A reliable eye-witness?


We have all heard that no two eye-witnesses see an incident the same.

What would it be worth to have a camera recording a self-defense incident?

Would you use one?

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My only concern here is that it doesn’t record what happens leading up to the incident. That can be extremely relevant, especially in court. This is an interesting idea though!


Eh, I don’t know. Sounds more like it would “remember” more than me. It could poke holes in your story even though you are involved in a good shoot. The less you have to remember, the less you have to screw up. A good shoot is a good shoot. I wouldn’t be afraid of the law, if you’re in the right. The civil case that follows months or years down the road might be a stumbling block to your memory and your finances.

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Would be better off with a body camera to get the whole situation instead of what happened when you had to pull your gun.


That was something I was thinking about too, @Spence. I’m not to the point of wearing a body camera, but we might be putting one on our Harley for long road trips just to be safe.

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I used a Go Pro on the bike when we made our Route 66 trip. Biggest draw back I had was the battery life not being as long as I had hoped.


I have a Go Pro mounted on my 'Wing. I have a special case for it that was reviewed in Wing World magazine that has a water proof boot to pass power through to the Go Pro. Otherwise 1 aftermarket battery gets me 2 hours of constant recording and the memory card I have in it holds 8 hours.

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