Real or Scam . . .

I received an email today from [[ ]]

The message said:

This is BREAKING news, and we needed to be sure that you saw it first.

Speaker Pelosi is pushing H.R. 1808, the assault weapons ban bill we’ve been telling you about… The House of Representatives has scheduled another hearing on the bill TOMORROW.

The House Rules committee will be considering the bill… This is a make-or-break moment for H.R. 1808. If the hearing goes well, this bill is on the fast-track to being PASSED.

We’re running out of time though, make sure your representative hears from YOU loud and clear, that you OPPOSE this bill.

If you’ve already sent a letter, send another. We need to flood Congress with our message. If you haven’t taken action yet, NOW is the best time to do so.

And they wanted a donation.

I tried a WHOIS lookup to see who owned the website and received an “Info Private” response.
So, after learning that – I quit.

Is this real or a scam.



To the source:


I received that email too. I do think it’s legit from a division of the USCCA. But always good to double check. Instead of clicking on it, if you want more info or want to donate, just log onto their website from a different link on your own search or call the USCCA. IMHO.


Well, if your representatives are Democrats, THEY ARE ALL for THAT BILL! At least in MY STATE! I ALREADY sent the LETTER for them to OPPOSE! I ALREADY GOT A RESPONSE! :fearful: :cry: :sob: :rage:


How about we just ask the @moderators ?


Because of this bill, I’m buying my first AR. SCREW YOU ANTI GUNNERS!!!


Yes, the USCCA For Saving Lives is an organization recently created outside of Delta Defense, LLC and the USCCA with the intent to drive action, education and awareness in support of legislative efforts and policies pertaining to 2nd Amendment freedoms, concealed carry and our natural-born right to self-defense. The mission of the USCCA-FSL will play an important role in supporting the USCCA’s mission to help Americans avoid danger, save lives and keep their families safe.

Because the USCCA For Saving Lives super PAC is separate from Delta Defense and the USCCA, I’m not able to really answer a lot of questions about them, but I do know that you can respond to any email you receive from them and there is someone who will see that and answer any questions to the best of their ability.


Then why do the USCCA for they there use the USCCA logo? It is not fair!


Welcome to the family @Patrick208 and God bless you.


@Patrick208 Welcome to the community. :us: :us: :us: