Warning: Scam raffles/offers offered after USCCA raffle - Spy & Survival Briefing

USCCA offered a raffle recently. After entering, the web page led me to another raffle. That one led to a stream of raffles and marketing offers of knives and survival products. I was lured in enough with one offer, knowing I could dispute the charge through my CC company if it was a scam, which I have now done. They never shipped my “Spy Blade XL” nor two books. The upselling tactics are the most extreme I’ve ever experienced.

The reason I gave it any credibility is that I thought it must be a partner of USCCA. I signed up with Spy & Survival Briefing, which ironically claimed at one point to offer the same kind of insurance that USCCA does. I registered just to receive the introductory deals and later discounts.

I registered in a few different free raffles. I feel like an idiot, but again, I gave them some credibility, because I got there from here at USCCA. It is unclear if the raffles are from the same company. I’m receiving tons of emails from the following domains, which I suspect are all run by the same group of sketchy people: spybriefing.com, survivalpromos.com, tacdeals.com, proactivesurvivor.com, outdoorgearbeast.com, spybriefinggear .com, apesurvival .com, survivalpromos .com, tactical2day .com, and usfreedomfighter .com.

If I’m somehow mistaken about the integrity of any of these sites, please let me know. Otherwise, I urge the USCCA and its members to distance themselves from these apparently shady sites and their owners.

I block all USCCA mail now. Responding to any of it has resulted in a flood of unwanted e-mails which will not let me unsubscribe. The snail mail material and training material and forum are so good, but a blind monkey appears to be running the e-mail marketing/context campaigns.


I believe there is a way to stop those crazy emails. I did a whole back. Tell @Dawn. I thing you can control those settings on their website.

We’ve gone that route a few times. Now I just pay my monthy fee, enjoy some of the forums and skip everything else, including the contests (which I was initially told I was automatically entered into but later learned I was not). I’d probably win a Glock anyway and have to throw it away. :slight_smile:

Same here. And I just checked again. Early this morning I unsubscribed from everything and got an acknowledgement. Hours later (now) I check again and bang, I subscribed to three things again. The @moderators seem to be at a loss on this also. And when I call, I am just told to unsubscribe and it will be fine now, but it never is. I hate to do it, but all mail from USCCA gets filtered as READ/Trash.

That’s not good! Was it from a link someone posted in the Community or from something we have on our website, @Daniel320?

When you make a purchase, you’re automatically entered into the correlating contest as the purchase is one of the actions that will get you entered. The other action is visiting our contest rules and entering through the no purchase necessary links there. In Wisconsin, where we’re headquartered, we cannot automatically enter people into a contest. Like gun laws, contest laws vary by state. :woman_shrugging:

Lighting another fire to get some additional answers for y’all!


P.S. Thanks for the tag here - please use the @Moderators as we look at this account every day. I’m not always in my personal account :smiley: Thanks!!

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I no longer unsubscribe as it’s some sort of confirmation to scammers that they have a valid and active email address.

What I do is mark them as junk or spam. Presto! They’re permanently blocked from flooding my inbox.

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I get that, but I meant unsubscribe from all USCCA mail in my profile.

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After completing entrance into the USCCA raffle/contest, the web page right there presented an opportunity to win something else. It must have been set up that way. And on and on the trail of raffles and aggressive sales pitches went.

I to have entered in the past some of the contests offered through USCCA, Now I know why I get junk mail after entering. I will no longer enter any of their promos. the last time I entered a contest I started receiving junk mail that has no way to unsubscribe. ANNOYING!!! I know I’m an IDIOT to really think anyone really wins these contests.

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I have around 10 addresses added to my spam folder after clicking one ‘enter’ button. Never again.

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