A bit of a rant

Nope, a pocket knife is not the same.

As for dogs, at a distance we would occasionally have to put down a rabid coyote. In town we would use a .22 rifle but at a safe distance. Otherwise, a Mini-14.

I was mostly speaking about an aggressive dog charging you, or perhaps attacking a child. Every situation is very, very different. If you wish to start a separate thread that’s cool, as I don’t want to hijack this one.


I’ve been attacked by 3 dogs that tried to eat me: A pitbull mix, an Australian shepherd, and a Corgi. The pitbull attack scared me the most and was the one I almost didn’t survive.

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I agree with your concerns. My larger concern with USCCA-FSL is that it looks shady to me. When I first was solicited, I responded with a request for their specific plan and financial oversite structure. I never received a reply. The website at the time only listed the one person leading the organization, no mention of financial oversite or accountability, and no board of directors. It also concerns me that Delta Defense allows them to use the USCCA name while emphasizing that they are there own organization and not providing any objective data that USCCA-FSL actually does anything to advocate, educate, …
I have not checked the USCCA-FSL website recently and skeet shoot every email that they launch at me.

  1. Nice rant, I hope it made you feel better.
  2. I haven’t seen a solicitation yet. But, I will add to your rant if I get one. If we get enough, maybe we can start a survey, and get a consensus about something. (just kidding with you).
  3. I have been involved in many pit bull attacks in my career in a large NJ (communist) city. They are vicious, for several reasons. And most of those reasons are neglect, or abuse. And yes, we have had to shoot a few due to an attack on children and adults trying to protect the children. And I agree with you, most are the most friendly, and loving dogs out there.
    As far as the Instagram post, I do not think you can change the opinions, or fears that have been brought by main stream media. They are extremely effective in promoting fear into people who are uneducated. Much like those who can’t stand that we here are armed, and OMG… we carry too. The world is going to END.
    My rant is, that if a promotion can be started to educate those who have never had the opportunity to fire a firearm, and educate them on safety, and the opportunities of enjoyment. Also while enforcing the need for one to protect themselves I think there would be many who would change their minds or “opinions” on firearms, and the benefits of. But as of late, it is very expensive for a person, especially if they live in a low income community.
    Its like Fire. We as adults use fire for many things. As a firefighter for 38 years, and EMT for 40 years here is a statistic that most don’t think about, but is very relevant.

Fire-related Fatalities and Injuries

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that in the United States:

  • A fire department responds to a fire every 23 seconds
  • One home structure fire was reported every 89 seconds
  • One home fire-related injury occurs every 46 minutes
  • One home fire-related death occurs every three hours

In 2020, 1,388,500 fires resulted in 3,500 civilian deaths and 15,200 injuries. In addition, there were 62 non-COVID-19 on-duty firefighter deaths and 78 firefighter deaths that resulted from COVID-19 in 2020.Preformatted text

This is from the NSC injury facts page found here:

And do we teach our children about fire safety? And restrict their access to instruments that produce fire? The answer is YES!!!

Fire deaths cannot be compared to firearm deaths. But maybe if we teach as much firearm safety, and need to carry, as much as we teach fire safety, we can reduce the amount of firearm fatalities?
After all, most of these lunatics that commit these mass killings usually do not go where they know that they can be gunned down before they can inflict the damage we have seen lately.


I have not received any of the soliciting emails you reference. Why others and not me?


Likely your email preferences in your profile.

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I am certain that it can easily be arranged so that you too receive solicitations for funds. Be happy you are not getting daily whining for dollars. Be happy your mailbox isn’t weekly filled with whining for dollars together with useless labels to stick on the envelope sending back money for the leader of the “non-profit” to fly first class, buy be-spoke suits, go on an African safari, live in a paid for by donations mansion.

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Yes I get where your coming from. I get those emails too , and also from people running for political offices mostly Republican candidates running for the senate or congress. I support some of them including this organization for saving lives with what I can which isn’t much but is better than nothing. Because I believe in what their doing. It’s a battle literally just bullets aren’t flying yet. Their fighting for our rights 2nd Amendment to be specific. I’m not rich or don’t consider myself wealthy machinist by trade hard working blue collar American. Times are rough right now with inflation of the dollar and our economy isn’t doing so great. But if we lose the battle for our 2nd Amendment right and continue to lose up there in Washington DC times are going to get even rougher is an understatement. This is a critical time in our history it’s our responsibility to step up. If we don’t than who will? I’m sure those men at Concord when a superior force the redcoats were marching towards them , had second thoughts but they stood and many more after them stood and eventually a Great new nation was born AMERICA. The fight is still very real today.


Regarding the “chip in” complaint, I donate, when I can, to causes I feel are with my money. Too often the requests for donation are not that worthy. We are constantly asked for donations to religious orgs., medical research, military support of all kinds (some I consider worth, others not), police funding, animal care, etc, If I donated to all the requests I would be eating crackers and peanut butter in a tent, under a toll road somewhere. "Chip in works where a true need is evident. I am not aware of the need Jake Schmidt has. I will look into it and if it is worthy I will donate to. If not, I will give it all the attention it deserves.

As for your Pit Bull complaint, I have had a dog (sometimes several) all my life. Every breed from a Rat Terrier, to mixed breed, to Basset, to German Shepherd. My present dog is a German Shepherd that my wife and I adopted and spent a ton of money bringing him back to health, It was well worth the cost. Shepherds, like Pit Bulls today, once had a bad rep, especially during WWI and WWII. Like humans animals have character flaws. They can suffer from medical and psychological illness. Unlike humans they cannot relate their problems not their owners or to a doctor or psychologists. Also, they are stuck with the owner and rely on him/her for his daily living. So, if he gets an idiot, wanna be, tough guy for an owner he will pick up his owners personality or respond to his owner in a way he is trained. We cannot predict if an animal will act in a certain way. We can only treat and train our pets humanely and hope for the best. And another thing, when you get a pet, spend a couple of bucks and take your pet to an obedience training class to be
properly trained. Maybe you will learn something too.


Welcome to the family brother @Chanthala and you are blessed to be here.