How do you feel about it, should we be worried

I just read that Delta Defense, LLC now administers USCCA…

Should this be a worry? And I read that they are being sued for not providing as agreed…

@Dan70 - as far as I know, Delta Defense is USCCA and has been from the beginning.

Just because an individual or organization has been sued, that doesn’t mean there has been any wrongdoing. Anyone can be sued.


The article was by a former member of their legal board, he made it sound like they were different organizations.

The reason I even researched it is because I’m being bombarded by unwanted USCCA emails, and crap emails. I did find out that USCCA does sell our information, and I found that opting out of USCCA emails does no good. - directs right to information about USCCA/Delta Defense. Different arms of the same organization.

I would be extremely surprised to discover that the source of the emails is USCCA. I have never had a problem with email from USCCA. USCCA What does that have to do with Delta Defense vis-a-vis USCCA? If you are having a problem with emails you think can be traced to a USCCA mailing list, USCCA’s customer service department is a good place to start.

Care to provide a link to the article?


If you opt out of USCCA emails, the preferences are reset to recieve if you visit the USCCA/Dashboard…

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The first link is from October 2019. Old news.

The second is hearsay and more than 11 years old.

Interesting use of dashboard technology, if true. I have never seen a jump in email messages after visiting my USCCA Dashboard.

I’m sure you have a point, but you seem to have hidden it pretty well.


I don’t know if you just insulted me, but, whatever.

I have an email response from a customer service person from USCCA and he/she agrees with my assessment. Because of the banner the states that you have automatically been entered into some contest… the prefs are reset. I have a few years of IT under my belt.

Im glad you brought the 11 years to my attention… that makes me feel better… the one year article does not make me feel better.

No insult intended at all. You’re new around here and the first thing you post references one old topic that has been discussed around here (I’ll look for a link), and an offsite topic that seems to have very little to do with USCCA and Delta Defense, and more to do with an old marketing brochure that the OP claims to have received from USCCA’s founder. Then, you brought unwanted emails into the conversation.

You state concerns, but seem unwilling to share details until pressed. The conversation has just been a bit odd, that’s all. I mean no offense.


I just want to feel comfortable with USCCA, that’s my only agenda.

You are well informed and Im glad you responded to my comments.

I haven’t yet located a thread on the lawsuit regarding coverage, but I did unearth a couple about email messages and frequency –

By the way, I neglected to welcome you to our community. Where are my manners? :slight_smile:

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I am an elite member of uscca and I get on average 5 emails a day from them at leat 3 of them are trying to get me to join I’m already a member.
A company uscca was using had previously sold emails but uscca put a stop to that and stop using that company
I have heard of at least 3 law suits against uscca but have never heard a outcome and hay some things just are not covered got to read the fine print.
The article about him starting the company as ploy to make money well that’s why most people start business to makemoney but if it was a scam no matter if its 11or20 years old that is concerning

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Welcome to the Community, @Dan70. Delta Defense, LLC is the service provider of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association. Delta Defense provides sales, marketing, operations, and administrative support services to the USCCA.

We never sell anyone’s email addresses. Part of our mission is to help you protect yourself and your loved ones, selling your private information would definitely go against that. You can see the complete details in our Privacy Policy. Here’s the information about it from that policy:

Our site gives users the opportunity to opt-in to receive communications from us. You can be assured that we never reveal, sell, or make available your email address to anyone for any purpose.

@Shawn31, it sounds like you might have multiple email addresses in our system. That’s usually what we find when a member is getting emails about joining. Please PM the email address where you’re getting these emails and I’ll take a look at it in our system for you.


I dont have multiple email account with you.

Have you ever signed up for any raffles or contests? That in many cases gets you on the mailing lists of various venders and companies.


No… I have not signed up for anything except USCCA.

I’m getting more worried:

I’m not trying to cause problems… I just want legal and financial protection… that’s why I am looking at USCCA.

@Dan70 - I really think you should call customer service and ask them to address your questions. I tried to watch the video, but it flipped right back to the Discourse app. I’m not a fan of poorly behaved online videos. Don’t forget that Delta Defense is the insurance company. If that lawyer is suggesting that USCCA hands off to Delta Defense for claims, that does seem to be correct. All part of the information I have accumulated at the time of joining and since.


My concern is that if you are found guilty or take a plea-- you have to pay back the money.

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@Dan70 Read it for yourself and or call 800-647-9779. :+1:

View USCCA Membership Agreement

View Self-Defense Liability Policy

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I have and I did.

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