How do you feel about it, should we be worried

I joined a couple of months ago and I am glad that I did and I signed my wife up and then told my son to become a member. I have never been in any organization that I was in total agreement with an d if everyone is honest neither have they. ALL organization have some kind of draw back to them it is just the nature of the beast. I suggest that you so some more research and see what you find. I looked at the NRA and with the guy that is the head of it I felt that it was going the wrong direction for me. It wasn’t anythijng really bad just I would not be a good fit. I looked at USCCA and bingo I found what I was looking for. Emails do get to be a bit much but I can live with that but the new dashboard is something totally unexpected but I do like it so far. This thing is a bit like a marriage you know. My wife never totally agrees with me. NEVER!!


I complete agree with you, however, the insurance is supposed to protect us from financial issues.

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Hahaha I love lawyers. Jeez…

Washington State pursued them and fines were paid to ensue and carry on with gun owner support but because of a certain elected Insurance official we are not allowed to be covered anymore, Not at the fault of the USCCA, So, stuff happens and now when I carry I do so knowing that my decisions will have consequences and I will have to live with that decision without having someone’s support. I have found a lawyer and have his card on hand just incase I do have to defend myself or my family. Be concerned but do not worry because they are just trying to help train and support American gun owners.


Two Rules of the House

Rule 1: My Wife is always correct
Rule 2: If my wife is wrong, refer back to rule #1



Always know this, A happy wife is a happy life. And they have always said that mans best friend was his dog. And you can take the test and see if this is right. Put your wife in the trunk of your car along with the dog. After 5 minutes open the trunk and see who will kiss you first, and it sure not be the wife, lol