Aside from USCCA, what other legal defenses do you use for an in-home incident


I believe in the USCCA 100%, but what else can be done for an attack in your home that can prove that you did everything right.

Personally, I have cameras that would show any attackers coming to my apartment that would prove their intent to do harm. I have internal cameras that would show everything that the attackers did and the warnings that I gave them to leave showing that I did everything in my power to prevent my having to shoot an intruder. I even have a mini digital recorder that I can record the audio backing up my actions.

Is this a good thing? Are there any other suggestions that could be done to further protect you from legal issues. Again, I believe that the USCCA’s legal protection is good (I never had to use it yet) but I would like to have additional proof for my lawyers defense showing that I acted in good faith before having to shoot an intruder and that is only if I have the time to do so.

What are your thoughts?



Cameras can be good, and they can work against you, I don’t have any of them, I believe that if I had to use deadly force to protect myself and the people around me, I will rely on my training and common sense to guide me through a situation that no one ever wants to have to experience, I’ve been carrying for 32 years, and I’ve never had to use my gun, I thank God for that. In my opinion, the USCCA are the folks that you want, I don’t know if there are others that do the same things that they do, but they are very good at their business, I don’t see any need to look for any additional insurance. If you have done everything properly, yet still have to take a life in a life threatening situation, I’m confident in the USCCA to have my best interests in mind and defend me to the absolute best of their abilities in a court of law, and to get through the mental anguish of being forced into an unthinkable situation. Just my opinion, I believe in the USCCA 100%. Hope this helps you out a little.


Thanks for your reply @Steve-G.

I also believe that there is no better than the USCCA for legal protection. I also understand how you say that the cameras can work against you but that would be if you did something wrong, which I would hope I would not. On the slim chance that the intruder claims that I did something or said something wrong, I feel that the cameras / audio recordings would just further back up my claims and help the attorney get me home quickly or keep me from even going to jail in the first place. I don’t carry publicly yet as I live inside the jurisdiction of New Jersey (that should say it all) but I have never had to use my guns to defend my home either. Hopefully I will never have to.


I agree, except that the intruder wouldn’t be able to say anything to anyone.


Yes, in most cases he might not, but what if he was wearing a vest? What if he gave up before that fatal shot? Just in case he was able to spin a lie, it is good to have something to back up what you say. Don’t you think so?

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I do NJ, anything that can show that you were truly in fear for your life is so helpful, in Massachusetts, you have to be in fear for your life to be able to use deadly force, if he/she is leaving, you have to let them go, also the intruder can actually sue you for shooting them, can you imagine that? They break into your little world, try to harm you and your loved ones, rob you, threaten you, then can sue you (and sometimes win). This seems to be pretty ridiculous to me NJ, so I do train using the Mozambique meathod, 2+1, it can’t hurt to at least train that way, even if you don’t use it in a bad situation, that muscle memory is always there if you have to make that difficult decision.


In New Jersey, we have the ‘Castle Doctrine’ which states you have the right to defend your home / apartment. If someone forces their way into your domicile and you feel like your life is in danger you have the right to use deadly force. A good book for everyone to get, read and memorize is USCCA’s “The Law of Self Defense”. It states the laws for every state.


As soon as I started reading your initial post, I thought the same thing about cameras; it could go either way. You may do just about everything right, but that one minor thing a lawyer can capitalize on might not help. I’ve been in situations at work where it’s gone something like “Ok guys, this is what happened. Everyone got it?!” If there was a camera…not so good, haha!!


There’s a deterrent effect to visible cameras… some public venues use mock cameras for that very reason. I think having visible cameras, especially exterior ones is a valuable thing.
Having an exterior camera you can check if you hear stuff outside means you can call 911 with more information and that provides it’s own additiinal corroboration or your story. Plus I know if I need to call 911 or the neighbor about their dog.
I don’t think I want interior cameras… it would creep me out, aside from any other impact it would have in a legal situation.
Interestingly, early stats on police body cams have shown they reduced both police misconduct and spurious complaints against cops… when all parties know they’re being recorded, everybody cleans up their act. There was a lot of anxiety in many departments about the recorded video being used against the officers, but its turned out to improve conditions for both sides. Your mileage may vary, but the concern about being videoed may be a related anxiety.
That said, having cameras running inside would still creep me out.


@Zee, Right now we have 3 Outside Cameras (Inside the window facing out) and 2 Inside (one in our living room and one in my home office). I don’t worry about privacy as these are recorded onto a DVR Drive in my home and only I have access to it. I disabled the WIFI function to the cameras and they are hardwired so no hacked access through WIFI. In the office if I want privacy just so me cleaning my new rifle or pistol doesn’t get recorded, I can hang a white poster board in front of the camera. But in all honesty, I am not worried as I don’t do or say anything that I would not someone to see or hear. Since we live in an apartment, I can’t hang cameras outside (but our complex has those) so mine are in the window and the other tenants don’t even know about them as far as I know. I have three angles of view if anyone came toward my windows to try and break in so I would have advance notice.

Another thought, what if something happened to you INSIDE your home/apartment and left you unconscious or dead. Someone could access the hard drive to find the culprit.

PS - We don’t have a camera in the bedroom.


I would personally have cameras around the outside of the residence for couple reasons. 1) to see where the assailant(s) will be coming in from. 2) have enough time to get family to another area of home. 3) shows intent on their part of potential harm. 4) provide description(s) of those involved.
I would not have internal cameras as it can go both ways credit or discredit what you are saying. Having any audio recording can go the same as internal cameras. Anything that you say in which gets recorded can show panic, stress or calm that can be dissected by a seasoned prosecutor if ever taken to court.


Depends on what type of vest they are wearing. Most soft body armor type only stop high caliber handguns and do not stop rifle calibers. Soft body armor is more concealable and lightweight compared to the heavier vest that is bulky, usually worn outside of clothes. If an assailant is wearing armor I will switch to my AR with rounds over 3000 fps. If the assailant stops before the fatal shot goes off, then use of deadly force for me ceases. Stop engagement once assailant stops engaging in criminal act.


@MilVet, In my case, living in an apartment, I would not want to reach for my AR as 1) Space is confined somewhat and need to be maneuverable and 2) I would not want the higher power rounds to go through and through and hit a neighbor who is not involved. For me, with a handgun, I would have to do a double tap to the chest and if that didn’t stop the threat I would have to try and put one to the head and assume he had body armor on.

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Agree. Mozambique drill can be used if practiced and if applicable. When I went through the course, I was taught if the assailant keeps coming or has armor on go for the pelvic region especially the hip joints (where the pelvic and femur met). I just try to use my experience and training to help out others.


Currently I only have outside cameras showing all sides of my house and catching anyone coming to the door. My neighbors were surprised when they first noticed them. A couple of them told me at first they were nervous about being on camera. I explained it could be as much for their safety as it is for my own. If someone would ever approach the children that walk by my from the bus stop, it would be recorded. They then smiled and thought it was a great idea that I have them.

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I’m thinking that turning that upside down would be a higher percentage of success… two to center body mass… body armor? Next largest target with least movement is pelvis. Head shot is more likely to be a miss, and that increases the odds of that round going somewhere you didn’t intend.

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In either case, Two Low and One High - or - Two High and One Low, that single shot to the head or the pelvic region is going to be a tough shot to make. It is only intended if the two didn’t stop the threat. While the pelvic region (and the abdomen) will bleed a lot more than the head, some people on the drugs of choice these days might not be stopped but if you put one to the head, even if they are a Zombie, they will drop.

“They’re coming to get you Zee. Look, there’s one now!”
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We get zombies, I’m all good :dizzy_face: :laughing:


Is it legal to spread olive oil on the stair landings?


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