Someone is scamming me , pretending to be a guntuber

Honestoutlaw… said I won a g40? It was mentioned here? I’m fixing to raise holy hell!


How was my email leaked?

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He just asked my FFL???

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The number is in China from what I can tell

I’m out just canceled my service!
Y’all be careful

Hey @PossumSlayer1 . Don’t you feel lonely at this thread? :joy:


You are cancelling your USCCA membership and self defense insurance because someone sent you a scam email???


The email scams are becoming more annoying than sand in my crack!

I was just notified that my financial accounts were on hold! They were not!
One of the the banks has told me, they never use a phone number to text and they never email important information!
Heck in the last 4 years, with all my online winnings and packages, that I’ve supposedly earned, you’d think I had a star on the Hollywood walk of fame!
You could have looked at a sight that is 2A friendly and poof there goes your email address! I hope USCCA has a better firewall. Trust but verify!
If you leave, we’ll miss you, watch your six!


If you’ve ever used your email, it has been leaked.


I was under the general impression that everybody who has an email address gets spam/scam in that email address on a daily, check that, hourly basis, from everywhere, about everything.

You are on YouTube? Do you comment on YouTube? Any other social media anywhere ever? Order things with your email address? Create accounts with it? You’re going to get spam/scam emails.

I get tons, all the time, from everybody, about everything, and so does everybody else I know. They pretend to be Apple, PayPal, my bank, another bank, a long lost rich relative, the IRS, the state government, a business acquaintance, tech support for my computer, warranty for my car, foreigner who needs money wired in to my account, mortgage company, credit card company…been that way since I created my first email address in 1996


Almost makes me believe in coincidence!

Going to be one of my projects today. Over the years, having used several ISPs, I have established quite a few Email addresses.

Inexplicably one has become a magnet for spam/phishing messages.

It is one that was used for work only so no “sketchy” web sites.

I’m getting 30 or 40 spam Emails a day and averaging 2 or 3 legitimate Emails a week.

My suspicion is that someone else’s Email got hacked and my Addy got sold.

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I’m in real trouble because my McAfee account, which I haven’t had since y2k…is EXPIRING TODAY…
My personal best was 109 spam/scam emails overnight. No biggie, report them, they change one letter in their 50 digit email address.
Hey, anybody interested in a car warranty ?:joy:
My landline has everything blocked except the people in my contacts list. If the phone rings, it’s my sister in law :wink:. My message on my cell is now a short moan…it works well confusing scammers…and well, everybody else. If I recognize the number, I call back and explain that, no…not dying.
Sad that our improved means of communication over the past several decades has backfired in many ways.


Don’t you think that situational awareness applies to every aspect of today’s life?

We have been discussing for years how to avoid dangerous situations where firearms are involved… and there’s a simple cyber attack which made a man vulnerable and helpless… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


There is no more privacy. A quick internet search will show you just how easy it is now to get ‘personal info’.
If you have never tried it, google yourself and see how much comes up with that simple search, then imagine what someone that is actually trying might find.
Good luck and stay safe


And if you’ve never used your email, some Chinese kid has created one for you.


Don’t answer numbers you don’t recognize.
If it’s important, they’ll leave a message.

The mere act of answering the phone validates you as a target. Answer one spam call and your spam calls will quadruple. If you talk to someone on a spam call, you’re toast. They’ll harass you non-stop until you stop answering your phone or change your number.

If elected officials cared about us at all, they’d outlaw phone number masking.


Ive had fun screwing with the scammers lately. Im convinced that i will eventually get them to put warranty on my 97 chevy with 345000 miles on it. Other days i tell them i died in an unfortunate masturbating accident. That one gets some entertaining reactions.


:joy: :joy: :joy:

I’m wondering why “they” never agreed to extend warranty on “my” 2020 Maybach S650. :slightly_smiling_face:
They have always disconnected when I mentioned that car . :smiling_imp:

Yeah, we have to, for sure, learn how to deal with cybersh&t these days.


They hang up every time i mention my 1946 Chevy truck also. Dammit, that one needs a little warranty work on it.