Does USCCA Sell Our emails

I am getting a lot of emails from firearm’s companies I have never heard of ever since I had signed up.

Anyone else notice this?

I would like to keep my stuff private.


I dont know it for a fact as I am not an employee but it would be my guess they do not.

I have met and talked with Tim a number of times and consider him a very honorable man.



I sign up at all kinds of places to make purchases, read articles, blah, blah, blah. So it could be any number of outfits from NRA to Safeway, Rural King to Home Depot.

I figure it’s email and the nature of the beast. Probably gonna happen one way or another and either set up an email address I don’t care that gets spammed and use that to register or just invest in a decent spam filter.

Plus, I do enjoy getting those occasional emails from my well to do relatives in Zimbabwe and Djibouti.


@Jason143. Welcome to the community, train hard and stay safe. :smiley:

No I haven’t got any junk email from firearm’s companies.


Welcome to the Magical Internet Fishing World :wink:
If you are logged into web browser and visit firearm websites - they got you. If you shared your email (fe buying some stuff (and you missed statement written with almost invisible way) - they got you. If you clicked nice link in your email - they got you…
There are dozen ways to get your email from your computer or phone… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And of course everything depends what email are you using… AOL, YAHOO… :scream:

USCCA does not share your email for sure. That has been discussed several times already.


@Jerzy: Thanks for the update on the email privacy.

I am well aware of how emails are captured as I own a digital marketing agency and play the game. I had not signed up to anything recently other than here and received about 10 firearms related emails. Thought it was something that USCCA did and wanted to confirm.


Shoot, I was talking to my girlfriend about dinner tables. Never did a search because I am going to make it. Then the next day on Facebook and e-mails I have dinner tables for sale at low prices. It is crazy!


I have searched firearms manufacturers web pages and noticed other gun manufacturers sending me emails so I just hit the unsubscribe button and it will stop and start again a few weeks later. I’m not sweating it though.

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When you sign up for the free contest giveaways promoted by their emails, you are most definitely being added to spam lists.

Also being talked about here


Android users (like me) should also be aware that the phone is associated with email account, so any web search or logged location may add you to ad/spam list :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Be also careful with saying words having your phone on you… :zipper_mouth_face:


No, we do not sell your emails in any way, @Jason143! Our mission is to help everyone best protect themselves and selling your private information goes against that mission.

You can see our complete privacy policy here:


I usually try to click off the ‘accept emails and notifications’, but I might miss it sometimes… and I noticed, I read several articles on different sites, and do get some emails, in part due to missing the check box for notifications.

I also get emails from Impact Guns, mostly because I went there enough it must have recognized my email, and Midway sends me emails because I ordered from them.

Sig I get emails from, but again, I think I missed the check box.

Some of that happened with USCCA emails and / or articles, and some at other sites.

Do you sign up for online ‘raffles’? Alien Gear and some others required I go to different companies websites, youtube videos, and some started sending emails afterwards. Some I read, some I delete.

Same with NRA, Rural King, Impactg Guns, Sig, several target and parts emails, Brownells, there are many places that start sending stuff.

I have been told they do not sell our email addresses, but I do not remember who told me. We do get a lot of emails, a lot of firearms sites and forums, and as I said, double check the check box for notifications.


I use Thunderbird as my email client. It’s very easy to set up filters on my end so that messages from domains or senders I don’t want or need get pushed to the Trash.


If you take part in the drawings, which other companies are partnered in, I believe the fine print includes an agreement to be put on their mailing list.


My troublemakers are via GAT Marketing, sending me constant e-mails from varying addresses, so blocking and address does nothing.

They’re going to get a phone call or 1046 of them as soon as they open this coming week.

Just a few of the from addresses so far:

VIP Tactical Deals
Gun Coupons
Firearms Deals
Stun Gun
Evatac Combat Dagger

Multiples from each and that is just for part of today. It is ridiculous.

“Humans…the worst.”


Never seen any of those. It might not be anything connected with USCCA, but some other source you may have stumbled onto.


I don’t think that they’re from USCCA selling our e-mail, but I couldn’t find the other post, so I added these here for visibility.


This bothers me the most. Is there a way to stop this and still have a functioning device?



I think my IPHONE picks up what I’m saying, then image there’s a darn AD showing up. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Nope. The best is to get rid of smartphone and start using flip phone…like 20 years ago :roll_eyes: