Small Digital Voice Recorder for EDC

I digging thru things today and found a nice digital voice recorder I used to use for odd and ends at work and also just to carry to document anything unexpected that might happen. I know today most everyone just uses their smart phone, I do too. But they are very conspicuous and could be taken from you, destroyed or stolen. This little recorder is only about 3.8 inch thick by 3.5 inches tall and 1.25 inches wide. Very good quality recordings.

Just got to thinking, especially in todays world might be a good little tool to carry around when out and abouts (which now days is almost never). Weighs nothing, takes up no space… just there should I feel the need to document anything.



I have been writting a book. Girlfriend told me I needed to write my ideas down then I work out different aspects that can make it possible are added to see if it is plausible. She now calls this book, Todd’s random thoughts, I can see how a small digital recorder would be helpful with remembering some of these ideas. Who knows maybe I could publish this into a best seller. :frowning: :slightly_smiling_face:


I carry one all the time. It’s this wonderful new fangled invention called a cell phone;) Seriously though, I created a little program on mine where all I have to do is push one button to start recording then push done to automatically email the recording to a friend. That way there is a record of any encounters I may have that can’t be easily disappeared by the perpetrators.


There’s another advantage to voice notes. A lot of ideas don’t sound so great once we try to put them into words and say them out loud. Reviewing them later, it is more obvious which are good and which get deleted.

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I always hope that, if I get in a bad situation, I have the wherewithal to reach in my pocket and have my phone start recording audio. So far I’ve never remembered to do that, but luckily I’ve never had to appear in court to explain myself.

Maybe it’s time to start putting this into your range/dry fire training? :thinking:

We advocate for being a good witness, having a good witness for yourself is very helpful too! And a recording can definitely help…

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Maybe, but it will always be situation dependent. If I’m in a situation that’s so bad that I need to draw my firearm from the holster, then I probably don’t have time to pull my phone out and turn on video / audio recording. Similarly, I don’t want to be one of those passive bystanders who, instead of helping someone who’s drowning in the pool, pulls out my phone to take a video.

I fully recognize that having a video could be the difference between getting a conviction and getting cleared, but every time I’ve found myself in a situation that bad, I have too many other things to pay attention to.

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Yes, I agree Quade5. I was not going to fiddle with it during a crisis. I was thinking more like if an unavoidable situation were beginning to transpire to flip it on.


Sounds like a great notion

Some newer/modern smart phones come in with a built in sound recorder, others with video and sound. I looked into a video recorder which one can mount on one’s body, such as chest or shoulder area. Still window shopping.

What I’m not clear on is, I had read that outdoor video taping can be legal, if it is not bordering harassment such as if one is male, making sure not to tape a woman, being respectful of course. However, I had read somewhere that recording audio, even outdoors, can sometimes not be legal.

Any one heard about the legalities of recording audio, such as outdoors, in public, or in an indoor common area,? Does it differ by state?

state law can make a big difference on this kinda thing… some states allow some states don’t… recordings

even in public…

Yes. I think it it may be illegal to record someone without informing them in OR. Not sure though. However a recorder running inadvertently that catches something may be a different case.

I guess my thought is everyone expects and knows a phone can record. They may grab your phone. A small pocket recorder may go un-noticed. To be honest, I have not used mine yet. I just keep it in the vehicle. There if I need it. So much new technology.


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Even in public?
Because those autonomous zone folks in Oregon sure do love their cell phone videos.

Thanks everyone. I’ll check it out.

It wouldn;t surprise me if some CCW carriers dont start wearing small body cams like LEOs do. Some I have seen are no larger than the head of a pin or a button on a shirt

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Excellent point.

Just go my first dash cam. Figured out how to work it. Mine offers I set it in any direction I want to, so I either keep it pointed on the road, or toward my driver side door. I would not want to move it to the driver side door amidst driving or pulling over. With car jacking a reality in my parts, I keep mine pointed toward the driver-side door. Surprised how clear it is during the day. Still need test mine at night. My camera was about $120, and memory card another $160; so no more of my eating out for a while for me. They vary in price and quality “of course”. Mine came with a detailed manual.

Word to the wise, I found it helpful not to buy the memory card for it, until one obtains the camera in hand and reads all of the instructions first, because the instructions can be very particular about which memory cards work best and even the instructions I received warned of scammers out there selling poor quality memory cards at lower prices, so when it comes to memory cards, only buy from the most trusted company you can find. Some folks do not like Walmart, ok, I get it (more power to you), but the memory card I got from them was “legit” & even arrived next day.

Trying out a body cam soon.

Do the cams. Have night vision ?? :paraguay::paraguay::paraguay:


Some do, some not, mine are supposed to. Looking forward to testing them out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are many cameras that have dual cameras, one facing forward out the window, the other inside the cab. And it has audio. Unless I am mistaken Uber drivers are required to have them. I bought one for my truck and it is nice. Only cost around $75.00 and does give some peace of mind. I hard wired mine so it can stay on even when the truck is parked and I am off doing something somewhere else.

A lapel type camera with audio would be nice if small enough.