Should Responsibly Armed Citizens Carry Bodycams

Thinking of all the video in the Kenosha riots which proved Kyle’s innocence, it might be beneficial to have covert body cams recording on a loop.

There are some issues for those in 2-party consent states, but I’d think it would be legal in 1-party states.

I’m against mass surveillance, but I’m all for self defense without jail.


Most people already do, it’s called a cell phone. If you are in a public place consent won’t matter. We have discussed that and cameras here. :us:
Other wise I think it may save your butt to have one.

Cell phone harassment question

Legal & Second Amendment

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You can also get covert bodycams like pens sunglasses, regular glasses, buttons, blue tooth earpiece and other paraphernalia at relatively reasonable prices.


Maybee he iz a newcumer and miised the priveous disscussion

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Thanks for the spell-check!

I am fairly new, but I did search, I didn’t see any thread about body cams for civilians specifically. That thread seems to be about how to stop other people from recording you when you don’t want in public.

A body cam Is very different than a cell phone. If your life is being threatened you don’t have time to pull out a cellphone, unlock the screen, make sure it’s on video recording, start it, and continually check to make sure it’s pointed at the guy who is probably swinging a knife or pointing a gun at you.

This one for example: PatrolEyes HD 1080P Low Light Covert Button Camera DVR Kit

That one isn’t a continuous loop like I was originally thinking. You activate it with the press of a button which could be discreetly hidden in your shirt. The cam itself can be sewn into your jacket pocket, or just sewn on as a button, most people wouldn’t notice it.

I’d say with training though, you could squeeze a button in your jacket cuff to activate the body cam as you are clearing the cover garment and drawing. You could also inconspicuously squeeze the button just because things didn’t smell right without tipping anyone off to catch initial aggression.

Yes, it’s more expensive than some guns, but it’s cheaper than prison. There are cheaper options out there also.


I agree. Its getting to the point where we have to prove ourselves every time we leave the house. Sad!!!
As I posted on another topic we citizens may have to start traveling in armed packs. :us: :us:


I run GoPro on the motorcycle nearly always. I’d like to pick up cameras for the cars. Walking around? Not sure about that one.


I have a descrete light weight body cam I always have with me. Slip in on before going into store, etc. Easy peasy and I will not be a victim of he said she said BS.


Link to it?

Decent dash cams can be had for $30+
I’ve had one strapped to my rearview for years. Can’t really even see it from outside. it just peeks around the factory mirror.

On a couple of occasions things started getting a little “interesting” with other drivers. When I directed their attention to the camera they disappeared. Worth it!

Take a look at all those crazy russian dash cam videos. I want to have that kind of fun too!

I bought 2 and they both work perfect.

Does a group of any people who are pro any amendment think it’s a good idea to go around recording everything ? If so, does this give local, county, state or federal government the “right” to hang a camera anywhere they please ? You get the idea, just my 2 turd stirs worth.

I think not being a victim of he said / she said BS outweighs that. The government already has cams up in city’s, towns, in parks, businesses have cams hanging in stores. Police bodycams. Nothing new at all really. Makes sense. In the event of a deadly encounter, I would want a accurate as possible representation of the event as I can have.


In a world where they are presumed guilty, tried and convicted in the court of the media unless they have video evidence of being attacked, yes, I do think protecting your liberty by recording your interactions in the community is a good idea. It’s not for everyone, but not illegal and not an invasion of privacy to record things in public spaces.

No, it doesn’t. This country does not provide any rights to government other than those rights the people delegate to the government. Simply exercising our right to protect ourselves by producing evidence does not delegate those rights to the government.


Maybe a good reason to carry a body camera if you carry a gun! He was cleared by video evidence.

"The D.A. said Edwards’s accounts were backed up by videos, photos and witness statements, showing “Edwards did not engage in any physical violence, nor did his actions appear disorderly or appear to provoke violence in any way.”

Green Bay-Appleton WBAY-TV
Green Bay-Appleton WBAY-TV

D.A.: No charges for man who shot and killed woman at Marathon gas station

WBAY news staff - 2h ago

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - No criminal charges will be filed against the man who shot and killed a woman at a gas station in downtown Green Bay in November, the Brown County District Attorney’s Office announced Friday.

As Action 2 News previously reported , 34-year-old Dominique Wilson died after being shot.

Police were called to the Marathon station on the 600 block of Walnut St. for a report of a “large disturbance.” When they arrived, they found Wilson had been shot multiple times. She died at a hospital.

The district attorney says the person who shot her did so to protect himself and others at the gas station.

Police said the man, identified as Jaylene Edwards, was not involved in the fight but was observing it.

Witnesses said there was a fight fueled by statements on social media, and people brought bats, brass knuckles and pepper spray. Police say Wilson pulled a loaded gun from her car, racked it, and pointed it at others. “It appears that she is attempting to discharge the loaded weapon at others who were actively fighting,” the D.A.’s report says, but Edwards shot her first.

The D.A. said Edwards’s accounts were backed up by videos, photos and witness statements, showing “Edwards did not engage in any physical violence, nor did his actions appear disorderly or appear to provoke violence in any way.”

The district attorney does not support criminal charges, saying Edwards reasonably feared for his life.

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