Florida Open Carry Move

Florida is talking about OPEN CARRY now.
This move is not long after Florida’s CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY came into effect.
I’m wondering what other Floridian’s think of this move?
I’m still weighing it in my mind right now.


I’m in Florida and I’d be for it. I don’t see any evidence of problems in states that do have open carry now. I’d be concealed 99% of the tine, regardless, but there are times when I’d like the option of open carry, like biking in the woods, for example.


Florida is currently violating the Constitution by having open carry be illegal.

The Right of The People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. I think the legislators should read the Constitution and realize the only correct answer is legal, permitless open and concealed carry, at the age of 18.

Just say no to gun control

/my opinion

[I have also exclusively lived in states where open carry is legal so I know it’s not a problem]


@William377 I had NO CLUE about open carry in Florida, that’s so UNCONSTITUTIOAL, like Nathan57 says, BUT that will be fantastic when open carry becomes legal, then that means Florida will be a full 2A constitutional carry State. I wish NM would be a permitless carry State.

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I have lived in Tennessee after open carry was made legal. This was prior to me being a gun owner myself, but it definitely made me feel safer when I saw someone carrying a sidearm holstered on their hip. I may or may not have stayed near them as I was doing my grocery shopping that trip as well. I made sure to let the person know that I was mirroring his route as a level of protection. Our conversation is what led me to join the USCCA actually. I am now living in Florida and would be ALL for this.


Yep, I am a Floridian and going through the gauntlet of the application process to get a CWL and purchase a firearm. I know you do not need a CWL in Florida, but in this day and time, I believe it’s best to have it in case you come across an LE officer who thinks otherwise. I no longer trust anyone in uniform ‘just because’. I saw what happened in the military (lowering of standards has ramped up exponentially since I retired), and the same has happened in many other agencies with power over citizens.


Open carry was made legal in Utah a year or 2 ago. Honestly, it hasn’t changed anything. Occasionally I’ll see a firearm on a belt but for the most part everything seems to be the same.


I live in Florida and with the lack of clothes I wear do to being a little heavier than most it hard for me to find a IWB holster that comfortable for me to conceal. So I have no problem seeing a person with open carry when I’m traveling so I believe I will be Carrying 100% of the time when it is passed. Now I have to hope my work place will change its mind on Guns in the office.


I’m happy for you Floridians !

I guess it won’t change anything. Just makes carrying simpler in some situations. :metal:
Whoever is scared of firearms will be still scared. All other people won’t care.


Being a reside of Florida i don’t see any issue with the open carry passing legislation as well as support from multiple sheriffs.


My state has permitless open carry (permit required to conceal).

I like it. I do see people open carrying occasionally. I also like the fact that it shouldn’t be a problem if my gun is accidentally seen.


Well, round where I live, shootings for the year over year were lower after Constitutional Carry. I guess the sky isn’t falling like Gifford’s and Everytown screamed it would. Go figure, alot of overheated liberals are wrong… Again.


I am of the larger variety male as well. If I’m not ‘feeling’ it when I go to put my IWB on I just switch to the off body sling bag I got off of Amazon.


I’m all for it, full 2A protection with no apologies.


Iowa has always been an Open Carry state, but for years our 99 county Sheriffs had discretion to issue CCW permits any way they chose . . . and to deny permits arbitrarily. My county issued only Concealed Carry Permits in spite of state law. Accidental “peeking” of a weapon from concealment, when reported, resulted in loss of permit privileges.

When I was VP for Communications and Public Relations for the Iowa Firearms Coalition (the most effective and only NRA affiliated Gun Rights lobbying organization in the state), we changed Iowa to a “Shall Issue” state with uniform standards for issuing permits state-wide, and strengthened Iowa’s preemption law banning local jurisdictions from making local ordinances more restrictive than state law. Last year, a court challenge was decided in our favor, awarding us damages and giving us a case law precedent on preemption.

We have now made Iowa a ‘Constitutional Carry’ state and passed an Amendment to our state Constitution giving Iowans their own 2A-type protection for the first time in our state’s history. That passed by a 66% approval margin in 2022. The fight goes on.


Yes I have a Vaultec safe and sling bag .


Sad that you had to fight so hard to get that law in place. But outstanding work.

Even Maryland law now allows for accidental printing by concealed carry holders. So progress is even being made in the ridiculously named “Free State.”


I am a retired LEO from Ohio now living full time in Florida, I’m sorry that you feel that way about police officers. There are a few bad apples here and there just like there are bad doctors, teachers, attorneys, etc. They are all human beings and humans make mistakes and bad decisions. A law Florida needs to change is requiring a CCW to purchase a firearm and take it home the same day. I have an HR-218 permit which allows me to carry a concealed weapon nationwide, but I still have to wait 3 days to pick up my purchase. I was an officer for 30 years and found myself in actual shoot/don’t shoot situations, but in Florida sit through a class for a few hours and go to the range for an hour and presto you are granted same day delivery. I’ve seen several people with their Florida CCW that barely have any idea how a firearm works and have limited ability to manipulate the weapon, that is who you need to be concerned about over a uniformed LEO.


I call that my NV Coupon Card. :grinning:


I have a brother near Eldersburg so I know of that which you speak! Lol!