Exclusive Giveaway Invitation from Tim

I clicked on “Enter to Win Now” and it lead me down this path “Congrats you’re entered to win AND qualify for a FREE USCCA Account!”

What the heck does that mean?


isn’t that nice? It’s a one size fits all kinda thing… and you’ll find they do it in other places too… often with “Tim’s” signature at the bottom just to prove it’s a bot.

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The email is from “Tim - USCCA timschmidt@em.usconcealedcarry.com”, so basically fits the one size fits all category?

edit: no signature at bottom

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Thanks for the feedback on the flow of that, Gary! It is kind of confusing.

A free USCCA account is for those people who do not have USCCA memberships. It is how you can sign into the community and its associated with a dashboard where people can access free education and training.


How can the government run a gun registration when private businesses can’t even determine and seperate who their current clients are?


Some people use multiple email addresses when they are entering the contests. Only one email address is associated with their USCCA account, so that may be a part of the issue. If they’ve used the email address that is associated with their USCCA Account, they shouldn’t get the “free account” information.


My one and only issue with the USCCA is Tim sends out way to many buy this, buy that emails, and waits a few months and then sends em all out again . I’ve already bought it once I’m not going to go and buy it again
At least trace who has bought your product and don’t try and sell it again a few months later.

I love CS at USCCA but that is one thing you guys could improve on.


We’ve heard your feedback, @Zavier_D! And new plans are under way. :smiley: (OK, it wasn’t just your feedback, we’ve heard that from a bunch of people and are making changes. The technology is being improved upon on our end so we can better serve everyone!)

Please let me know if you have multiple email addresses in our system and I can get the email addresses not associated with your membership out of the system. And if you’re not sure which is associated/not associated/ or you just want to opt out of emails, there is an unsubscribe button/link in every email.

I’m here to help if you need it! :slight_smile:

Please note! The Community emails come from the Community server and are not attached to your USCCA Account at this point!! If you would like to adjust your Community emails, please click on your profile picture/initial in the upper right hand corner of the screen and update your preferences through there. :slight_smile:


I had a few weeks of daily emails wanting me to add my spouse…I’m not married…:neutral_face: I had resubscribed because I wanted the giveaway emails, but now I remember why I had unsubscribed in the first place. I’m already a Platinum member…there’s no need to continue trying to get me to buy other stuff.:joy:


I’ll see what I can do to adjust your emails, @Dave1!


I am looking at joining USCCA and was just wondering if there is anyone who has actually won any of these giveaways?

and yes, there are way too many emails. I must get 4-5 per day. Do they slow down once you join?

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You know, the only emails that I get from the USCCA are an occasional community update (presumably from Dawn?), but it has been years since they have tried to sell me anything. I post on here every once in awhile just to make sure that you guys haven’t forgotten me!:scream:

I get offers for different programs and products. This doesn’t bother me. It’s the necessary business part of the organization.
There are many free programs, webinars, etc.
I have also been on the receiving end of USCCA’s generosity as they thanked me for a positive thing they noticed. I really appreciated that. It was quite a nice gesture.
Bottom line: no organization is perfect, and none have solved every problem. Maybe we need to allow a little time for Tim and associates to reflect on our constructive feedback and see how they might be able to please an even higher percentage of our membership.
Disclaimer: I am a member and not an employee of USCCA. I pay my membership fees lol.


This seems like a good spot for this question. When I log in, I get a notification saying that I get an entry into the free daily giveaway. Wondering if there is a way to get that entry for just visiting when already logged in? Would save me having to log out and back in every day. Though as a lucky former winner, guess I should not be so greedy;)

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just refresh the USCCA home page


Oh that is sickening… nothing is private, fool proof or safe. That is life though… we aren’t in heaven yet!

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I think the idea is to encourage you to be a part of the group and participate, check in.
And, yes, you are lucky you won something :grinning:

I haven’t came across that yet.

Ray, I am a winner of the giveaway!!! It is true!! Bought a new toy with my winnings!!



Give away some ammo! That would be real nice