be able to do so as long as I followed the gun laws of the states I was going through and to. and Arizona’s carry permit is honored in 37 states at this time. and I’m always watching training videos and reading books on firearms.


Thank you for your help. I practice on a regular bases and I have taken many courses,
but you learn a great deal of training from professionals that have dedicated their life to
help to teach others the skills we need. There is going to be a lot of negative garbage
thrown at our Constitution, Our Rights, Our State’s Laws, Freedom, and I rather be
a help to others, than a heart ache. I am not competing verbally to anyone here, I
only desire for them to be their best and the training sets us apart.

I could not stop after that 4 hour course In took 3 years ago and it grew over 200 hours
that made me desire more. There are video, training videos on the computer/internet,
sound tracks, series of classes offered from several training companies such as USCCA.

I built 2000 hours of training, but this is not bragging, please understand. I have to take a small break. I just hope others will seek their heart’s desire to grow the right way and I
have had a lot of help.

Thank You for your help.


^^ all of that, except I’m in Missouri, where we are also constitutional carry. I got my permit strictly for the reciprocity. As to the training, that’s never wasted… it’s a serious thing we do and training is important so I can do it right, should I ever need to.


THANK YOU for your help, everyone.


I’m glad you found it valuable but in 4 hours of class time you cannot cover enough material to actually prepare anyone to defend themselves with or without a firearm.

With a requirement of only 21 hits out of thirty shots fired at 3, 5, and 7 yards people take to the streets carrying without being even marginally competent to actually handle a defensive shooting situation.

Permit or no, to even reach a minimal level of competency, understanding of the laws, and self defense you need many times the number of hours and shooting prowess required for the permit.

You will find that if you get some additional training through US or the NRA or both that indeed FL’s like most states requirements to pass are really at a very elementary level at best.


Education and quality instruction particularly when backed up by many, many reps at the range is never wasted.

The more you learn and practice the more comfortable, competent, confident, and well prepared you will be if you ever find yourself in a potential or active defensive situation.

Personally I think there is nothing more valuable than the mental training going over possible scenarios and actions/reactions you can take to prepare you for the real world.


@WildRose - if course. My argument was against terming that course as a “joke.”

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Many people never go past a course that takes 2.5 hours to do a 4 hour credit is
given and that they never grow but think and believe that that is all I need to learn
about concealment and carrying a firearm. I have been through a 3 day course by
USCCA in this matter. All the Fundamentals is a lot of study and I have been to that
CCW course 4X s. Also, NRA and all the E learning classes by Michael Martin, USCCA.

I will not argue with you and just the 4 hours of CCW is only the beginning, The End


Having lived in Va for years where you did a 4 hr class and didn’t have to qualify at the range I went to the shoot at the range at least 2x a month. I knew the importance of education as I was married to a teacher. (she was fierce for 4ft11in) I am now in Fl. and along with past training I just finished the instructors course with USCCA. So I believe anywhere you can get education - do it. As far a bill coming up in Fl. with out a permit I will have to check on it and get back to everyone.


TALLAHASSEE , Fla. (Nov. 6, 2019) – A “Constitutional Carry” bill filed for the 2019 legislative session would make it legal for Florida residents to carry a firearm without a license. Will watch for this, don’t know how far it will get.


Thank You! I like my CCW, but I found it inexpensive to keep training and after about 60 hours of
training ( Indoor and Outdoor with text books too, I got happy ! ) USCCA help many times with materials
and the time spent training was lost track of. One day, Defensive Shooting Level 1 and 2, there probably
a Level 3 somewhere.


I am a new USCCA member and I live in Florida. I was not aware of this bill being put to vote. Personally I am thrilled at the thought of there being no concealed carry permit requirement in FL, and hope it passes. Criminals carry concealed without permits all the time.

Anyone who wants to be a responsible, capable, and knowledgeable gun owner will train continuously, regardless of whether or not they have a CC permit. No permit will make someone desire to be a responsible gun owner.


Thank you very much. Your new and I still new and I may see thing differently. It is important
to continue to do what we think is the best. I appreciate Peggy for you being with USCCA and you
will find many great people. Many good instructors, hard working people like yourself, please learn all
you can and stay on that straight path. Thank You ! Peace and Safety to you. God cares always!

William H Smith Jr