System Spam?

Has anyone received this message? I chatted with USCCA and they could not find anyone that sent this message to me.


This is another scam to get personal info - if your email address isn’t correct, how did “they” manage to contact you? Stand by for phony offers and opportunities.


This doesn’t look like a email. How did you receive it? Not that I could give any advise but maybe someone can.

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Through IM here on the Community Forum

Looks like a spam template

Seeing as IM works, ask why they need to email :clown_face:…just kidding, silence is golden.
Sad how the age of information became the age of disinformation and abuse.


They probably want to notify me that my Truck warranty is about to expire.


When I get suspicious emails or texts, I never click the links. I go to the site that it says it is from and check things out there.
The email or text will then be deleted.


I wish they would get the email notifications fixed. I keep unchecking the boxes and when I come back later, they are checked again. We went through this a while ago and I had thought it was finally fixed for good. Guess not. As it is, all email from USCCA gets filtered out and dropped in my junk folder, but I hate that it has to be that way.

Maybe the @moderators can push someone to get it fixed.

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Going to look into this now


Not me, but I generally call them anyway. They are great to talk with regarding what you may be having issues with. But I understand, you definitely want to have that straightened out.

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If this came as an e-mail, look at the e-mail header to see what URL is associated with it. Then look up the URL. URLs associated with scams will often originate outside the US.

Likewise, the hyperlink will often be a tinyURL to mask the identity of the web site you will be directed to if you click on the link.

Scamming is a crime that is, unfortunately, rarely investigated or prosecuted, so we’re all on our own.

Here is an update on that message you received @Karacal

This message is not a scam but it’s also not from the USCCA page. It is an automated message from Discourse (where we host our community). There is an automated setting that if a certain number of emails bounce or fail to deliver the system sends that for confirmation that we have the correct email.

Thanks for looking into that @Tim_D_USCCA

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