A bit of a rant

I have some issues that well I need to bring to bear here. Maybe someone here can help me understand.

Let me preface my rant by stating that I value the service and peace of mind the uscca provides.

A couple of issues that have struck a nerve however.

  1. As recently as today, I have received emails asking me to “chip in”. From Jake Schmidt a member Uscca board of directors. Chip in? For what, a chance to be Supporter of the Month. The last one asking for me to “chip in” was to fill out some sort of survey. Frankly, honestly…I’m a bit disappointed.

What was it last year, our monthly rates were raised. Fine I thought, I value the service…I will pay my for my membership and do so without complaint.

Please, stop. I know you know…but our dollars don’t go as far as they used to. If the Uscca wants to recognize it’s members, that is outstanding, they should. We are an asset to our nation and communities. Just stop asking us to “chip in” in order to be recognized.

  1. A recent post on Instagram struck a nerve. I am referring to a post about “a vicious pitbull attack”. I do not respond well to this type of fear porn. I know pitbull attacks CAN be terrible events, they happen and it is tragic. However, there are whether anyone wants to believe it…thousands of these dogs that have never hurt anyone. They get a bad wrap because anytime an attack occurs it is always in big bold print that it was a “vicious” pitbulls fault. I liken it to firearms. Many times people, the media, and politicians want to portray us ALL as gun toting lunatics…are we? No. And neither are ALL pitbulls vicious monsters. Disappointed again…

Overall the above mentioned items are well disappointing to me. I expect better from this organization which I voluntarily support.

Hopeful and willing to hear any and all comments. Would LOVE to hear the thoughts of those at the top.

John R


Bravo. I have not been subject to these emails, maybe they’re just lumped in with the other 300 I delete each day. I feel your need to rant however, whether it’s a billionaire former president or a couple living the dream on a sailboat, an organization paying their secretary 4 times my best years salary, or a guy on YouTube showing off all the free stuff he gets sent him…seems they all want my money…
Lived within my means all my life, wife the same, appreciate the things hard work and long hours got us.


Yes I been getting the emails as well two or three a day I have no problem chipping in when I can what I can but I just can’t do it right now maybe in a week or two. I wasn’t sure if I was the only one getting them I haven’t heard anything about it till now.


USCCA-FSL (For Saving Lives) is supposed to be a different organization, but affiliated with USCCA.

The concept is good as they’re supposed to be lobbying for 2A rights, but seems like they are always asking for money in order to support their goals. On the other hand, GOA meets the same objectives like links to write to your senators, etc so you can take action without needing to give money each and every time.

USCCA-FSL emails now goes directly to trash.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback, @Txrider75. We always welcome them and we do take what our members say seriously, for future decisions that are made to better the USCCA Experience.

I would be happy to address these concerns and hopefully, help you gain a better understanding of the “why”.

  1. The US Concealed Carry Association For Saving Lives Super-Pac is an organization recently created outside of Delta Defense, LLC and the USCCA with the intent to drive action, education, and awareness in support of legislative efforts and policies pertaining to 2nd Amendment freedoms, concealed carry and our natural-born right to self-defense. The mission of the USCCA-FSL will play an important role in supporting the USCCA’s mission to help Americans avoid danger, save lives and keep their families safe. Because they are separate from the USCCA Membership organization, I cannot speak for them, but you can respond to any of their emails and one of their staff members would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Regarding the cost increase that recently happened, this was due to a big increase in the educational and training materials added that USCCA Members have access to. This includes the New USCCA Protector Academy and Qualification levels. The USCCCA knows how important it is for us to continue training so that you are best prepared to defend yourself and your families, so we wanted to find the best way to provide that. Along with the added education and training, there were also changes to the Self Defense Liability Insurance benefits that members have access to. This included an increase in Both Criminal and Civil defense along with increased bail bond funding.

  1. You are not the first one to give us feedback regarding the pitbull attack story, and I have personally passed that feedback along. I completely understand and agree that most Pitbulls are sweet and loving dogs. Personally, I have only had wonderful interactions with Pitbulls. The reality with this situation that the story talked about was that it was a Pitbull being the aggressor. It was not intended to be about the breed itself, and more about the specific scenario and what happened.

I hope this helps and PLEASE be sure to let me know if you have other questions or concerns. I am always happy to help as well as the other moderators here with you in the USCCA Community.


As a grandfathered in Silver Level member I got the cost increase. Maybe I don’t know how to use the increase of educational and training materials, but from my perspective it looks like my access has been reduced.


I also am disappointed by the relentless texts and emails soliciting money for the FSL pac. I pay my membership dues regularly and without fail but have little disposable income to give to ANY cause, no matter how worthy. I particularly objected to being sent a “survey” only to find at the end that I had to “chip in” before my responses would be recorded. That is a very deceptive practice. I now just delete everything coming from the FSL pac, sight unseen.


Appreciate the post.

I hear you brother. As much as I like and also need 2A rights, sometimes the way support organizations “market” — can be a turn off, or they come off as “weird”.

I hope and pray I can be a model citizen. It’s an honor.


There were no additional training benefits added with the Silver Membership since this membership level is no longer offered. The increased price was due to the Self Defense Liability Insurance that included a large increase in criminal and civil defense along with increased bail bond funding.


Once upon a time it was German Shepherds, then it was Dobermans, then Rottweilers. Now Pitt Bulls. Common thread…always humans’ fault for the “bad” dogs.


Thanks for the clarification of this. We also want to stay on top of changes so we can clearly update our current/future customers. :+1:t3: Tim’s the man!


Thank you for the update Sir. I really do appreciate that you took the time to respond.

Fighting the legislative fights takes money. We all know the other side of this throws billions of dollars at it. I appreciate the effort of the uscca and its partners to continue the fight. It’s just a bit well…annoying in the WAY it is presented to us, as I saw it.

If the uscca and its partners want to recognize it members, fine do it. If it wants our opinions, fine ask. I just wanted to express how I felt about having to “chip in” for the privilege.

Again thank you Sir for lending me your ear.
John R


I completely understand where you are coming from and we appreciate you taking the time to let us know. If you are feeling this way, chances are you are not alone and others may feel the same. The feedback is being passed along.

I would like to let you know that you do have the ability to unsubscribe from those emails using the “Unsubscribe” bottom at the bottom of any email.


I hope the USCCA-FSL succeeds in its claimed mission. But I find their marketing tactics to be aggressive and similar to a lot of the places asking for my money these days that don’t offer much action in return. Like the Republican “opinion polls” that ask clearly leading questions and then don’t even let you submit your guided answers unless you donate first. I hope this is not the case but for now my limited available 2A supporting funds are going elsewhere.


The USCCA For Saving Lives Super PAC does send a lot of emails. My favorite part of their website though is the ability to easily email my representatives. I’m sure they are not the only ones out there, but all I need to do is fill out my address and it automatically knows who my elected officials are.

If you scroll down a little way on their main website page, you will see options to “Contact Congress” for the 3 pieces of legislation that they are supporting


i totally agree sir i just put them in my spam mail. they are getting as bad as the nra about money. i just pay for my gun insurance and thats it. respectfully, charlie capece jr


I agree, I am retired and times are tough and it’s starting to sound like our senators and congressman ( give me, give me, give me) don’t get me wrong I am thankful for USCCA but I can’t afford to feed every hand that’s stuck out!


Speaking of those things that have struck a nerve;

I too am sometimes uncomfortable with USCCA insofar as some of the mindsets expressed in this group. It is almost as if some folks are “strapping up for a duty shift”, rather than going out to eat with the wife.

There must be a balance.

I will take your comment regarding “a vicious pit bull attack” to make a point besides the one you made. As patrol officers, believe it or not, we were trained in how (and when) to shoot a dog. There is actually a lot to this, especially with pit bulls and other thick-skull canines.
How many folks who have not had such training feel comfortable in dealing with such a situation?

One other thing that I feel uncomfortable with are all the adds for tactical knives, especially in the magazine. If you get into a self defense shooting situation and you have one of these things on your person, as a Detective I will be digging really deep for the reality that you were actually in fear that you were going to be hurt or killed (or that someone nearby was). Tactical knives, 6 magazines, two guns etc. have the appearance of going out to war and finding one.


Appreciate the post. Reminds me if grey man Vs. combat dress style. Realizing many ads are from “For-Profit” businesses eager to sell, for the bottom line — to pay the bills, rent, and their employees.

Us here, anonymous; Who has our best interests “at heart”?

If one is gonna only carry only one, best make it as reliable as one could. Stay healthy my friend. :innocent:

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I would love to hear any insights on dealing with dogs. Packs of feral dogs and single aggressive dogs are one of the more common threats I have run into. Perhaps we could start a new topic if there isn’t one already?

Hope you don’t find my folding pocket knife too tactical. I carry and use it almost daily for utility purposes.