Keep Getting Invitations to Join USCCA

Why do I keep getting emailed sales pitches to join the USCCA when I am already a member? Is there a way to stop it/turn it off?


Welcome to the Community, @Patrick1! I’m so sorry you’re getting those emails. Do you possibly have multiple email addresses you use? Or is the email address associated with your USCCA membership your only email address?

If you would be so kind as to send me one of the promotional emails you’re receiving at I’ll be happy to dig in this for you and get it squared away ASAP!

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I receive them also I’m a Platinum member, just delete them takes a very short time compared with making a thing over it. I’m betting you and I aren’t the only members who get email each day. Life is to short for me to complain about something so inconsequential as a missent email

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Let me know if you have two email addresses, @Robert8! We do get messages from people almost daily who have used multiple email addresses when they request information from the USCCA.

The email address you use when you signed up for the USCCA will get your member emails and then the other email address would get non-member email addresses as it’s not associated with a USCCA Account.

Please PM me and I’ll be glad to get that squared away for you!

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Sorry @Dawn this is a very old post and everything is ok now. All is well with the email situation.

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I really don’t know how this got flagged