Florida and Constitutional Carry

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I realize this bill means about as much as any anti gun bill as far as saving lives. It is a step in the right direction as far as people getting the training they need to learn how to save lives. It is up to every individual to get that training and encourage others too. The bill accomplishes a political agenda but saving lives is mine. I could care less about the political agenda. My 2¢


I live in Michigan and we’ve had constitutional open carry as long as I can remember. In 30 years I bet I’ve seen less than a dozen people open carry and I’ve only done it on occasion. The morons that say stupid things like it will be the wild Wild West are the same people that support criminals. I predict this will gave a net zero effect.


No Open Carry + No Young Adult Carry = NOT CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY.

Many, many purple and even blue states have permitless open carry. Florida has GOP control of both legislative bodies and the governorship.

Under this bill, Floridians would have no ability to open carry, even with a permit. This is absolutely pathetic from Florida Republicans, all of whom be primaried unless they loudly protest this charade and work to fix the bill.

Edit: Not to mention, they are setting taxpayers up to have to waste money defending against a lawsuit for violation of young adults’ constitutional rights (see what happened in Tennessee just a week or two ago, where they were forced to stop enforcing prohibitions on 18-20 year-olds carrying).


I don’t know the particulars of this bill but think States passing constitutional carry is an important affirmation of a Constitutionaly affirmed natural given right to defend ourselves.

Say a woman with no firearm experience is being confronted by a stalker. Why should she have to jump through hoops and wait for months for a license granting her the right to defend herself? Ideally she would go to a firearm dealer who would sell her an appropriate tool and connect her with a trainer to quickly teach her how to use it. But having a firearm and hopefully at least a few pointers on how to use it is way better than having nothing when she walks out of work at night and finds her stalker standing in front of her car.


As far as I’m concerned constitutional carry should be the right of every legal U.S. “citizen”.
I think everyone should understand the inner and outer workings of their newfound tool and fully understanding their city and state statutes regarding handling and self defense!

Sure, you can purchase a hammer or a machete, there’s no manual, but you can learn quickly how deadly it is the first time you hit your thumb. Both items are never meant as a self defense tool. Self defense tools should be managed, but not by on the job training.

Everyone I’ve ever taught, got safety training, morale and ethical training, deadly force training, even how to dress appropriately. In addition to hours of range time! Now they are left with the resources and piece of mind, you can lead a horse to water…

I’ve seen too many people on the range who think they are masters in the way of the gun, because they got their training from Xbox or PlayStation. We’ve all seen them, they are YouTube sensations.
Some of the comments I’ve heard would also scare anyone to death!
You know the ones, “just drag him in the house” types! If we can change that state of mind, we win.

Remember your driving manual, that was just for the class, and people still can’t drive! My point is, per state, maybe along with the safety guide and manual that comes with the firearm, the state should issue its laws at the time of purchase. I don’t even want to hear about costs, we just sent a trillion, trillion dollars overseas!

For some reason we got away from schools teaching safety.
I’m just saying the know-it-alls are the dangerous ones, sorta like this administration!

Perhaps instead of all the endorsements around the field, put the four laws a gun handling.

Brought to you by Remington, Winchester or Glock…

If LGBTQRSTUV can be shoved down our children’s throats, well I suppose saving a life can be shoved down the throat as well.
They did it with seatbelts! We can do it with firearms!


A CCW license amounts to asking a government bureaucrat (usually a sheriff’s office employee) for permission to exercise a fundamental right. The required classes to obtain a permit are a joke. They are not firearms training in any meaningful way. The permit fees are often retained by the issuing law enforcement agency to spend on things they cannot convince taxpayers to fund.

In my opinion, law enforcement officials who oppose constitutional carry don’t want to see the gravy train of CCW permit fees go away.


This was exactly my last renewal class! It makes me want to be an instructor so people will not go to these clowns!:rage:


That, and also, eradicating the permit system stymies some of their lazy tactics. The whole premise of a permitting system is that carrying a firearm is a crime by default, and the permit is an exception or affirmative defense to that “crime”. Thus, a cop who sees or suspects that you have a firearm has a “reasonable suspicion” and/or “probable cause” machine that enables him to check your ID and carry permit, and otherwise go fishing for a reason to arrest you.

Not only that, but they use “carrying a firearm without a permit” to nail a charge on people who the police feel probably committed other crimes, like selling drugs, for which the police have insufficient evidence.

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In my county, the previous sheriff, like many other sheriffs in Colorado, entered CCW permit holders in the NCIC (National Crime Information Center) which is a database of people who are wanted, sex offenders, missing persons, violent persons, gang members, known terrorists, etc. When stopped, CCW permit holders would find their info pops up as a known CCW permit holder.

Nice, huh? The bogus rational offered by the sheriff was “officer safety” but what it did in the real world was turn a routine traffic stop into one where the officer felt he/she was at risk. The Colorado legislature subsequently banned the practice, but who knows whether the names of CCW permit holders were actually removed or whether sheriffs stopped the practice.

In my opinion, if you want government to know that you possess firearms, get a CCW permit.


And, to add insult to injury, you get to pay for those classes. Maybe one of the reasons states do not convert to constitutional carry is that there a lot of people collecting fees for CCW permit “classes” who’s gravy train would disappear if the permits disappeared.


My old neighbor works for a County Sheriff office, she said that’s exactly why, they and the State make money on CCW’s and they will not let that revenue stream go.

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I moved from a must issue open carry state We still had to get CCW. I can argue either way on open carry all day long, I however have open carried. In a state and in the area I lived, no big deal. Head the city thats when you invite trouble. Not from bad guys, but liberal ninnies who get all hissy fitted the. The cops are called. Even in an open carry state its where its prudent to do so and the use of commone sense. Its not about dick swinging, in fact I find most argument for actually assinine, in your face FU its my right. It is but that does not give us a right to scare the crap out of people who are scared of guns.
Yea, constitutional carry is open carry PERIOD. Just dont be a dick about it


If open carry and not carry were my only legal options I would open carry


For the last 2 years we have been listening and watching Anti-Gun and many Leaders from our Government seeking to destroy our Bill of Rights and The Constitution by making their own RULES, not Laws. They have been forcing these RULES with many threats of putting people that are Law Abiding Citizen in prison and charging them with illegal felony charges. I have been with The USCCA for 6 years
now and I have been verbally abused for just giving a chance to be educated by USCCA and it cost dearly by that abuse. It’s not USCCA or you or I mistake.

When Florida chooses to pass the laws to Constitutional Carry in the near future of this year, please be very careful to know the States Laws that will be posted, voted, and signed by the Governor of FLORIDA.

It is not You or I that is having trouble with our Gun Laws, but there are going to be some very bad legal storms arriving in Florida. When OPEN CARRY is legal here, there will be a verbal fire storms. I have already met some of those legalistic know it all’s.


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Here’s my favorite quote on the topic: “If the only ones who fight are those who want to fight, the only ones left will be those who want to fight.” - Jesus in “The Last Day” by James Landis

Fighting for our rights is not a bad thing and we should be willing to fight the fight. That is my take.


I Agree! Thank you…Stand and fight, but GOD is Greater than all!


Two gang related shooting have happened in Florida
and the Sheriff’s Department and Emergency Teams have been excellent in their hard jobs.

Young people have been hurt seriously and a young
child died to gang shooting. Others have died in the
gang shootings also.

The crime rate climbs and the criminals increases
and it seems that illegal gun rules and banning the
Law Abiding Citizens Firearms and All the Rights we have are under attack. The DEA is going after THC,
The ATF is going after The FFL’s and seeking to take
Firearms from innocent people.

All the Glorified Talking about those problems and attacks are not helping to solve a single problem of
The Government from destroying our United States
and talking and gossiping will not stop anything.

Love you USCCA ! It has been over 2 years of Hell.


Join me for a ZOOM meeting on Saturday, Feb 25 at 1:00 PM Central (11 am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern) for a quick (~30 minute) presentation on Constitutional versus Permit Carry. This is a USCCA mini-class, supplemented with the situation in Arkansas. We will have open discussion at the end.
I think the added detail about Arkansas will interest residents of all states.
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