Fraud email?


So, I got an email from “Kimber Mfg, inc.” The subject line says “Website Fraud Customer Notification.”

I have no idea if this is really from Kimber. I don’t have a Kimber, and have never been to Kimber’s website, but they could have gotten my email address from Optics Planet, Cheaper Than Dirt, or any number of other websites. I haven’t opened the email for fear of a phishing scam or something similar.

Has anyone else gotten this email? Have you opened it, or do you know if it’s legit? The only thing about it I could find online was a scam report that someone has a fake Kimber website that scams people out of money and never sends them a gun.


Most likely a scam email. Unless you can disable read receipts with your mail program, it’s best not to look at it. Just delete it. No matter what, don’t click any links or download any attachments.

After the latest breach of Facebook (and all of its associate businesses), email, phishing and phone scams have increased exponentially. All of this is a good reminder to not give away your data or DNA to anyone if you can help it.


I’m one of their customers. For me, it was a few days ago that I received an email from Kimber. I knew mine was legit, so when I opened it, it was from Kimber warning me that they were aware of recent fraudulent activity, and that the official correct legit name is “kimberamerica (safe/non-fraudulent seller)”.

I’ve since deleted that email warning, as I no longer needed it, but this was all I could remember. Take care “me lord”. :smile:


Been a Kimber Mfg. / Kimberamerica for over 12 years. Found it to be legit and safe! Received my notification Wednesday!


I received one just like Burdo warning me that they were aware of recent fraudulent activity, and that the official correct legit name is “kimberamerica (safe/non-fraudulent seller)”.

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I always get fraudulent emails.

Matter of fact, I have a lot of “phony” business in my life right now. Emails are the least of it.

A trick I have learned from others more knowledgeable in the ways of scams is to hover your mouse over any links in the email (DO NOT CLICK) and the real destination of that link will come up. I use the Firefox browser and the real link shows up in the lower left corner of my screen. Practice on a legitimate email first to get comfortable with how it works before trying it on a suspect link… Do not click the link, just hover the mouse over it.

Having worked in IT for longer than I want to think about, my policy toward unknown emails from anyone/anywhere is delete. It’s like getting that unknown number calling your cell phone…do you answer it?

Please DON’T do what James just said. Don’t go anywear near suspicious links.

@Jesse45, if that’s truly the case regarding your statement of working in IT, I need your help.

Not even Law-Enforcment/FBI seems to care. Well, if they do, there riding solo and quiet as a mouse. I feel like I’m alone out here.