Born To Protect: Have you seen the new USCCA look and feel that's dedicated to all protectors?

You can see the USCCA’s updated brand focus on display at

The USCCA is here, more than 300,000 responsible gun owners strong, to support those who are dedicated to protecting their loved ones with confidence and peace of mind. With our members’ goals at heart, we’ve made some recent changes to emphasize our continued focus on that mission going forward.

Our new look and feel emphasize our continued focus on meeting our members’ needs to protect their family.

You’ll notice safety gold as our new brand color as it is universally associated with safety and a reminder to stay alert. It’s a visual cue to stay in “condition yellow,” aware and prepared at all times.

You were “Born To Protect”, and we are passionate about helping you do so. Our mission has always been to serve those who choose to be their family’s first line of defense. It takes courage to make that choice, and we want to recognize all of our members for taking on the responsibility of being selfless guardians for the people they love.

image Let us know what you think about the new look!


I would love to get that born to protect sticker it would go great with the USCCA sticker


I love the theme. I would suggest also having a version with a woman…not being PC just because women are born to protect as well (whole momma bear thing) so they would be able to see themselves in that role as well with the ad.

Also, and this is me being nit picky, the color combo and logo remind me of the U.S. Army logo…


now…if it were the U.S. Air Force logo I’d be all on board. :grinning:


I also like to get one of the new stickers as well. And I love the new message as well.


LOL! Maybe we should make you a special Air Force Logo :wink:

If you look at the home page there are a bunch of pictures of different types of people. :slight_smile:


Perfect! (I figured USCCA had it covered, you’ve got a pretty sharp team there).

A Blue and Silver logo would be sweet!!…….but I can live with the black and gold. :slight_smile:


Blue and Silver?!?!?!?!? are you a Lions fan? This is Packer county it should be green and gold (just joking).


For the Air Force. :slight_smile:

I suggested Green and Gold… but it was vetoed. :wink:


Theres a nice selection of pics, but I’m not seeing any protector women. Family women, women who sport shoot, but … I’m missing the fierce female protector.

^^^ that.
My hubby is a protector down to his core. I know for him, one of the very best things about me is that in VERY concrete ways I’ve always got his 6. And he means that in every way he’s meant it about the men he’s fought beside.

Women are the future of firearms and the second amendment. Just sayin’.


So no men then? :thinking:


I gotta go with @Zee on this. Women will define the future of the gun industry and guys better get used to sharing range space with them. As an instructor I have to admit that of all my FIRST time shooters, women are heads and shoulders above men. Once they get more accomplished/comfortable and confident in the art it all levels out and then its is just a dog fight.

I’ll throw out something a little divisive as an example of the power of women in politics (which is where this battle is fought).

Abortion. Legislate that women do not have the power of control over their own body (for or against but give them NO choice) and the claws and fangs come out. Expose a woman to the liberating power, fun and experience of a firearm and then tell her she can’t have what she want’s… not a man on the planet gonna go down that road. The question is how to harness that passion to defend the 2A?

The answer: Take a girl shooting.

It’s not condescending, patronizing, misogynistic or any other BS labels that people put on people interacting. It is simply offering an experience to someone who has an obvious curiosity (that’s how the conversation started) in a positive light. Not much more than that.




@Craig6 so why can’t we have balance? Why can’t men and women define the future of the gun industry? I was just picking at @Zee a little because her post read as an absolute…but since you took the bait…

The gun industry is making many changes to attract women and meet their shooting needs. Good for them, take advantage of the other 50% of the market, smart business right there.

But I find it interesting to say/infer that women alone will be the “taste makers” of the industry and it seems foolish from both a business and practical perspective. quote=“Craig6, post:12, topic:16390”]
Women will define the future of the gun industry and guys better get used to sharing range space with them.

Seems silly that they would exclude the 50% of the market that got them where they are today and ignore that future 50% of the market.

It’s dangerous (well, not like on the side streets of Brazil at 3a in a John Correa clip dangerous) to make absolute claims about one sex or the other, being better/worse than the other because at that point people tend to fall victim to confirmation bias a stereotypes.

I won’t touch the “Abortion” comment in this thread but let me ask this question…why is it completely acceptable for a woman to want another woman as an instructor/coach at the range (because she feels more comfortable), but if a man says he would prefer a male instructor/coach he’s being sexist?

I’m all for women getting into shooting and supporting the 2A…we need the numbers but they can’t do it alone…just like men can’t.


@JamesR you make my point exceptionally well and add to it. I don’t believe that women will be the “taste makers” of the industry but instead believe that some of the things that women find preferable men also do but for a different reason. I would kill (figuratively of course) for a Walther PPK in 9mm and there is a lot of market share that is being dedicated to subcompact 9mm’s that appeal to men and women. On the other hand there are things men prefer that most women don’t, as you say it is a balance. To your point of the 50/50% market. On any given range on any given day it is fair to say that the number of women vs. men is heavily skewed to the male side, I see that changing and hope to see more of it

On your note of women preferring women and men preferring men it is not a sexist thing that I see. Men have different body types and preferences and prefer a male “coach” for the same reason women prefer a woman. That said @Zee and I went around the mayberry bush a bit with this. I will gladly teach a woman to shoot but after a very short time I defer to my lady shooter friends when it comes to comfort and concealment. I am just not qualified (or knowledgeable enough) to address some of those issues.

All in all, Girls with guns is a good thing and I want to see more girls with guns. Be they Momma Bears, Sheep Dog’s or Sheep with horns. My hope is that they become more vocal.




To be honest…first time I saw new website I thought somebody died and USCCA was in mourning :grimacing:

I preferred old color style…

This part is also weird for me:
The same popping up window I’ve seen on websites selling “BS” - cure-all magic elixirs …:zipper_mouth_face:

However… this is how I see it now. Probably I need few day to get used to it.

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Of course men :laughing:
But men are already the majority of the firearms constituency. If we are going to save the 2A, women have to join the voting block in much larger percentages than men do. Women are the limiting factor now, not men, and that’s the part that has to change.

Just to be clear, it’s not women over men, or women instead of men. But the majority of firearms history IS men. Go to any range, any hunt, any gun store and you know it’s true. It’s never going to be NOT true that men are attracted to guns. Men continuing to be so doesn’t save the 2A. Even if you got ALL men on the 2A bus, women still outnumber men by a small percentage.

The firearms industry has been working hard to change their image to include women, and the smarter shops and ranges have too. But it’s the grassroots effort that moves people and changes their experience and how they vote.

Women joining the movement to save the 2A is where the leverage is. We don’t have a lot of time to fix this, it has to happen now and that means we need more leverage. I believe that leverage determines the future for all of us.


I know, I was just busting your chops…… :slight_smile:

And agreed. :+1:


@Craig6 I added on to that post to clarify.

But to get back a bit to the original post… I love the pictures of women I see there in @Dawn’s post. I just dont see any women like me in there in any of them… I see family women, sports women, not really the protector women. Maybe that’s fine, since I’m a rare kinda bird and I’m already here.

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And I’m good with that, any time :grin:

But it’s a good discussion anyway :+1:

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I’m not loving this image as much as I want to. It’s been bothering but it took me a while to figure out why. I get there’s family here and love and protection. But this is condition white. Nobody has their head up. This looks like aftermath to me, not prevention.